Experiencing the Glory Testimony 15 
A Miraculous Sign in the Heavens. A Personal Warning from God
by Pastor John Hamel

The following is an excerpt from Chapter 10 of the JHM online book "The Albuquerque Fire Pit."

For a more complete understanding of this narrative it is suggested you read Chapter 10.

Another Personal Warning from Almighty God

Exactly eight days after the fallen Prophet's jet fell from the sky, my wife and I experienced the following Divinely-granted revelation. It came through an open vision during a time of fasting and prayer concerning this horrific tragedy of judgment.

As we often do, we headed out on a prayer walk in the small Tennessee town where we were living.  It was a clear, calm, beautiful October day. The sun shone brightly, the sky was a robin's egg blue and absolutely cloudless in every direction. There was no wind whatsoever. Not even a wisp.  

After approximately forty-five minutes of walking together and praying in the Holy Spirit, there suddenly appeared a great cloud formation just ahead of us two or three miles above the horizon. We stopped, in utter fascination, to witness its appearing. 

This cloud had formed in the cloudless, windless, beautiful October sky out of absolutely nowhere. 

Its appearing in this fashion was similar to the way the cloud appeared the day Jesus manifested Himself to me in the Spring of 1981, after I had been slain in the Spirit for three days.

In amazement we watched as the giant cloud formation transformed itself into the shape of a Cessna Jet. 

By the hand of the Most High God using the sky as a palette and the clouds as a medium, the nose, cockpit, fuselage, wings and tail were formed into the resemblance of the Cessna Jet which took the life of the fallen Prophet. 

This was no "let's make believe what the clouds look like today" game.  This was the literal, supernatural formation of a near-identical replica of the Prophet's jet aircraft.  It was being formed, in near precise detail, by the hand of Almighty God right before our eyes against an otherwise cloudless sky.

The cloud-built aircraft was in a nose-down attitude as if it were falling from the sky. There was an additional cloud formation coming from the rear of the aircraft that looked identical to a trail of smoke. 

This was no loose "use your imagination" formation.  This was a supernatural cloud formation that was near identical in shape and form to the Prophet's aircraft in most every way.

For at least the next thirty minutes we watched in fascination as the cloud-built, stricken aircraft and its smoke trail began to fall very slowly from the sky. Only, unlike natural cloud formations that dissipate or gently fall from the sky, it did not change in shape or form whatsoever.  It completely maintained its integrity and structure - a near exact replica of the Prophet's stricken Cessna Jet diving helplessly towards the Earth.

About one mile above the nose of the falling aircraft cloud there was another aspect to this open vision that only I was allowed to see. 

An additional cloud formation appeared before my eyes. It was the shape of a dove when it hovers prior to landing. Its wings were slowly flapping back and forth to either side of its head as it looked down upon the aircraft. It was in a head up, tail down attitude as it hovered above the cloud jet.  As its wings would move forward they would cover its body.  As its wings would move back again I could clearly see the face, head and body of the dove. 

This smaller, living cloud formation also maintained its shape and integrity for the entire duration of the open vision, symbolizing the hovering presence of the Holy Spirit.

I stared in fascination at what I knew was the hand of the Most High God giving actual life and animation to this dove-shaped cloud formation. 

Directly behind the white hovering cloud dove, about a mile away, another cloud formation also miraculously appeared out of the blue, cloudless, windless sky. This one was observed by my wife as well.  

This was far simpler in construction than either the jet or the dove.  It was in the shape of a delta, or a triangle. 

The triangle symbol is often used in Christianity to represent the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

I immediately realized the delta cloud clearly symbolized that not only was God the Holy Spirit present at the time of this Prophet's judgment, but God the Father and God the Son were present that October day as well. 

This triangular-shaped cloud formation was quite dense and like the rest of the multi-faceted open vision, did not vary in shape or form one iota during the entirety of this open vision.

As stated, we stood awe-stricken, watching for no less than thirty minutes this miraculous sign in the Heavens.  

Although the hovering dove and delta clouds remained in place, the cloud-built Cessna Jet continued to fall ever so slowly, in a nose down, crash-like attitude towards the Earth and beyond the horizon.

During our thirty plus minutes of intense observation, my wife and I continued to confirm with one another that we were indeed both seeing this same astounding open vision, in every detail, as it unfolded before us. 

As one can imagine, this Divinely-granted experience remained a topic of conversation for many days as we continued to confirm with one another that we had both seen this vision with the same detail and clarity.

Naturally, we went to the Lord and asked Him why He had so supernaturally demonstrated this graphic cloud rendition of what had happened to the fallen Prophet just eight days earlier.  

When answering, He also instructed me to include this open vision here in my personal testimony and Prophet's Guidebook, "The Albuquerque Fire Pit" which you are reading.  I was reluctant to do so, until He commanded me. 

The following is what the Lord said to me about the supernatural appearing in the otherwise cloudless sky of the detailed Cessna Jet, living dove and delta cloud formations.  

"I have placed this before you as a sign, a wonder and an ensign in the Heavens. It is to confirm to you that I have indeed allowed My Prophet to be judged in this manner. He stopped putting his Prophet's Ministry first. He failed to always honor the Prophet's Office I gave to him. He did not always and only use it to honor Me. 

"He stopped listening to Me when it came to correcting and warning other Ministers, so he could no longer hear Me when I tried to warn him and protect him. He became money-minded and I removed his candlestick. (Rev.2:5) 

"I have shown this to you to warn you, even as I warned him. If you do not keep your Prophet's Ministry as your life's priority, I will allow you to be judged as well. I do this as a sign for you to never forget how this happened to him, and to remember that you must never allow this to happen to you." 

Of course, the Lord also allowed my wife to see this open vision with me, as a sign to her to never interfere with or attempt to overrule in any way the Holy Spirit's decisions and directives as given to me His Prophet.  For her to attempt to do so could ultimately result in her being judged as well. 

Fortunately, my wife is not that type of woman. She cooperates fully and willingly with my Prophet's calling, endeavoring to live her life in submission to God's revealed will for us. She has the utmost respect for all Five-fold Ministry Offices. 

Irregardless, Almighty God determined that she, too, would see the vision that day, at least in great part, and not have to simply take my word for it, as with most all of my other supernatural Divinely-granted visitations and revelations.  

A sobering experience this has been for the both of us. 

I share it here not to hurt, embarrass or offend anyone. 

I share it to obey the Almighty in hopes of helping someone to better understand what happened to God's fallen Prophet.

For better understanding of why the Prophet's jet fell from the sky, read Chapter 10 of the JHM book "The Albuquerque Fire Pit & Other Divinely-Granted Visitations that Changed My Life Forever."

Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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