Gifts of the Holy Spirit 4

The Working of Miracles

by Pastor John Hamel


We are studying the three Power Gifts. The three Power Gifts do something.


This study will cover the Power Gift called the Working of Miracles. 


The Working of Miracles is a Supernatural power that comes from the God of the Bible producing signs, wonders and miracles. 


This Gift was more in demonstration in the Old Testament than in the New Testament.  But don’t let that throw you.  It still operates today and yes, I have seen it in manifestation.


Let’s go back to the definition.  I told you this Gift produces signs, wonders and miracles.  This is accomplished as God suspends or overrides the laws of nature.  


Once the laws of nature are adjusted to suit His needs, God moves according to the laws of the Spirit realm through a human or angelic vessel. 


Actually, when the Working of Miracles is in manifestation, God is allowing the human or angelic vessel to perform the miracle.  


This is when the Supernatural occurs. 


Notice that this Gift is not called the “Gift of Miracles.”  It is called the Working of Miracles.  


This is because God actually uses a human being or an angel to “work” the miracle.  


The Gift of Faith is when God moves FOR a human being.  


With the Gifts of Healings, God moves THROUGH a human being or through an angel.  


However, with the Working of Miracles, God actually allows the human vessel or an angel to actually work the miracle utilizing His borrowed power for the moment.


By clicking on “The Albuquerque Fire Pit” you can read how God sent His angel to deliver me miraculously from drug and alcohol addiction.  In the Bible, angels frequently worked deliverances, healings and miracles. (John 5:4; Acts 12:1-11)


The Working of Miracles Performed Through a Human Vessel


“[Elisha] took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan; And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, Where is the Lord God of Elijah? and when he also had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.” (2Kings 2:13-14)


Here God actually allowed Elisha to perform this miraculous feat.  The laws of nature were suspended as Elisha called upon the Lord.  Elisha hit the waters with his cloak and the waters supernaturally jumped back and away to either side of him.  Elisha walked across on the river bottom.  This was no tiny brook, mind you.  This was the mighty River Jordan


The Old and New Testaments are filled with the Working of Miracles.


A Present Day Plastic Eye Miracle  


I have a friend who has now traveled on to Heaven.  His name is Roscoe Ronald Coyne.  You can find Brother Ronald's testimony on the Internet. 


As a result of an accident, Brother Ronald had his eye surgically removed as a 7-year-old boy.  


Approximately one year later a tent Evangelist, named Daisy Gillock, older sister of T.L. Osborn, prayed for him during a tent crusade.  The Evangelist did not know that Ronald’s eye was missing. Ronald once told me that the Evangelist thought she was praying for “a chest cold or something.”  


As a result of that woman releasing her faith through prayer, God suspended the laws of nature and Ronald actually began to see through his empty eye socket.


Over the course of his remaining 43 years on Earth, Brother Ronald traveled millions of miles demonstrating this startling miracle to millions of individuals.  Untold millions turned to Christ as a result.  


Brother Ronald demonstrated this miracle in my Church pulpit on two occasions.  I personally blocked his existing eye with a handkerchief folded six or eight times.  I held it in place with a half roll of adhesive tape.  I did a really good job, too.  Like you, I wanted to know that he could not see through his existing eye. 


Brother Ronald then removed his plastic eye and proceeded to read anything and everything brought to him by nearly everyone in those services – all through an empty eye socket. He read drivers licenses, Bibles, magazines, newspapers, certificates - anything that was placed before him he read with precision. 


Not one person could say he missed a single word or letter.


Brother Ronald once told me that he could see through that empty eye socket 24 and 7.  This was both with and without the plastic eyeball in place.  


Almighty God was allowing him to see supernaturally with his “spirit” eye. 


You may have seen Rev. Coyne on one of his multiple television appearances with Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue, Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jesse Raphael, as well as on That's Incredible and other popular television talk shows.  They all clamored for his appearances.  


Ronald once told me that he told them all, “I’ll come on your program but you must allow me the privilege of telling people that Jesus Christ has done this for me.  Otherwise, I will not come.”  They always agreed to allow him to freely speak of Jesus Christ. 


This precious Gift called the Working of Miracles, which manifested through Sister Gillock on behalf of Ronald Coyne, is about to be demonstrated in the Earth unlike any other time in all of human history.  


When it is, the multitudes will come running to Christ for salvation.


The Working of Miracles Versus Miracles of God


As I told you in the introduction to this lesson, when the Working of Miracles is in manifestation God is allowing a human being or an angel to work a miracle through a temporary use of His power.  


However, when God Himself works a miracle, it is simply referred to as a "Miracle" or a "Miracle of God."


For example, God Himself performed sixteen miracles in the presence of Moses. On the other hand, God allowed Moses to personally perform forty-four miracles through the borrowed use of His power.


One night my wife, Barbara, and I were driving along in our automobile in Vermont. It was the middle of winter.  Everything was covered with snow and ice, including the floor of our vehicle. Barbara was driving because I was still recovering from the effects a growth which had been supernaturally removed from my inner ear.      


Barbara wears contact lenses and is unable to see without them. 


As we drove along one of her lenses slipped and she needed to pull over in order to readjust it.  We pulled to the side of the snowy road and parked the car. Turning on the interior light she attempted to readjust her lens as I watched. 


Suddenly the hard plastic lens literally popped out of her eye, bouncing off the palm of her hand and falling down onto the snow-covered floor. 


The interior light was on and I personally witnessed the contact lens pop out of her eye, bouncing off her hand and falling to the floor.  


Barbara exclaimed, "My lens just fell out."  


I said, "I know. I saw it bounce off your hand and fall to the floor."  


She responded, "And I felt it bounce off my hand."


We tried and tried to locate the lens to no avail.  


She could not see properly with only one lens to search for the other one.  I could not get down to search for it myself for the same reason I could not yet drive - I was still recovering from the effects of a growth that had been in my inner ear for two months.  


We were in a quandary.  Barbara did not have a spare lens with her and I could not drive.  


We prayed, "Father, we need You to help us in Jesus' Name.  Please show us where that lens is."


Suddenly Barbara exclaimed, "John, my lens is back in my eye! I can see. My lens is back in my eye."


Almighty God, had not only placed the lens back in Barbara's eye supernaturally, but it was obvious that He had also carefully cleaned it before doing so! 


Neither Barbara nor I performed this miracle through the Working of Miracles.  


To our knowledge an angel did not perform this miracle.  


We believe that Almighty God personally performed the miracle of locating Barbara's lost lens, cleaning it and placing it back in her eye so she could safely drive us home.


This is the difference between the Working of Miracles and a Miracle of God.


Satan’s power is mighty.  But our God’s power is Almighty.


In our next lesson we will study the first of the three Revelation Gifts, the Word of Knowledge.


Be Blessed … John and Barbara Hamel 



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