Experiencing the Glory Testimony 11 
A Glorious Dream Brings Miraculous Healing
by Pastor John Hamel


The following is an excerpt from the JHM article "The Word of Knowledge."


My wife, Barbara, and I were once on the way out to conduct a Sunday morning Church service.  Suddenly I was overcome with vertigo, falling over backwards and landing on the floor.  


As the room spun around me, I realized I was in serious trouble. 


Barbara went ahead and preached the service for me.  I went to lie down on the bed and to seek the Lord as to what was wrong with me.  


For the next two months I lay on that bed on my right side, unable to change positions without being overcome by the most extreme vertigo. Barbara continued to preach and teach every service for me over the next two months as I was completely incapacitated.  


As I lay there on my right side day after day, I would listen to healing messages, stirring up my faith for supernatural healing.  


Barbara and I both believe very strongly that Christians should always utilize the services of doctors and medicine, particularly when they do not have faith for Divine healing.  However, I was strongly impressed in my heart that in this particular case, I was not to do so.  Barbara had complete peace about my not seeking medical attention as well. 


One day while Barbara was away from home, I had a dream of revelation.  


In the dream I was looking directly at my own face, close-up, in a mirror.  As I wondered why I might be looking at myself in that mirror, my face begin to swing open as if it were hinged on the left side of my head.  It actually appeared to open like a door.  


As my face swung open on the side of my head, I was able to see the backside of my face and the inside of my head in two sections, side-by-side.  


I was looking at a cross-cut dissection of the inside of my head and face.  It was like looking at a full-color medical illustration.


As I looked around the inside of my head I noticed there was a tumor or a growth of some sort at the very top of my Eustachian tube, directly behind my left inner ear. It was the size of a pea.  


As I stared at the growth behind my inner ear, I said to myself, "There's some sort of a tumor or a growth at the top of my Eustachian tube behind my inner ear!"  


As soon as I said that to myself, my face immediately closed again on its imaginary hinge and I was again looking directly at my face in the mirror. 


As I continued looking at my face in the mirror the dream suddenly ended.


I realized I had been dreaming.  


When one has a dream or a vision, they don't normally realize they're having a dream or a vision until they come out of the dream or the vision.  


I realized immediately that the Holy Spirit had just shown me, through a Word of Knowledge, contained in a dream of revelation, what my problem was.  I had a tumor or a growth of some sort which had developed behind my inner ear at the top of my Eustachian tube. This is what was causing such extreme vertigo, incapacitating me.   


Barbara arrived home shortly after that and I explained to her what the Holy Spirit had just shown me through a Word of Knowledge in a dream. 


Knowing that sickness, tumors and growths don't come from God because they destroy life, we knew exactly what to do. (John 10:10; James 1:17)  Barbara had a similar problem previously and when we addressed it by faith we saw amazing, supernatural results.


Barbara and I agreed together in prayer, cursing the tumor, addressing it by faith, commanding it to come out of my body in Jesus' Strong Name.  


Over the next two days I felt the mass moving down the Eustachian tube, ultimately working its way into my mouth.  On the third day I woke up realizing it was about to come into my mouth.  I jumped up, went into the bathroom and spit it into the sink.  It was the same bloody mass that I had seen in the dream of revelation three days prior.  


The vertigo left nearly immediately. However, it was two weeks before I could confidently drive an automobile again. 


I was well on my way to a quick and a full recovery and back in the pulpit again all because of a Word of Knowledge given in a glorious dream of revelation.  


To God be the glory!


Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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