Need Supernatural Favor?
This Will Definitely Get the Job Done!


“For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield.” (Psalm 5:12)


What does it mean to have favor?  Webster defines favor as … “friendly regard shown towards another: approving consideration or attention: gracious kindness: effort in one’s behalf or interest: a special privilege or rights granted.” 


Another way to define favor is when someone is predisposed to show preference to one over another.


God promises favor to all of His obedient children.  However, in order for that favor to come to pass, we must speak it forth with the words of our mouths.  Jesus said we can have what we say, not just what we pray. (Mark 11:23)  


Take this supernatural favor confession and speak it over yourself and your loved ones daily.  Print it onto a Word document and carry it with you.  You will be amazed at the way people become predisposed to show preference to you and yours.  


Things will start happening FOR you and stop happening TO you.


Supernatural Favor Daily Faith Confession 


“Father, thank You for making us righteous and accepted through the Blood of Jesus.  Because of that, we are blessed and highly favored by You, according to Psalm 5:12.  We are the object of Your affection.  Your favor surrounds us as a force field, and the first thing that people come into contact with is our favor shield.


“Thank You that we have favor with You and man today.  All day long, people go out of their way to bless us and to help us.  We have favor with everyone that we deal with today.  Doors that were once closed are now opened for us.  We receive preferential treatment, and we have special privileges.  We are God’s favored children.


“No good thing will You withhold from us.  Because of Your favor, our enemies cannot triumph over us.  We have supernatural increase and promotion in all we set our hands to.  We declare restoration of everything that the devil has stolen from us.  We have honor in the midst of our adversaries and an increase of assets – especially in real estate and an expansion of territory.  You are enlarging us, prospering us and favoring us supernaturally.  The Angels of God are causing favor and increase to come to us.


“Because we are New Creations in Christ, have right standing with You and are highly favored by You, we experience great victories, supernatural turnarounds and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities.


“Because we are seated at Your right hand in Jesus, we receive recognition, prominence and honor.  Petitions are granted to us even by ungodly authorities.  Policies, rules, regulations and laws are changed and reversed on our behalf.  Decrees either written or spoken against us are overturned by the Spirit of God and work in our favor, to our advantage, supernaturally.  Even that which our enemies intend for our harm works to our advantage.


“We win battles that we don’t even have to fight, because You fight them for us.  This is the day, the set time and the designated moment for us to experience the free favors of God that profusely and lavishly abound on our behalf.  In Jesus’ Strong Name – Amen.”


Be blessed in Jesus' Strong Name … John and Barbara Hamel



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