Foundational Doctrines of Christ 4

Laying On of Hands 

by Pastor John Hamel

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Chapter 1:  Old Covenant Laying On of Hands

Chapter 1:  Imparting Blessings & Abundance to Men

Chapter 1:  Offering Servants Up to God

Chapter 1:  Symbolically Imparting Sins to Animal Offerings

Chapter 1:  Separating Individuals to Service & Ministry

Chapter 1:  Imparting Wisdom & Grace to Leaders & Individuals

Chapter 2:  New Covenant Laying On of Hands

Chapter 2:  Imparting Blessings to Children

Chapter 2:  Healing the Sick

Chapter 2:  Separation & Impartation for the Ministry of Helps

Chapter 2:  The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 2:  Separation & Impartation for the Five-Fold Ministry

Chapter 2:  Healing Cloths for Miracles & Demonic Deliverance

Chapter 2:  Stirring Up & Confirming God-Given Gifts





"Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment." (Hebrews 6:1-2)


We have now come to lesson four in our Foundational Doctrines of Christ series. In this lesson we will study the "Laying On of Hands."  The laying on of hands releases impartations from Heaven on behalf of another human being on Earth.  


This is a doctrine that has been greatly neglected because it has been associated with fanaticism and extremism.  This is unfortunate because something powerful, something supernatural, occurs when a person of faith lays hands on another person of faith. 


Extremism has occurred concerning the laying on of hands in both denominational and Pentecostal circles. As a young Catholic boy I waited in a long line with hundreds of other children to be confirmed by the Catholic Church. When my time came, I kissed the Bishop's ring, he laid his hand on my cheek and said, "Receive ye the Holy Ghost."  


However, I did not receive the Holy Ghost when the Bishop laid his hand on me for two reasons.  First, I was not Born Again, so I did not qualify for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit Baptism is reserved only for those who have been Born Again in Christ. Second, I know I did not receive the Holy Spirit because I did not speak with other Tongues


Some twenty years later I made Jesus Christ the Lord of my life and finally, I was Born Again. A young man then took me to a Pentecostal Church where I was told, "The Pastor will lay his hands on you and he will give you your Spiritual Gifts." 


However, I did not receive any gifts at that time either because the Pentecostal Pastor, like the Catholic Bishop, was not operating according to Bible knowledge. They were both operating in extreme doctrinal error. 


The Catholic Bishop did not have the Biblical authority to tell unsaved young people that they were now filled with the Holy Spirit before they were even Born Again.  The uneducated Pentecostal Pastor did not have the Biblical authority to lay his hands on anyone and give gifts to them. 


The Bible says that the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit alone, gives gifts according to His will.  This is not done according to the Bishop's will, the Pentecostal Pastor's will or any man's will. 


"But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as He will." (1 Corinthians 12:11)


Many other Churches do not allow the laying on of hands because of fear, unbelief, lack of knowledge, fanaticism and extremism. In spite of this, the laying on of hands is still a Foundational Doctrine of Christ.  A doctrine which was, and still is, an outward form of blessing and supernatural impartation in both the Old and New Covenants. 


However, one must keep in mind there is a Scriptural balance in the operation of the laying on of hands. We will discover that balance in this study, beginning in the Old Covenant. 



Chapter 1:  Old Covenant Laying On of Hands


Some of the reasons for the laying on of hands under the Old Covenant are no longer observed under the New Covenant.  


However, some of the Old Covenant reasons for the laying on of hands are indeed still observed under the New Covenant. 


We will see the differences and the similarities quite clearly as we proceed with this study.



Imparting Blessings & Abundance to Men


"And Joseph took them both, Ephraim in his right hand toward Israel's left hand, and Manasseh in his left hand toward Israel's right hand, and brought them near unto him. And Israel stretched out his right hand, and laid it upon Ephraim's head, who was the younger, and his left hand upon Manasseh's head, guiding his hands wittingly; for Manasseh was the firstborn. 


"And he blessed (literal: to prosper with material abundance) Joseph, and said, God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac did walk, the God which fed me all my life long unto this day, The Angel (this was Jesus) which redeemed me from all evil, bless (literal: to prosper with material abundance) the lads; and let my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the Earth." (Genesis 48:13-16)


Here we find Israel (Jacob) laying hands on Joseph's sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, and imparting a material and financial blessing upon them, as well as upon Joseph. This would also include a blessing for protection, wisdom and a setting apart of the children unto the Lord. 


Israel's blessing upon Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh was the same material and financial blessing that was passed down to him from his father, Isaac, and Isaac's father, Abraham. 


Although this material and financial blessing was imparted by the laying on of hands, it was a conditional blessing.  Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh would not have qualified for God's material and financial blessing had they not been Old Covenant tithe-payers and offering-givers as Israel, Isaac and Abraham were.


Still today, God's material and financial blessing is conditional. In order to qualify for God's blessing in this manner one must be a New Covenant tithe-payer and offering-giver. To not do so is to disqualify oneself from God's material and financial blessing - even if someone lays hands on an individual to pray God's financial blessing upon them. 


All of God's promises are conditional. His terms must be met in order for His blessing to flow. Obedience to God's Word is key to the fulfillment of all of His promises. Individuals who refuse to pay tithes and give offerings simply do not qualify for God's promise of abundance, no matter who lays hands on them and says otherwise. 


Tithes and offerings are essential to God's blessing upon individuals. Tithes and offerings keep the local Church in operation and enable the Ministry Offices to fulfill the Great Commission


"And here men that die (Pastors) receive tithes; but there He (Jesus) receiveth them, of Whom it is witnessed that He liveth. And as I may so say, Levi also who receiveth tithes paid tithes in Abraham." (Hebrews 7:8)


God does keep good books and all Christian individuals have a Heavenly bank account established upon His credit and debit system.


"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon Earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." (Matthew 6:19-21)


"Now ye Philippians know also, that in the beginning of the Gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no Church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only. For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." (Philippians 4:15-17)


Offering Servants Up to God

"And thou shalt bring the Levites before the LORD: and the children of Israel shall put their hands upon the Levites: And Aaron shall offer the Levites before the LORD for an offering of the children of Israel, that they may execute the service of the LORD." (Numbers 8:10-11)


Here we find God instructing Moses to command Aaron and the children of Israel to offer up the Levites, in service to Him, by the laying on of hands.  When this was being done, the people would promise God to financially and materially support the Levitical Priesthood so the Priests could spend all their time serving God. This would keep the Priests from having to work secular jobs in order to have their needs met.


Still today, as we will see in Chapter 2, Ministers of the Gospel are separated unto the work to which God has called them by the laying on of hands


Still today God requires His Body, the Church, to support His Ministers financially and materially in the work of the Ministry. This enables His Ministers to spend proper time in study, prayer and to minister to their congregations. 


"Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel." (1 Corinthians 9:14)



Symbolically Imparting Sins to Animal Offerings


"And the Levites shall lay their hands upon the heads of the bullocks: and thou shalt offer the one for a sin offering, and the other for a burnt offering, unto the LORD, to make an atonement for the Levites." (Numbers 8:12)


The Levitical Priests would lay their hands on the bullock offerings to symbolically impart their own sins to the bullocks. The bullocks would then be offered to the Lord to make an atonement (temporary covering) for the sins of the Levites.


The bullock offerings symbolized Jesus, the Strong Bull at the peak of His strength, taking upon Himself all the sins of humanity. 


The Levitical High Priest would also do this annually with two goats to make atonement for the people. One goat was offered as a sin offering. The other, called a "scapegoat," would have hands laid upon it by the Priests to symbolically impart the sins of the people.  At this time the scapegoat was released into the wilderness to be devoured by wild beasts. (Leviticus 16:1-34)


This symbolized Jesus coming into the world and becoming a sin offering for humanity.  He descended into a spiritual wilderness, the bowels of Hell, and was temporarily overcome by demonic principalities and powers for the ultimate remission (absolute washing away) of the sins of humanity. Jesus' sacrifice in this way is reserved only for those who will accept it for themselves.


"For He hath made Him to be sin (a sin offering) for us, Who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." (2 Corinthians 5:21)



Separating Individuals to Service & Ministry


"And the LORD said unto Moses, Take thee Joshua the son of Nun, a man in whom is the Spirit, and lay thine hand upon him; And set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation; and give him a charge in their sight. And thou shalt put some of thine honour upon him, that all the congregation of the children of Israel may be obedient. And he shall stand before Eleazar the priest, who shall ask counsel for him after the judgment of Urim before the LORD: at his word shall they go out, and at his word they shall come in, both he, and all the children of Israel with him, even all the congregation. 


"And Moses did as the LORD commanded him: and he took Joshua, and set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation: And he laid his hands upon him, and gave him a charge, as the LORD commanded by the hand of Moses." (Numbers 27:18-23)


When God said to Moses concerning Joshua, "Lay thine hand upon him ... and give him a charge in their sight," He was telling Moses to separate Joshua in service and ministry to Israel.


When God said to Moses concerning Joshua, "Thou shalt put some of thine honour upon him," He was actually saying, "You shall put some of your dignity, authority, power and glory upon him." 


God instructed Moses to lay his hands upon Joshua and supernaturally impart these things to him in order that the children of Israel would obey Joshua. 


Moses was about to die and Joshua was being supernaturally authorized and equipped to minister as Israel's new supernatural leader.   


The dignity, authority, power and glory Joshua would need to succeed Moses as God's supernatural leader was imparted to him by the laying on of Moses' hands. 


Something supernatural occurs when hands are laid upon individuals by the instruction of the Lord. 


This was true under the Old Covenant and it is still true under the New Covenant, as we will see in Chapter 2.


Imparting Wisdom & Grace to Leaders & Individuals

"And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses had laid his hands upon him: and the children of Israel hearkened unto him, and did as the LORD commanded Moses." (Deuteronomy 34:9)


Not only was a portion of Moses' dignity, authority, power and glory imparted to Joshua by the laying on of Moses' hands, but Joshua also became filled with the spirit of wisdom, skill and wit through the same laying on of hands' experience. This was indeed supernatural.


The authority and wisdom to stand in a New Covenant Ministry Office, such as Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist or Teacher, can be imparted today by the laying on of hands. We will see this more clearly in Chapter 2.


The authority, wisdom and anointing to stand in the Ministry of Helps in support of the Five-Fold Ministries can also be imparted by the laying on of hands under the New Covenant.  We will see this more clearly in Chapter 2, as well.


Chapter 2: New Covenant Laying On of Hands

As stated in the opening of Chapter 1, some of the reasons for the laying on of hands under the Old Covenant are no longer observed under the New Covenant.  


However, some of the Old Covenant reasons for the laying on of hands are indeed still observed under the New Covenant. 


We will see some of the differences and the similarities quite clearly as we proceed with Chapter 2.

Imparting Blessings to Children


"Then were there brought unto Him little children, that He should put His hands on them, and pray: and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. And He laid His hands on them, and departed thence." (Matthew 19:13-15)


It was common not only under the Old Covenant but also in Hebrew culture to bring children to holy men of God to have hands laid on them. Jesus Christ not only continued this in the Old Covenant practice and tradition, He encouraged it by example. 


Just as when Jacob laid his hands upon Ephraim and Manasseh, this is done for provision, protection, wisdom and a setting apart of the children to the will of God.



Healing the Sick


"And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw Him, he fell at His feet, And besought Him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay Thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live. And Jesus went with him; and much people followed Him, and thronged Him ... and He cometh to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and seeth the tumult, and them that wept and wailed greatly. And when He was come in, He saith unto them, Why make ye this ado, and weep? The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth. And they laughed Him to scorn. 


"But when He had put them all out, He taketh the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were with Him, and entereth in where the damsel was lying. And He took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, Talitha cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel, I say unto thee, arise. And straightway the damsel arose, and walked; for she was of the age of twelve years. And they were astonished with a great astonishment. And He charged them straitly that no man should know it; and commanded that something should be given her to eat." (Mark 5:22-24, 38-43)


Jesus gave the verbal faith command for the young girl to arise, made physical contact with her and in doing so released His healing virtue into her.  As a result the child was raised from the dead.


Jesus frequently laid hands on the sick to impart healing virtue to them. We have no less than eight accounts of Jesus laying hands on the sick in the Gospels. (Matthew 8:1-3, 14-15; Mark 6:5; 8:22-25; Luke 4:40; 13:11-13)  


Certainly, the laying on of hands is not the only way Jesus healed, but it is one way He healed and it is still to be utilized today. Jesus laid hands on the sick as an example to all New Covenant disciples throughout all generations. Jesus commands His followers to lay hands on the sick, expecting them to recover.


"And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature ... and these signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name shall they cast out demons ... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." (Mark 16:15-18)


"Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto My Father." (John 14:12)


Jesus' Apostles laid hands on individuals for miracles and healings.


"And by the hands of the Apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people..." (Acts 5:12)


Together, the Apostle Paul and Barnabas experienced tremendous signs and wonders by the laying on of hands.


"Long time therefore abode they speaking boldly in the Lord, which gave testimony unto the Word of His grace, and granted signs and wonders to be done by their hands." (Acts 14:3)


Alone, the Apostle Paul often saw tremendous miracles by the laying on of hands.


"And it came to pass, that the father of Publius lay sick of a fever and of a bloody flux: to whom Paul entered in, and prayed, and laid his hands on him and healed him. So when this was done, others also, which had diseases in the island, came, and were healed." (Acts 28:8-9)


The Apostle Paul encouraged all believers to imitate him in the work of the Ministry, even as he imitated Christ.


"Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ." (1 Corinthians 11:1)


Personally, my wife and I have seen wonderful healing miracles by the laying on of hands as tumors, growths, goiters and cancers were removed through faith-filled prayer offered in Jesus' Strong Name.


My friend, Rev. Ronald Coyne, had his eyeball surgically removed when he was seven years old. One year later Evangelist Daisy Gillock, older sister of Dr. T.L. Osborn, laid hands upon young Ronald and he began to see through his empty eye-socket.  


For forty-three years Brother Coyne traveled the world demonstrating this amazing laying on of hands miracle. He demonstrated it repeatedly on television programs such as That's Incredible, Phil Donahue, Sally Jessie Raphael, Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera and many others. He demonstrated it on two occasions in my own Church.  


I, myself, had an angel lay his hands on me three times in 1981.  As a result I was slain in the Spirit for three days and delivered from drug, alcohol and fear addictions. On the fourth day Jesus personally appeared to me, stretching forth His right hand and commissioning me to the work of the Ministry.

Separation & Impartation for the Ministry of Helps

"And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration. Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the Word of God, and serve tables. Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the Word. 


"And the saying pleased the whole multitude: and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch: Whom they set before the Apostles: and when they had prayed, they laid their hands on them. And the word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith. And Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and miracles among the people." (Acts 6:1-8)


Here we see those individuals who were called to the Ministry of Helps being prayed for and set apart through the laying on of the Apostles' hands. Even as when Moses laid his hands on Joshua, the laying on of hands was to separate them, empower them, anoint them and to give them the wisdom needed to do the job of Helps with excellence. (Numbers 27:18-23)


Most everyone involved in a local Church is called to the Ministry of Helps in one way or another. No one is called to just sit in a local Church and do nothing. God has no frozen chosen.  Everyone should be willing to become involved in the successful operation of their local Church. It could be to serve as a Deacon, musician, nursery, children's or youth worker, Bible study teacher, maintenance, parking lot attendant, passing out tracts, ride ministry, etc. 


Whatever it takes to free-up the Pastor and his immediate staff for study, prayer and preaching has to do with the Ministry of Helps.


The Ministry of Helps is still in operation today even as it was in the Book of Acts. The Ministry of Helps is still as necessary and needful as it was in the Book of Acts. 


As a matter of fact, the Book of Acts is the blueprint for the New Covenant Church. Therefore, the laying on of hands is still intended of the Holy Spirit to separate and empower those who are called to the Ministry of Helps. 


When the Ministry of Helps is doing their job by the anointing of God, the Word of God will increase and the number of disciples in that community will multiply greatly.  There will be signs, wonders and miracles performed amongst the people and it all begins with separation and supernatural impartations through the laying on of hands.



The Baptism with the Holy Spirit


"Now when the apostles which were at Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the Word of God, they sent unto them Peter and John: Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost: (For as yet He was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.) Then laid they their hands on them, and they received the Holy Ghost." (Acts 8:14-17)


The laying on of hands for a special impartation of the Holy Spirit is not the only way to receive the Holy Spirit Baptism. Individuals can receive the Holy Spirit Baptism without having hands laid upon them. (Acts 2:1-4; 10:44-46) 


However, some individuals do have a special Gift whereby when they lay their hands on others to receive the Holy Spirit there is an immediate infilling of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by the speaking with other Tongues. 


Even those who have had difficulty receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism receive effortlessly when this Gift is in manifestation. The Apostles Peter and John had this special ability. Still today in the New Covenant Church some individuals have a special anointing in this area. 


As stated, this is not the only way for one to receive the Holy Spirit Baptism. Many receive the Holy Spirit Baptism without the laying on of hands when they are alone, during a Church service, during a Christian television program, etc. 


Almighty God can baptize His children with the Holy Spirit any way He chooses. But some servants of God do have this special ability. 


"And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: and finding certain disciples, He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost. And he said unto them, Unto what then were ye baptized? And they said, Unto John's baptism. 


"Then said Paul, John verily baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying unto the people, that they should believe on him which should come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Ghost came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied. And all the men were about twelve." (Acts 19:1-7)


Here again is another example of a special anointing which some possess enabling them to impart the Holy Spirit Baptism, especially to those who have had difficulty receiving.  In the above case, the Apostle Paul is the carrier of this special anointing.


However one receives the Holy Spirit Baptism, with or without the laying on of hands, some primary prerequisites to receiving are as follows. 


The individual must be Born Again, for the Holy Spirit will not go where the Blood of Jesus has not cleansed. 


The greatest gift God offers the world is salvation through Jesus Christ. (John 3:16)  


But the greatest gift God offers His Born Again children, and only His Born Again children, is the Holy Spirit Baptism. (Acts 1:8) 


The Holy Spirit Baptism seeker must not have deliberately unconfessed sin in their life. 


In particular, one must not be flirting with powers that are not of God, such as reading horoscopes, supernatural games and comic books, consulting fortune tellers, watching demon-inspired supernatural cartoons, television and Internet programs, movies and cult involvement, etc. 


The Bible makes it clear that God will turn His face against anyone who goes after counterfeit powers which originate in Satan.


"Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 19:31)


"And the soul that turneth after such as have familiar spirits, and after wizards, to go a whoring after them, I will even set My face against that soul, and will cut him off from among his people. Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be holy: for I am the Lord your God." (Leviticus 20:6-7)

Separation & Impartation for the Five-Fold Ministry

"Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul. As they ministered to the Lord, and fasted, the Holy Ghost said, Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the work whereunto I have called them. And when they had fasted and prayed, and laid their hands on them, they sent them away. So they, being sent forth by the Holy Ghost, departed unto Seleucia; and from thence they sailed to Cyprus." (Acts 13:1-4)


We notice in this passage of Scripture that Barnabas and Saul had already been called of God and were awaiting His timing to step out and go on their missionary journey. 


Barnabas and Saul were not being called to the Ministry here by the laying on of hands. They had already been called of God. God was simply confirming what these men already knew. 


No one can call someone else to Ministry by the laying on of hands.  But what we can do is agree with God's calling and by the laying on of hands, the Minister can invoke blessings, release power and stir up the Gifts which God alone can give. 


When the other Prophets and Teachers present laid hands upon Barnabas and Saul, even as when Moses laid hands on Joshua, power, authority and wisdom for their calling were imparted to them. 


Again, keep in mind here that Barnabas and Saul were not being called to the Ministry at this time. No one but God can call another to the Ministry. They can only confirm what God is already working in the individual.


"Wherefore he saith, When He ascended up on high, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men ... and He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:" (Ephesians 4:8, 11-12)


Notice when He, Jesus, led captivity captive that He gave Gifts unto men.  


Notice also, that He gave Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.  


He, and He alone, can give these Gifts to His Body.  


He, and He alone, calls one to the Ministry.  


Other men and women simply separate, by the laying on of hands, individuals whom Jesus has already called to the Ministry. 


No human being can take the honor unto themselves of calling others into the Ministry.


"And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron. So also Christ glorified not Himself to be made an High Priest; but He that sayeth unto Him, Thou art My Son, today I have begotten Thee." (Hebrews 5:4-5)


We see here that even Jesus had to be called of God and could not call Himself or have someone else call Him. 


Individuals who call themselves, or allow others to attempt to call them into Ministry Offices which God has not set them in, could die prematurely.  


Many have.  


Unfortunately, many more will. 


This is what happened to King Saul. He stepped into the Office of the Prophet, without the calling or anointing of God to do so, and it cost him his kingdom, his family and finally his life. (1 Samuel 13:1-14; 31:1-13)


Only Almighty God can set a man or woman into a Divine Office and impart the Spiritual Gifts that accompany that Office.  This is an area where many have abused the Foundational Doctrine of the Laying On of Hands.


The laying on of hands is for separation and impartation for the Five-Fold Ministry to which Almighty God, and Almighty God alone, has already called someone.


We would be remiss to not address the following before closing out this lesson on the laying on of hands as it relates to separation and impartation for the Five-Fold Ministry.


"Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other man's sins: keep thyself pure." (1 Timothy 5:22)


Here the Apostle Paul is reminding young Pastor Timothy of the urgent care that must be taken when laying hands on individuals for separation and impartation for the Five-Fold Ministry Offices.  


The Apostle Paul is admonishing Pastor Timothy to always be led by the Holy Spirit when doing so, for this solemn responsibility must not be done without careful prayer and consideration.



Healing Cloths for Miracles & Demonic Deliverance


"And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them." (Acts 19:11-12)


This passage does not refer to the laying on of hands specifically. However, it is a reference to supernatural impartations being transferred into handkerchiefs, aprons, or what we would call "healing cloths," through contact with the Apostle Paul's body.


When such healing cloths came into contact with Paul's anointing, the anointing would then be transferred into the cloths.  The cloths were then carried to the sick and demon-oppressed and "special" or extraordinary miracles would occur.  


The sick would be miraculously healed.  Demonic strongholds were supernaturally destroyed.  Those who were not in their right minds were suddenly in their right minds as demonic principalities and powers were literally run off by the presence of the anointing.


This happened often in the Ministry of Jesus Christ, as well.


"And a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon physicians, neither could be healed of any, came behind Him (Jesus), and touched the border of His garment: and immediately her issue of blood stanched. And Jesus said, Who touched Me?" (Luke 8:43-45)


The anointing upon Jesus so thoroughly saturated His garments that anyone who touched Him, expecting to be healed or delivered, most definitely was.


Such is the unfailing power of personal faith. 


Such is the power of the anointing of God. 


"And it shall come to pass in that day that his (Satan's) burden shall be taken away from off thy (Israel's) shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing." (Isaiah 10:27)


Although this specific verse of Scripture is a reference to the nation of Israel's coming deliverance from unbelief and the powers of darkness, it can still be taken to prove that the anointing of God can and will break any demonic stronghold wherever people believe.  


Still today special miracles are wrought by the anointing of God when healing cloths come in contact with an anointed man or woman of God, or are even prayed over with the laying on of hands, are brought to the sick and afflicted. 


The above reference concerning the Apostle Paul and healing cloths is in the Book of Acts for a reason. 


That reason is that the Book of Acts is intended of God to be taken by His Body as a working blueprint for modern day, New Covenant Church operations.



Stirring Up & Confirming God-Given Gifts


"Neglect not the gift that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery." (1 Timothy 4:14)


Some have wrongly used this verse to "prove" that they have the ability to give Spiritual Gifts to others. 


However, upon closer examination it becomes very clear that this is not at all what Paul is saying. 


The original Greek word for "given" in the above verse is "didomi."  It literally means "to bring forth" and it is referring to something that is already in place.  


Almighty God alone put Timothy's Gifts within him. They were already in place when Paul came along and confirmed with prophecy, by the laying on of hands, what Timothy already knew about his God-given Gifts. 


Paul was actually saying, "The Gift of God was already in you when I came along. I laid my hands on you.  I perceived it and then simply confirmed what you already knew. I simply called forth your Gifts and Callings to be consummated in this Earth to the glory of God.  Now, Timothy, don't neglect that which God has given to you and confirmed through me."


Paul was confirming Timothy's Gifts and Callings. 


Paul was telling Timothy to not be timid about his Gifts and Callings. 


Paul was telling Timothy to study, understand and cooperate with the perfecting of his Gifts and Callings. 


Paul was not giving Gifts to Timothy. 


Paul knew that no man can give Gifts to another man.  


Had Paul been attempting to give Gifts to Timothy, he would have been doing so in direct opposition to what he wrote to the Churches at Corinth and Rome.


"But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as He will." (1 Corinthians 12:11)


Here the Apostle Paul makes it perfectly clear to the Corinthians that the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit alone, divides or imparts Gifts to individuals according to His will, and His will alone.


Let's look at another verse, this one in Paul's letter to the Romans.  This is a verse which is commonly lifted out of context, wrongly convincing the Bible-illiterate that Ministers and lay persons can impart Gifts to individuals.


"For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift, to the end ye may be established; That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me." (Romans 1:11-12)


The original Greek word used by the Apostle Paul when he said "impart" is actually "metadidomi."  It literally means "to share."  It does not mean "to give."


Many times I have shared my jacket with someone who was cold, but I did not give it to them.  


What the Apostle Paul was actually saying to the Romans was, "For I long to see you that I may share my Spiritual Gifts with you. I long to see the Holy Spirit move through me, on your behalf, that you may be more strongly established in Him."  


The Apostle Paul, above all individuals, knew no man can impart or give any of the Gifts of the Spirit to others. 


Nowhere in Scripture do we ever see the Apostle Paul or any of the other Apostles or Bible authors do so. 


Ministers of the Gospel, and even lay Christians, can indeed confirm, stir up and call forth, by prophecy and the laying on of hands, Gifts that have already been put in place by the Holy Spirit. 


However, only Almighty God, through the Person of the Holy Spirit, is the Giver of any of the Gifts and Ministries. 


To move in violation of the written Word of God, attempting to give Gifts to others or call them to Ministry by the laying on of hands, potentially opens up all concerned to evil spirits and counterfeit manifestations. 


A final word of caution. There is a "Spiritual Gifts Test" that has been circulating within the Body of Christ worldwide for decades now. This test claims to reveal one's Spiritual Gifts to them by one's simply answering a battery of questions concerning personal interests, personality traits, mental skills, education, etc. This test has misled many and has proven to be quite deceptive.  


If the Apostle Paul, the highly-educated Hebrew scholar, had taken this test it would not have revealed he was called to preach to the Scripture-illiterate Gentiles, which he was.  


Likewise, if the Apostle Peter, the ignorant, uneducated fisherman, had taken this test it would not have revealed he was called to preach to the educated Hebrews, which he was. (Galatians 2:7-8)


This so-called "Spiritual Gifts Test" leans heavily towards logic and the realm of reason. 


God does not live in the realm of reason.  


God is a Spirit. (John 4:24) He lives in the Spirit realm.  


Man is a spirit. God communicates with man through the spirit of man, not through the mind of man, the realm of reason. 


It is through man's spirit that God brings enlightenment, illumination and reveals to man what he is called to and what his Gifts are. Of course, this includes womb-man! (Galatians 3:28) 


"The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly." (Proverbs 20:27)


"For Thou will light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness." (Psalm 18:28)


It is best to simply stay in the Word, study the Gifts of the Spirit, study the Ministries of the Spirit and study the Five-Fold Ministry Offices in order to see what the Holy Spirit might quicken to one's spirit.


One must allow God to impress upon their spirit, or even speak to them, concerning their Gifts and Callings. Then God can, and oftentimes will, send someone along to confirm those Gifts and Callings and to stir them up by the laying on of hands. 


Whatever one's Gifts and Callings may be, it is important to diligently study them.  For the Gifts and Callings of God operate best through those who understand them most. 


"Study to shew yourself approved of God, a workman unashamed, teaching the Word of Truth accurately." (2 Timothy 2:15)


In our next lesson on Foundational Doctrines we will study "Resurrection of the Dead." 

Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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