Experiencing the Glory Testimony 9

The Day the Emerald Green Glory Turned Back & Departed

by Pastor John Hamel


The following is an excerpt from the JHM online book "Why A Loving God Allows Judgment. A Bible Message to Fallen Christian America."


I was once invited to be a guest speaker at a large Pentecostal denomination's annual convocation in New England. The main meetings were being held in a large auditorium situated on a Catholic college campus.  


During praise and worship for one of the evening services I was standing on the platform with approximately twenty other regional Ministers. 


As I stood looking over the congregation the radiant, emerald green, incandescent Glory of God, the same emerald-colored Glory that the Apostle John saw surrounding Holy God's Throne, suddenly appeared on the right side of the auditorium from the back of the room to the front. (Revelation 4:2-3)


The emerald green Glory was coming out of the massive side wall as if it were being unrolled like a giant bolt of cloth hidden behind the wall.  It was as if a lineup of invisible angels was actually pulling it right out of the wall the way a baseball grounds crew pulls a tarp over the infield during a rain delay.


As the worship continued the delicate green Glory sheet moved out over the room reaching beyond the halfway point. It hovered closely over the congregation on the right side of the room, shimmering and rippling like bright emerald green water. It was as fragile as a silk sheet carried upon a breeze and I could see through it as it hovered above the worshipping congregation. 


Being acquainted with many different manifestations of God's Glory, I knew the Holy Spirit had come to bring physical healings and other miracles to God's precious people. I was prepared in my heart to begin to call out healings as the Holy Spirit led me when the worship music abruptly stopped. 


To my left the State Bishop of this Pentecostal denomination stepped up to the pulpit and began to shout out, "Who will give $100?" 


When he forcefully cried out the drummer did a drum roll, a rim shot and a cymbal crash as if on cue.  


The Bishop then cried out, "Who will give $200?"  


Again the drummer aggressively backed him up.  


The Bishop and the drummer went back and forth like this, progressively raising the amounts to be given as the Ushers quickly spread out with their buckets throughout the congregation beneath the transparent, emerald green Glory cloud.


My heart sank as I said within, "Oh Father God, no. No. Lord Jesus, no."  


As if someone hit a reverse switch, the delicate green liquid-like Glory sheet began to gently return into the wall as if it were being retracted automatically from behind the wall.  


I stood watching in shock and dismay as the precious, coveted, emerald green Glory of God literally turned back, went into the wall and finally disappeared altogether. 


The Bishop received his hyper-offering that night.  


However, the sick did not receive their healings. The oppressed did not receive their deliverance and the needy returned home without their much needed miracles.


Sadly, the Holy Spirit of God is being deeply grieved by behaviors just like this in public meetings and by Christian television all across America, and in other nations of the world, by local, national and international Ministries. 


Until this type of self-indulgence and greed is openly repented of and cut off we will not only have to learn to live without increased manifestations of God's Glory, but we will also have to be prepared to face His continuing judgment.

Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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