Faith Building Block 6

Actions that Produce Results

by Pastor John Hamel


“What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? … Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. … But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” (James 2:14,17,20)


One translation of the Bible says, “Faith without corresponding actions is dead.”  Another translation of the Bible actually says when you separate corresponding actions from your faith, you end up with nothing more than a “corpse.” 


Many people have come to me expressing difficulty trying to believe for healing, family help, finances, etc.  They know what God’s Word says about their need.  Some are very watchful to speak faith-filled words over their obstacles.  Yet, many fail to receive what God promises in the Bible.


One reason for this is because some people are not acting as if God’s Word is true.  The Bible reveals that faith-filled words without corresponding actions are fruitless.


I once held meetings for a Pastor in Nevada.  One night I taught on the subject of Divine Healing.  At the end of my message, I gave the congregation an opportunity to apply what they had just heard.


I came to one man in the healing line who attended this Church for years.  His knees were so stiffly locked that he could not walk normally.  He had to use his hips to assist in the lifting of his lower legs.  I put my hands on his knees and began to pray.  As soon as I did this, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Tell him to do what he couldn’t do.”  I told the man what the Lord had just said to me.  The entire congregation heard me.  The man immediately obeyed, where others have argued with me.


The man attempted to bend one locked knee and it actually gave way.  He exclaimed, “I could never do that before.”  He then lifted the other leg and that knee bent as well.  The man was shocked.  He walked all around the sanctuary, knees bending slowly but surely.  The next night he returned asking if he could give a testimony.  I allowed him to do so.


He explained, in essence, “Most of you know me.  You’ve watched me walk for years with knees that would barely bend.  Last night when Pastor John told me the Lord said, ‘Tell him to do what he couldn’t do.’ I knew I had my answer.  As I obeyed, my knees began to unlock.  Some of you were here and saw it.  All day today I kept doing what I haven’t been able to do for years – bend my knees as I walked.  It just kept getting better and better all day and painless, too.”


He then walked back and forth across the front of the platform, lifting his knees high.  Those who had known him for years began to cheer and give Glory to God.


This man put corresponding actions to his faith and years of suffering ended within a 24-hour period.  Anyone can do this.  Anyone can trust God’s Word over their circumstances and over the voice of human reasoning.  Anyone can stop looking to others for help and start speaking and acting on God’s Word on their own.


Somebody said, “Not me.  I could never do that.”  To which I say, “You’re right.  If that’s what you say and that’s what you believe, then you could never do that.”


When ministering in this area I often ask people, “Do you know what the difference is between someone who says ‘I can’t’ and someone who says ‘I can’?”  Then I answer the question, “There is no difference.  They’re both right!”


Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how you can act out your faith as the man in Nevada did.  Then do whatever He shows you.  Don’t tell Him you can’t do what He shows you.  Say, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) Then start acting like you believe something good is about to happen to you and it will!  


I will give you a couple of good illustrations.  Are you wanting to be married and you are trusting God for a mate?  No need to join a Christian Singles computer dating service and deal with all those predators. There is a better, safer, faith-filled way. 


Here is what we encourage people to do. Go out and buy a nice card for that mate for whom you are believing. Do it by faith. Write a sweet love note inside of it to him or her welcoming them into your life.  Place it on your dresser or somewhere you can see it daily. When you look at it say, "Thank You, Father, my mate is on the way in Jesus' Name."  It takes faith to do that and that is what pleases God. 


You could purchase a toothbrush and place it beside yours.  You could make room in your closet or your dresser for some of their items. In the natural this might seem quite silly but God sees it and He is the One Who said, "Faith without corresponding actions is dead as a doornail." 


These are things that show God you believe and it causes things to happen supernaturally.  We have shared this many times with many individuals and to date we are unaware of it failing for anyone who did not withdraw their faith.


Have you been trying unsuccessfully to have a child? Possibly you have done everything in the natural that the doctors and specialists recommend and still there are no positive results. You have done all you know to do, keeping unforgiveness and strife out of your life, walking in love, praying, making all the right faith confessions and believing, but still you are childless.  


Here's what we suggest.  Show God you believe by preparing the baby's nursery.  Possibly you cannot afford to prepare a nursery.  Buy a package of diapers or some other baby-related item to show God you believe that you conceive and the baby is on the way. No matter how extremely limited you might be financially there is something you can do along this line that shows God you believe, even if all you can afford is a pacifier or a little pair of infant socks.  Do something to prove to God that you are fully expecting a child to come into your life and He will honor that.


When you receive your healing, when your mate finally arrives and you are married, or when you finally conceive that child you have been believing for, contact us here at JHM and give us the wonderful testimony that we may share it with others.  


This is the sixth Faith Building Block that must be laid in order to have strong faith that produces results.


Make this Faith confession daily.  “I am a brand New Creation in Christ.  I am the righteousness of God.  I am seated in a place of authority with Christ.  I have the right to use Jesus’ Name.  My words have power over my life.  I act out my faith and as I do, the supernatural occurs.  In Jesus’ Name.”


Your faith level is now higher, much higher, than it was when you first began this short Faith Building Block series. 


Keep making the above confession. 


Keep reading about what God promises to do for you in His Word.  The JHM Online Bible Training Centre has been designed to help you to do exactly that. 


Walk in love and ask God to help you to forgive all who have wronged you.  You’ll find yourself walking in the miraculous in ways you had never imagined, hoped or dreamed.  God made you – yes, YOU, to walk by faith.  


God doesn’t make mistakes. (Ephesians 2:10)


Be Blessed … John and Barbara Hamel



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