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A Great Spiritual Awakening Comes to America and the World

"We are soon to experience the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of humanity." Rev. John Hamel


"The greatest revival the world has ever seen is not behind us, but ahead of us." Rev. Steve Hill

Spiritual Awakening Prophecy, Jeanne Wilkerson, John Hamel, Hagin, Copeland, Sumrall, Roberts, 

                               Updated: November 22, 2015

Live Table of Contents


Chapter 01:  Two Angels Bring Two Astounding Revelations

Chapter 01:  The First Angel Appears

Chapter 01:  The Second Angel Appears
Chapter 02:  The Prophetess Jeanne Wilkerson Also Saw the Coming Awakening

Chapter 02:  Dr. Lester Sumrall Predicted Six Pre-Spiritual Awakening Events
Chapter 03:  The Cloud of Godly Sorrow & the Voice of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 04:  The Holy Spirit Spoke to Me Again

Chapter 04:  A Personal Word from the Lord to Me
Chapter 05:  I Saw a Man We Would Actually Meet 8 Months Later
Chapter 06:  I Saw a Line of Delineation Being Drawn
Chapter 07:  I Saw Two Types of Pastors Represented
Chapter 08:  The Sorrow Cloud Reappeared & Jesus Spoke to Me
Chapter 09:  A Divine Encounter with the Man I Actually Saw in the Vision
Chapter 10:  Brother Oral Roberts Saw the Coming Awakening
Chapter 11:  The Holy Spirit Said to Me, "America is about to see her finest hour."

Chapter 11:  Jesus Showed Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin Coming Judgment & Revival

Chapter 11:  The Greatest Manifestations of the Working of Miracles Since the Book of Acts

Chapter 11:  Satanic Lying Signs & Wonders
Chapter 12:  Will America Fall Under "The Little Pieces Curse"?

Chapter 12:  God Will Repent When America Repents




Chapter One: Two Angels Bring Two Astounding Revelations


When the Apostle Paul gave the testimony in Jerusalem of his supernatural Damascus Road salvation experience, he recounted how Jesus told him at that time, "Get to your feet and enter Damascus. There you will be told everything that has been set out for you to do."  


Literally blinded by the brightness of Christ's appearance, Paul (Saul) was then led by the hand into Damascus where he sat in the dark for three long days awaiting the Lord's promised instruction. 


At the end of those three days Ananias came to him, per the Lord's instruction.  When Ananias laid his hands upon him, Paul was instantly healed of his blindness and began to see again. 


Ananias then told him, "The God of our ancestors has handpicked you to be briefed on His plan of action. You've actually seen the Righteous Innocent and heard Him speak. You are to be a key witness to everyone of what you have seen and heard." (Acts 22:14,15 MSG)


On February 28, 2004, during a period of fasting and prayer while in Vermont, I found myself suddenly caught up in the spirit realm even as the Apostle John was caught up in the spirit realm on the Lord's Day. (Revelation 1:10,11) The Apostles Peter and Paul had similar experiences.  (Acts 10:9-16; 22:17-21)


During that forty-five minute Divinely-granted visitation I was shown what I call the coming "Great Spiritual Awakening."


What I saw was the greatest Spiritual Awakening in the history of America and even the world. I was keenly aware of Jesus standing right beside me, one of many times He has appeared and spoken to me, as He guided me through the vision.


Like the Apostle Paul during his Damascus Road experience, I was overwhelmed - in my case to tears, and humbled that God had handpicked me to be briefed on His plan of action concerning the unfolding Great Awakening.  Overwhelmed that once again the Righteous Innocent had come to me, speaking to me and calling me to be a key witness to everyone of what I both saw and heard concerning the Great Spiritual Awakening.


Please understand before reading these testimonies of Divinely-granted visitations and revelations that I am not a "gloom and doom Prophet." I fully understand that God is a God of love and that He loves the apex of His creative works - humanity - deeply and infinitely.  He is not a punitive God.  He is not a white-robed, moody, Puritanical monster leaning over the balcony of Heaven waiting for someone to make one small mistake so He can strike them with lightning bolts from on High, just because He's God.  God is not out to get us. If He was He'd have gotten us all by now because we're not that fast and He's not that slow! 


God is a God of tremendous love and mercy and His mercy hovers over you even now as you read this testimony. (Psalm 145:9; Ephesians 2:10)  As a matter of fact, I believe God's love and His mercy are His absolute greatest attributes. This is why He has revealed Himself to us as our Father and Benefactor through the earth ministry of Jesus Christ.


However, sometimes man gets so far off track individually and nationally, that God, in His great love and mercy will permit judgment to occur for the benefit of the individual and even all of humanity.  This is always to bring man back on course, re-qualifying him to once again receive God's protection and provision. (Proverbs 28:13) This is why the Prophet Isaiah wrote, "For when Thy judgments are in the earth the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness." (Isaiah 26:9) 


I believe whenever God allows judgment to come upon humanity, through the Laws of Sowing and Reaping, it is out of love, not anger. (Galatians 6:7; Hebrews 12:4-11) I believe God set up the Laws of Sowing and Reaping to operate the way they do because He is a good God.  This is the primary revelation Jesus came to bring to us - that God is a good God. (John 10:10; James 1:17)  Because He is a good God, He will allow judgment to occur, when necessary, to bring His creation back on course. He said Himself, through His Prophet Moses, this is exactly what He would do whenever it became necessary.


"But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God; for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He sware unto thy father, as it is this day.  [19] And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the LORD thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you this day that ye shall surely perish. [20] As the nations which the LORD destroyeth before your face, so shall ye perish, because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the LORD your God." (Deuteronomy 8:18-20)


The Lord told the Prophet Jeremiah the very same thing concerning evil, rebellious nations. He said He would withdraw all the good He wanted to do for those nations and withdraw every benefit.


"And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it; If it do evil in My sight, that it obey not My voice, then I will repent of the good wherewith I said I would benefit them." (Jeremiah 18:9-10


It is a treacherous thing indeed for a nation, particularly a Christian nation planted and built by Holy God, to disobey God and His Word.  God has promised that no good could possibly come of it.  However, when a rebellious nation repents for its wrongdoing, God also promises that goodness and benefits will flow towards it once again.


"If that nation against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do (allow) unto them." (Jeremiah 18:8)


I like to put it this way concerning Christian America's present judgment.  God will repent when America repents! Simple stuff.


Please keep in mind, as you now read of the things I believe God has revealed to me for the benefit of those who would have ears to hear, that it is out of His great love for humanity, not His wrath, that God allows judgment to come.   



The First Angel Appears


On March 13, 2008, at Dowse's Beach in Osterville, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, my wife, Barbara, and I experienced a visitation of an angel sent to us from the presence of God.  We were there praying for Cape Cod, New England and America as we often did during the years we lived and ministered there.  For twenty-four years Barbara and I have spent much time praying together in the Holy Spirit.


The angel came to reveal to us that judgment was coming to America and the Nations, through the Laws of Sowing and Reaping, as a result of man's pride, sinfulness and rejection of God's Word. (Jeremiah 2:19) This would be a judgment that would come because America has forgotten from where her prosperity and protection comes. (Deuteronomy 8:18-20)  Some believe that God would never allow America to be judged because she is the Gospel Lighthouse of the world. After all, ninety percent of all the world's Missionaries and missionary dollars come out of America. However, no individual or Nation is immune from the Laws of Sowing and Reaping.


This would not be a judgment committed by God, but rather a judgment permitted by God, as a result of man's own sowing and reaping. (Galatians 6:7,8) What man permits, God permits.  When God does permit judgment, it is for man's own good, to bring him closer to God, not to drive him further away. (Isaiah 26:9)  


Within just a few short months of this Divinely-granted visitation America was indeed stricken with one of the greatest spiritual, political and financial crises of its history, even as God's messenger angel had come to reveal to us. It has impacted the nations of the world and continues to unfold to this day. It's not over yet! 



The Second Angel Appears


Two days later, on March 15, 2008, my wife, Barbara, and I experienced yet another angelic visitation also at Dowse's Beach while praying as stated above.  Only this time it was a different angel, in both appearance and purpose.  This angel came from the presence of God and  revealed to us that great judgment was coming upon Satan and demon powers in the earth as well.  As a result, multiple millions of human beings would be released from the control and domination of Satan in this earth and turned back to the power of God. (Acts 26:18)  This was in reference to a great Spiritual Awakening, an outpouring of God's love and power, coming to the people of the world as a result of their crying out to Him for His mercy in their failures.

It was also revealed that these two angels came not only to tell us what was about to transpire, but  they were also here to see to it that it did indeed transpire. In other words, these angels, like their counterparts in the Book of Revelation and throughout the Bible, came into the earth to actually bring the judgment to pass according to the Laws of Sowing and Reaping. In both cases we watched as these angels literally flew away, leaving  us awe-stricken there on the Atlantic shore, as they headed out into America to accomplish their God-ordained assignments.

Because the angelic revelation of March 13, 2008, continues to clearly prove out, it is unquestionable that the revelation brought by the second angel two days later on March 15, 2008, will soon come to pass as well.  


The greatest Spiritual Awakening ever is indeed immediately before us.  I will tell you what I saw of it in a moment, but first I will share something of further significance.


I have received seven Divinely-granted visitations of the Lord Jesus Christ over the past 33 years. 


The first occurred after His angel came and laid hands on me, and I was "slain in the spirit" for three days in 1981. 


At that time, after having regained consciousness, Jesus came to me in an open vision.  He came out of a whirlwind cloud with two very majestic, powerful-looking angels and personally commissioned me to certain Ministry Offices, even as He did with Ezekiel. (Ezekiel chapters 1-3) 


With each additional visitation of Jesus, whether in an open vision, a trance or a dream, there came further revelation of God's good plan and purpose for my personal life and ministry  here on earth. (Jeremiah 1:5-10; 29:11) 


I have also experienced multiple visitations of angels since having been slain in the spirit over that three-day period in 1981.  


However, the Dowse's Beach visitations were the first time Barbara was allowed to experience angelic visitations along with me. 


The two angels that appeared to us in March 2008 also came to confirm that an earlier Divinely-granted vision, of which you are about to read, had indeed been granted to me by the Lord Jesus Christ.  Never have any of my previous visitations, of Jesus or angels, contained a showing forth of God's plan for America and the Nations of the world like the vision I will share with you below.   




Chapter Two: The Prophetess Jeanne Wilkerson Also saw the Coming Awakening


After the vision of which I will now speak occurred, I was immediately reminded of a time back in 1986 while I was living in Oklahoma. During a Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin meeting in Broken Arrow, the respected Prophetess, Jeanne Wilkerson, stood on the platform and prophesied.  She decreed that she was seeing a great outpouring of God's Spirit coming from the United Kingdom to New England and from New England to America and the world. Sitting in that service, a great excitement and Holy Spirit-quickening occurred in my spirit as Sister Wilkerson decreed what she was perceiving by the Spirit of God.  


I knew I was in that service by Divine appointment. As Sister Wilkerson spoke by the Spirit of God, I knew I was destined to be a part of that coming awakening. I knew I had been birthed for it. As I sat there listening I even knew I had been born in New England - Cambridge, Massachusetts specifically,  as a Sovereign act of Divine destiny. (Ephesians 2:10) I was actually born in the very same neighborhood and next door to where General George Washington took command of the Continental Army under the famous "Washington Elm."  Under the shade of this very same elm tree, also called the "Whitefield Elm" by many, Rev. George Whitefield preached to the gathered masses during the Great Awakening of the Eighteenth Century.      


As I sat in that Church sanctuary I knew that one day I would return to my native Massachusetts to give my very life to this coming move of God's Spirit. However, I did not  know that the Holy Spirit would one day show me, in vision form, exactly what He was about to do on this earth, beginning in the UK and then right here in America, in New England, as you will read. 



Dr. Lester Sumrall Predicted Six Pre-Spiritual Awakening Events


In 1987 my former Pastor and Mentor, Dr. Lester Sumrall, wrote a book entitled "I Predict 2000."  In that small book Dr. Sumrall predicted six events which would occur just prior to the greatest Spiritual Awakening in human history.  I will briefly list those six events here.  


First, Dr. Sumrall predicted that America would begin its departure from Christianity.


Second, America would begin openly endorsing pagan religions.


Third, America would embrace doctrines of demons.


Fourth, Satan worship and human sacrifice would occur more and more in America.


Fifth, America would be consumed with rebellion.  Anarchy would overtake our youth in schools, colleges, home, on their jobs and throughout the entire social structure.  There would be no more tenderness in the home, no laughter and no love.  Three-quarters of marriages would fail and children would not know who to love and who to hate.  Rebellion would come like a tornado to America.


Sixth, there would be a tremendous tearing of America's moral fabric.  Homosexuality would no longer remain behind closed doors but rather would be considered "normal."  Bestiality would become acceptable and seen more and more in society.  


All of these predictions have come to pass or are in the process of coming to pass not only as Dr. Sumrall predicted but even as the Apostle Paul predicted concerning the entire world just prior to great Spiritual Awakening and the Coming of Christ in the clouds.


"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons; speaking lies and hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a hot iron;" (1Timothy 4:1-2)


Finally, Dr. Sumrall predicted that the greatest Spiritual Awakening the world has ever known would ride in on the tail of the above six predictions in their fulfillment.  While America and the world is committing the above sinful predictions in record numbers, multitudes will make the decision to go in the direction of righteousness and Holiness and tremendous, tremendous miracles would occur.  


This is the same prediction made by the Prophet Joel, preached by the Apostle Peter and reconfirmed by James, the brother of Jesus as recorded below.


"But this is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel (2:28).  And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: and on My servants and on My handmaidens I will pour out in those days of My Spirit; and they shall prophesy: and I will show wonders in Heaven above and signs in the earth beneath; blood (salvation in Christ's blood), fire (Holy Spirit baptism), and vapor of smoke (outpourings of God's Glory) ... before that great and notable day of the Lord come: and it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved." (Acts 2:16-21)


"Be patient therefore brethren unto the coming of the Lord. Behold the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth (Spiritual Awakening), and hath long patience for it until He receive the early and the latter rain (Last Day's outpouring of His Spirit)." (James 5:7)


I believe what I witnessed during my 2004 vision was the fulfillment of everything these Prophets (Old Testament, New Testament and Modern day) and others have predicted - multitudes making the decision to go in the direction of righteousness and experiencing tremendous miracles of God just prior to the Rapture of the Body of Christ. 


What I witnessed during my 2004 vision below was not a "Revival."  A revival is when God's Spirit visits His own saved people, Christians, reviving them to Holiness and Faith.  What I witnessed was an "Awakening."  An awakening is when God's Spirit visits BOTH the lost and saved people of the world.  This occurs to such a degree that both the Christian and non-Christian populations of the world are tremendously impacted, radically brought to repentance and supernaturally changed by the message, the Blood and the Holiness of Jesus Christ. 


On February 28, 2004, during a period of fasting and prayer while in Vermont, I found myself suddenly caught up in the spirit realm even as the Apostle John was caught up in the spirit realm. (Revelation 1:10,11) The Apostles Peter and Paul had similar experiences.  (Acts 10:9-16; 22:17-21)


There, from high in the atmospheric heavens, I witnessed, over a forty-five minute period, the great Spiritual Awakening destined to revisit Massachusetts, New England, America and the Nations of the world.   


One minute I was praying in the Holy Spirit and the next minute I found myself high up in the earth's atmosphere looking down. I was keenly aware of Jesus standing right beside me, exactly as He had done another time when I was also caught up in a trance while praying in Las Vegas, Nevada, twenty years earlier.  


As I began to speak forth some of what  I was seeing, and most all of what I was hearing from that high position, Barbara realized what was occurring. She captured what I was speaking out loud on our ever-present, miniature, handheld recorder.  Between what she captured on the recorder and what I so clearly recall even to this day, I was able to quite accurately reconstruct yet another Divinely-granted visitation of the Master, Jesus. 


I share it only to encourage God's people, not to promote myself as some Ministers have accused me.  (James 4:10; 1Peter 5:6)


The vision is as follows. 



Chapter Three: The Cloud of Godly Sorrow & the Voice of the Holy Spirit


Like the Prophet Ezekiel, I was suddenly caught up by the Spirit of God and suspended between Heaven and Earth. (Ezekiel 8:3; 11:24,25; 37:1) I then realized I was looking down on the entire New England region from high in the Heavens.  Holy God was allowing me to see into the spirit realm and it was as if I were actually seeing from His perspective. Jesus was standing directly to my right. 


For some reason I began calling off each of the New England states individually as I looked down upon them, “Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.”  It was as if I was calling them forth for a specific purpose.  


I then heard the Holy Spirit speak, and I knew I was to repeat what He said.  “Sorrow.  Godly sorrow spreading all across your region."


I then saw what I can only describe as a smoky, oily, gray, almost black cloud move in slowly across the entire New England region from the east.  I heard the Holy Spirit speak again.  I repeated aloud what I heard because somehow I knew in my heart that was what was expected of me.  I knew I was prophesying by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. “Godly sorrow bringing millions to repentance in this region.  Godly sorrow.  Plenty of sorrow being poured out over the entire region.  Plenty of sorrow. Even as Jesus multiplied the fish and the loaves, and there was plenty, plenty and plenty left over, there’s plenty of sorrow to go around to bring people to repentance.  All you have to do is ask.  It’s a gift.  It’s a gift, and I’m passing it out freely and abundantly.  I just need you to ask.”  (Second Corinthians 7:10 and Second Timothy 2:24-25 immediately came to my mind.)


As I continued to look down now upon the entire Northeastern United States, I watched as the smoky, oily, gray cloud began to slowly spread out, moving from east to west.  Suddenly, the scene changed and the gray cloud of sorrow was now blocking  the entire Northeast from my sight.  I had the thought, “If that’s the Glory Cloud, I’ve never seen it look like that before.”  I have had multiple experiences with the Glory of God in manifestation, but never like this. 


I continued to watch the cloud of judgment and sorrow as it moved from the Northeast, spreading westward until it arrived over the States of Illinois and Indiana.  For some reason, the cloud lingered and actually hovered in position over these two states in particular. Then the cloud  began to slowly spread south down into Missouri and Tennessee before heading west toward California and up into Canada, all the while staying in position over the two-mentioned states.  I had an immediate knowing that once this cloud covered all of America, it would then go to the Nations of the world, impacting hundreds of millions, potentially billions, with God’s transforming love and power. 




Chapter Four: The Holy Spirit Spoke to Me Again


I heard the Holy Spirit speak again, so I spoke aloud what I heard.  “There’s plenty of sorrow for everyone.  I have plenty of sorrow for your region, plenty of sorrow for your Nation.”  


Suddenly I began praying in tongues.  I stopped and immediately interpreted what I had just prayed.  “And they’ll shod their feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace.  They’ll put on their shoes.  They’ll put on their shoes of the Gospel of Peace and they’ll follow the wave of sorrow.  They’ll follow the wave of sorrow all across your region and out into the Nation." 


“They’ll follow behind the wave of sorrow, reaping the Harvest, reaping the Harvest.  The reapers will reap.  The reapers will reap and from the reaping will come reapers.  And they’ll reap the Harvest.  They’ll follow the wave of sorrow all across the Nation, the reapers reaping the Harvest and from the reaping will come reapers.  But not just across your Nation.  Not just across North America.  They’ll go to the Nations of the world because I want it all.  I WANT THEM ALL.  And from the Nations will come the reapers who will reap in their own Nations.  You will take the Word to them and they will reap in their own Nations.”



A Personal Word from the Lord to Me


I began to speak in tongues again and immediately interpreted.


Now, this part has to do with my private life, as well as the behind the scenes operation of the Prophet's Office, but I’ll share it with you here regardless, leaving out specific names for the moment.  It will help anyone who is enduring tremendous persecution for the Word’s sake.  


The interpretation was as follows. “What Satan meant to harm you with, I brought good out of it.  I can take a piece of sand and place it inside of an oyster and from it will come something beautiful, something valuable."  


"I allowed those two brothers (referring to two New England Pastors who were engaging in homosexuality with one another whom the Lord had sent me to, both who were slandering me to other regional and national ministers to cover for themselves) to irritate you and to agitate you, to stir you up to release your faith for the world.  This is how I took what the devil meant for harm, and they did mean to harm you, and I used it to bring rejoicing from sorrow, to give beauty for ashes, and the oil of joy for mourning.”  (I remembered Isaiah 61:3.) 


 "I used it to stir you to faith.  You released your faith for them.  You released your faith for the other leaders in this region who are making the same mistakes that they have made.  You released your faith for your Nation, and you ended up releasing your faith for the world." 


"You’ll thank Me for this.  You’ll thank Me a little bit now but more then.  Much more then.  And I’ll thank you, and I’ll reward you.  I’ll thank you, and I’ll reward you now, but I’ll thank you and reward you much, much more then.  So be encouraged.  Encourage yourself in My Word.  Now you know in part, but you’ll know much more then.  Step out now in faith.  This is not the time to withdraw your faith.  This is not the time to ‘fear what man can do to me.’  For if I’m for you, no one can successfully be against you.  You preach it, now keep on believing it." 


“I am coming.  I am coming.  A wave of My Spirit will go before Me across the Nation and across the Earth.  The reapers will reap and from the reaping will come more reapers.  The reapers will come from the reaping.  My Spirit will move across the Earth before I come.  Just as John the Baptist went before Me in the natural, preparing the way for Me, so, too, My Spirit will move before Me, preparing the way for Me.” 




Chapter Five: I Saw a Man We Would Actually Meet 8 Months Later


The scene I had been seeing changed again.  Once again I was looking down on the six New England states, but now they were covered with millions of tiny faces.  Faces so tiny that I could not distinguish their features.  These millions of individuals were crowding, almost huddling together in a great mass.  I was aware they were being driven by great anxiety over some occurrence.  They seemed to have been frightened into repentance as a result of some sort of tragedy or tragedies in the Nation.  


Suddenly, one man’s face lifted up off of the Earth, coming directly towards me.  As he came closer to me, I could clearly see his anxious features.  His forehead was balding.  His eyes were widely-spaced.  His nose was small.  His lips were thin.  Through some sort of supernatural discernment rising up out of my spirit,  I could read the tortured expression upon his face as if he were speaking.


It said, “Tell me what to do.  If somebody will just show me what to do, I’ll do it.  I want to do the right thing.  I just don’t know how to do it.”  


I spoke those words aloud.  I knew in my spirit that he had come up to me representing the millions of other anxious individuals down below.  Individuals whose faces I could not make out because they were so far below me as I hovered above them with the Lord still right beside me.  However, I was keenly aware that these individuals were filled with great anxiety and deep sorrow as a result of some sort of national tragedy or tragedies that had occurred. 


I was to actually meet the man who lifted up off the earth appearing before me, in a Divine encounter, eight months later as you will read later in this account. At the time of our meeting he spoke THE VERY SAME WORDS to me that I had read on his face and spoke aloud into the tape recorder during the vision. My wife and I were astounded to actually have met him in person later. More on that later in this account. 




Chapter Six: I Saw a Line of Delineation Being Drawn


Suddenly, a bold black line was drawn from the top to the bottom of the vision.  It appeared to the left of this man’s face and went through many of the faces of the other millions who were covering the New England region down below where Jesus and I were standing together.  Again, the Spirit of Knowing rose up from within me.  I knew it was a line that would separate the Believers from the unbelievers, the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats, so to speak. (See Matthew 25:32-33.) 


I began to cry out of my spirit with great concern, “Oh, God, I see those faces.  I see their faces and they’re wanting to know what to do.  They’re wanting to know what to do.”  My heart was breaking to help them. Suddenly the word “delineation” sprung up out of my spirit.  I spoke again, “I see a line of delineation and they need to cross it.  But they need a little bump; they need the urging of the Glory to help them to cross that line.  I see them being separated.”  


I began to see faces come more clearly into focus.  They were the faces of people whom I had never seen before. They were the faces of people whom I knew really wanted to believe.  They were the faces of people who were sorrowful for their own sinful compromising lifestyles.  They had been brought to a place of sorrow and repentance through whatever judgment and tragedies had occurred in the Nation.    


There were other faces that did not come into view clearly, and I knew that those were the ones who did not want to believe.  Those were the people who were not sorrowful for their sinful lifestyles. They did not want to change.  I believe the Lord spared me from having to look at them because this time I was not being held responsible for their perishing, unlike another time when He sharply rebuked me for letting people go to Hell because of my own pride and selfishness.


I didn’t know who any of these penitent people were and I burst into tears, speaking prophetically again and demanding by the Spirit of God within me … “The ones who won’t repent, the ones who won’t believe, over to one side.  The ones who will believe, over to the other.”  I knew I was prophesying on His behalf - speaking God's words by God's Sovereign Authority. (Jeremiah 15:19)  Then I began to pray, “They’re ready to come in, but they need the Glory to give them a little push; they need the Glory to give them a little push.  But the Glory that is needed to give them a push to come in will hurt the compromising Believers if they won’t repent.  The leadership, so much of the leadership, is grieving Your Spirit and preventing the Glory from coming.  The leadership needs to repent.  The leadership needs the Gift of Repentance to come to them.”


I broke into tongues again and interpreted.  “The Harvest is plentiful, so plentiful, such an abundant Harvest and so few laborers in comparison.  So many of the laborers are compromising.  So many are compromising, and they need the Gift of Repentance.  Ask Me.  Ask Me and I’ll give it to them, too.”




Chapter Seven: I Saw Two Types of Pastors Represented


Then I began to pray to the Lord again.  “So many of the Pastors are involved in sin and compromise.  They need to repent.  Their sin is affecting the people who submit to them.  They need to bump up (referring to higher moral ground) or bump out.  They need to move up or they need to be moved out and to be replaced by those who will live right.  They need to be increased or they need to be decreased.  They need to be promoted or they need to be sidelined.  They need to be benched.  Something needs to be done, Lord, and I’m asking You to do it.  Grant to them the Gift of Repentance.  Let the sorrow come to them.  Not the sorrow of the world.  Not the kind of sorrow that is sorry just because they got caught doing something wrong.  But the kind of sorrow that causes them to repent and to begin to do things right again.  Let the wave of sorrow wash over them, causing them to repent, too." 


“If the Pastors won’t repent, then send the people away, Lord.  Send them over to the Pastors who are living right.  Send them to the Pastors who resist immorality.  Send them to the Pastors who are strong in the Word, strong in prayer.  Send them to the Pastors who are strong in faith, the Pastors who have built their faith like a great tree.  A great tree where people can come and be protected under the shadow of it.  Send them over to the protection of the true Pastors.” (Isaiah 61:3.)


Suddenly the scene changed once again and I was now seeing another vision.  It was of a scruffy little “Charlie Brown” type tree that appeared to be a sick, diseased little sapling.  I knew immediately in my spirit that it was actually an older tree that was not being properly nurtured.  It had been horribly neglected.  It represented the sick, diseased works of the Pastors who live in compromise, pride and sin, even sexual sin, spending no time in the Word or prayer. 


Then, to the left of the sick little tree, there suddenly appeared a giant mighty Oak tree.  It was strong, vibrant and able to shadow multitudes of people under it, protecting them until their faith could grow to protect themselves. (Mark 4:30-32)  This tree, I knew, represented the Pastors who are studying, praying, staying humble and living right.


I began to pray out of my spirit again.  “Lord, if they refuse to live right, replace them.  Even if You have to replace them with baby Believers who don’t know as much as they do.  The people would be better off with Pastors who don’t know much but they live clean, than they would be with Pastors who have some knowledge but they’re immoral.”


I am convinced by what Jesus showed me that this coming outpouring of Holy Spirit power, this coming Great Spiritual Awakening, is going to manifest through the local churches being overseen by faithful Pastors who study, pray and repent immediately when they are wrong. 


Unlike Holy Spirit outpourings of past decades there will be no more "God's Man of the Hour." I see this coming move of God as being lead by local Pastors who are faithful to their local Churches.


I am also convinced that Pastors and Ministers who live with sin and compromise need to repent immediately as this outpouring unfolds and quickly approaches. Otherwise, they will experience great shame and loss as their sins are suddenly exposed.


Please, Pastor, if you are reading this and living in sin, repent. You are soon to be exposed! Get right with God now, and you will find yourself right in the middle of the most glorious outpouring in the history of humanity! 




Chapter Eight: The Sorrow Cloud Reappeared & Jesus Spoke to Me


The smoky, oily, dark gray cloud or wave of Godly sorrow reappeared.  I spoke aloud again, “I see a wave of sorrow moving across this region, across this Country into the Nations of the world, and the reapers following the sorrow.”  


I could see the millions of sorrowful people beneath me in the Northeast and in the area of Illinois and Indiana and all the places in between. They were sorrowing as a result of whatever the tragedies were that were occurring in the Nation. They were stunned, frightened and nervous. 


This was a disturbing scene of the aftermath of some sort of national tragedies or possibly military or terrorist attacks. Their lives had been suddenly and tragically changed and they were looking towards God for mercy and help. They were filled with sorrow for the sin that had caused whatever the tragedies were.  


I knew there were reapers down there following the sorrow for sin, reaping the Harvest of penitent souls.  


I spoke again, “Tremendous, tremendous reaping.  Tremendous, tremendous, tremendous reaping going on.  I see it.  Oh, I thought I saw it before, but there’s so many more than even I thought.  So many more.  So many more.  I didn’t know there were so many.”


I continued looking down on the States of Illinois and Indiana.  They were literally "jam-packed" as we would say, with people being saved as they responded to the preaching of God's Word with miracles and signs following.  There appeared to be millions of people being saved in that general area.  These were people who had heard that God was offering forgiveness for all sins through Jesus and performing miracles and healings.  These were people who had heard that the Gifts of the Spirit were in operation because the Word of God was being properly preached.  These were people who were greatly convicted for their sinfulness and compromising lifestyles. 


Since I had this vision and visitation in 2004 I would often wonder why the cloud hovered over Illinois and Indiana.


However, with the 2008/2009 political corruption, pro-death policies, immorality, Constitutional violations and general defiance towards God, His Holy Word and Israel to have come out of Illinois, in particular, and rising to national power, I believe I now know why. 


It is my personal belief that the judgment that has come upon America, to a great extent, has come out of Illinois in the form of a former Senator elected to the Presidency of the United States in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 - according to Deuteronomy 28:15 & 43.


"But it shall come to pass if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee ... the stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low... he shall be the head and thou shalt be the tail."


For a greater understanding of "the stranger that is within thee," please see chapter eight of my online book, "The Error of Hyper-Grace."


In spite of this, God, in His great mercy, is going to visit Illinois and Indiana in a very strong and unusual way. I saw it!


The Bible says, "Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more." (Romans 5:20) God does not condone sin - but, oh, the grace that comes when men repent!


As the cloud hovered and covered those two States, it then began spreading south down through Missouri and into the States below.  There are some Faith-based Ministries located in Missouri and other Mid-West and Mid-South states that are soon to impact the world on a scale unlike anything even they had considered. I know in my spirit the cloud was going to them. They'll follow the cloud and reap tremendously.  The cloud also spread northwest into Iowa and beyond, even into Canada.     


As I again visually focused on the cloud lingering over Illinois and Indiana, the scene changed again.


This time I was seeing myself standing on an outdoor platform preaching the Gospel to what appeared to be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people in attendance. Whether these crowd sizes were literal or symbolic of the numbers of people I personally will reach with the Gospel I do not know.  


What I do know, however, is these were the same people whom I had seen earlier when the line of delineation was being drawn.  


These were the same people, and more, for whom my heart was breaking to help earlier in this vision. 


These were the same people, and more, whom I earlier knew really wanted to believe in Jesus Christ and make things right with God. 


These were the same people, and even more, who were sorrowful for their own sinful, compromising lifestyles. They had been brought to a place of sorrow and repentance through the judgments and tragedies that had occurred across the nation.


As I looked across the gathered mass of sorrowful, penitent human beings, I heard and then repeated these words, “You’ll see so many that you’ll say, ‘I didn’t know there were so many people in this Country.’  You’ll see it and you’ll rejoice even as I rejoice now, because I can see what you can’t see.  I know now what you’ll see then.  You will say, ‘I thought my life was worthless.  I thought my life didn’t mean anything, but this is why I lived.  This is why You let me live, Jesus.’” 


I began to weep almost uncontrollably, crying deeply.  I struggled to get the following words out as I continued crying deeply, “I lived so these people could live.  This is why I lived.  This is why I’m alive.  Oh, thank You, sweet Jesus.  Thank You for letting me live.  Thank You for letting me live for this.  Thank You for letting me do this, Jesus.  Look at these people, Jesus.  Look at all these people who will now live with You because I lived.  You let me do this, Jesus.”


Suddenly, I heard Jesus speak to me again as He stood beside me. “‘It’s worth it,’ you’ll say.  You will say it, and you will see it.  Wait ‘til you get to where I am.  You’ll say, ‘It was worth it, sweet Jesus.’” 


The vision ended as abruptly as it began. I looked over at Barbara holding the recorder.  


I had returned from the Spirit realm, completely overwhelmed by what I had both witnessed and experienced. 


First, I was overwhelmed that I had just received yet another visitation of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Second, I was overwhelmed and humbled that, as Ananias told Paul, God had "handpicked me to be briefed on His plan of action" concerning the unfolding Great Spiritual Awakening.


I had received another Divinely-granted visitation and revelation. (2 Corinthians 12:1) This time concerning a massive Spiritual Awakening that will literally transform many of the nations of the world before the Rapture of the Church and the close of this present Dispensation of Grace.


Once again I had been allowed to see into the spirit realm where I witnessed, if only in part, the greatest Spiritual Awakening since Jesus walked the Earth, including the miracle outpouring recorded in the Book of Acts. 




Chapter Nine: A Divine Encounter with the Man I Actually Saw in the Vision


Eight months later, in October of 2004, we actually met the man whose face I clearly saw in the above vision.  My wife, Barbara, and I were having breakfast in a place we often did.  This man whose forehead, eyes, nose and lips matched identically with the man in the vision, walked up to us.  We did not know him.  He was obviously intoxicated.  He said to me, “I don’t know you but I believe you can help me.  You have what I need.  I don’t know what it is, but you have it.”  We asked him to join us, knowing this was a Divine appointment. 


He sat down with us and immediately spoke THE EXACT WORDS that I heard when I looked at him in the vision eight months earlier.  He spoke THE VERY WORDS Barbara heard me speak into the handheld recorder eight months earlier.  He actually said, “Tell me what to do.  If somebody will just show me what to do, I’ll do it.  I want to do the right thing.  I just don’t know how to do it.”  Barbara and I looked at one another in absolute  astonishment.  This was THE VERY SAME MAN I saw in my vision eight months earlier.  He was speaking THE EXACT SAME WORDS I heard and spoke into our recorder at that time. 


We told him that we did indeed have what he needed, sharing Salvation in Christ with him.  He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior sitting right there.  He sobered up supernaturally as we sat talking and praying. 


He told us his name is John N.  He holds a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics and had managed nuclear power plants for many years.  Three years before our meeting, he drove up to his home after work to discover his house was on fire.  His wife and two children perished in the flames.  He began drinking that very night and continued until the day we met him.  He had never gone back to his power plant job, either.  His heart was now filled with sorrow.  He was tired of his lifestyle of drunkenness, sin and compromise.   


He revealed how he grew up in a home where Satanism and magic were openly practiced, right alongside religious praying.  His grandfather was the renowned Satanist and magician, Israel Regardé, the author of the popular book on magic called “Tree of Life.”  Published in 1932, this book has provided Satanists and aspiring “magicians” with a comprehensive study of magical theory and practice even to this very day.  Israel Regardé is also widely known for the fourteen years he spent as secretary to Anton Szander LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan.  


Words cannot describe what we experienced as we sat listening to the very man who had appeared to me in the vision eight months earlier.  Later, in the parking lot, we prayed with John N. to receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. He received quite readily and immediately began speaking in other tongues.


Because this part of the February 28, 2004 vision was so accurately and supernaturally fulfilled when we met this man, we know the rest will be fulfilled as well.  I am convinced of it.  In the vision, John N. represented the millions more, in just the Northeastern United States alone, who are about to be harvested into God’s family through acceptance of Jesus Christ in the greatest spiritual renewal on earth.


There is presently a wave of sorrow for sin, a wave of God’s transforming Love and Power, as a result of judgment for sin, being poured out upon our Nation and many Nations of the world. Soon it will bring millions, potentially billions, to repentance and salvation through Jesus Christ. 


This is precisely what the Lord showed me in vision form on February 28, 2004.  


This is what the Lord also showed Brother Oral Roberts nearly four months later in his June 2004 “Wake Up Call” vision. 




Chapter Ten: Brother Oral Roberts Saw the Coming Awakening


If you find my vision interesting, you will find Brother Roberts' vision equally as interesting. Brother Roberts’ vision account in video or audio format can be found at by keying in "Oral Roberts." You will be directed to "The Wake Up Call."


In his 2004 vision, Brother Roberts saw what I believe to be the very same dark cloud I saw.  He saw it hover over the Northeastern United States as well, New York City in particular, bringing judgment to America and ultimately to the world.  


New York City is home to the most influential financial interests of the entire American financial industry.  Several major U.S. stock and other exchanges are all headquartered on Wall Street in New York City's Financial District, including the AIG, NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYEX and NYBOT. 


Could it be that Brother Roberts' vision of a black cloud hovering over New York City was symbolizing and even predicting the present financial judgment which has only begun to befall America and the world?  Personally, I believe this is true.


The Bible does say, "Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He first reveal His secret to His servants the Prophets." (Amos 3:7)


Soon after my vision, while I was viewing Brother Roberts' vision account again, the following word came up out of  my spirit, "Although your vision occurred before Brother Roberts' vision, yours will not come to pass until after his has been fulfilled."  


Brother Roberts' vision was one of judgment, possibly financial and material judgment, coming to a rebellious nation and world through the Laws of Sowing and Reaping, even as we are now seeing.  My vision was one of a massive spiritual awakening coming to our nation and a world made sorrowful and penitent through that very same judgment. 


The Bible also says, "...for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness." (Isaiah 26:9)


God’s glorious power, in the form of His allowed judgment, has come to our shores and will progressively increase.  Don't listen to demonically-inspired, state-controlled media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, FNN or any of the other manipulative media outlets.  God's judgment, a result of His transforming love and power, is visiting the peoples of the world, particularly the Church of Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 12:5-13; 1 Peter 4:17)  


Godly sorrow is even now filling the hearts of many who have either booted Almighty God out of their lives and society or have sat back in complacency and watched as others have done so. 


Even now multitudes are crying out for help in extreme desperation, and it's only going to increase. The preaching of the Gospel of repentance and the Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation are even now beginning to draw the attention of both the saved and the unsaved masses.  This  is not only a time of judgment but also a time of Glorious Fulfillment. Never have the people of the world been more ripe for the Gospel of protection, provision and perpetuity. I believe this Awakening will continue to compound dramatically for at least the next several years. This is what Believers worldwide have been praying for decades. 


This outpouring of Godly sorrow, spiritual awakening, transforming love and miraculous power is about to escalate supernaturally on a worldwide scale unlike any other time in all of human history.  The hour of our visitation has come. 


Pastors and Ministry Leaders who have been living in sin, simply repent!  You can still be a part of this.  Your Gifts and Callings are needed now more than ever. God will forgive you and even increase your Anointing if you’ll get back into fellowship, back into the Word and back into prayer. The untold millions wait to hear your voices!


Please join your faith with ours as we continue to grant the Most High God access to this earth by praying, “Thank You, Father, for sending Godly sorrow to the peoples of the world.  Godly sorrow that brings them to repentance.  Repentance that brings them to Christ. Thank You for the greatest spiritual awakening in the history of  humanity, in Jesus’ Strong Name.” 



Chapter Eleven: The Holy Spirit Said to Me, "America is about to see her finest hour."


Soon after my vision, I was watching one of the major news outlets on television. The commentator was speaking in a very negative, unpatriotic and cutting manner concerning the present condition of the United States on the world's stage.  The Holy Spirit suddenly spoke these words very strongly into my spirit, “America is about to see her finest hour.”  I knew He was referring to the great Spiritual Awakening He had recently revealed to me.


It is my belief that now is the time God has chosen for all of mankind to begin to see His Love and His Glory in ways we have not yet seen.  I truly believe we are now in the early stages of the greatest Awakening of Christianity and the Power of God’s love in all of human history.  God is not punishing America or any nation as some preach and teach.  In His great love, God is allowing some uncomfortable things to occur that will turn His creation back to Him.  


There is a vast difference between God permitting something and God committing something. 


God is not punishing us. Punishment is based in wrath.  


God is judging us and disciplining us, chastising us.  These things are based in love. God is allowing us to be judged because we are allowing it by throwing Him and His Word out of our social systems.  We have allowed the Law of Sin and Death to override the Law of the Spirit of Life, the Law of Blessing, through blatant disobedience to His Word and His will. (Romans 8:2)  


In His wisdom and goodness God is simply using the consequences of our actions to turn us back to obedience to His Word, even as He said He would do if we forgot Him. (Deuteronomy 8:1-20)  


It's what any good Father would do to turn a wayward child or children around.  We would call it, "Letting them learn the hard way if they won't listen to anything else."


Now is the time to ask God to forgive us as a Nation and as a Body. 


Now is the time to petition God for Godly sorrow and the Gift of Repentance to be granted, not only to the people of the world, but to His backslidden Body in particular. (2 Corinthians 7:10; 2 Timothy 2:25-26) 


Now is the time to release our love and our faith, standing together as a Body of Believers, expecting the glorious fulfillment of God's will in the Earth.  


Expect potentially billions worldwide to come to repentance and to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Savior of Mankind.



Jesus Showed Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin Coming Judgment & Revival


On Saturday, September 2, 1950, Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin had a visitation of the Lord Jesus Christ. He describes that visitation in chapter two of his book, "I Believe in Visions."  This particular visitation occurred during a tent meeting in Rockwall, Texas.  


During that visitation Jesus took young Kenneth E. Hagin down into Hell and back up again. While in Hell Brother Hagin saw what appeared to be human beings literally wrapped in flames.  Jesus told Brother Hagin to warn men and women that there is indeed a Hell to avoid at all costs.  


At that time Jesus told Brother Hagin America is in the process of receiving her last call and the time of the end of all things is at hand. In the vision this was repeated to Brother Hagin four or five times.  


Jesus told Brother Hagin that even as He spoke to Noah, telling him in seven days He would cause it to rain upon the Earth, that He was now speaking and giving America her last warning and call to repentance.  


Jesus specifically said to Brother Hagin, "The time that is left is comparable to the last seven days of Noah's time."  


Keeping in mind that this vision occurred in 1950, could it be true that the nearly 70 years that have passed since that vision are represented by the seven days of Noah about which Jesus warned?  


Do the seven days represent 70 years, beginning on September 2, 1950? 


As you read this book, "Great Spiritual Awakening Comes to America," could it be true that only a handful of years remain until the fulfillment of those 70 years and the Body of Christ is removed from the Earth?  


Could it be true that over the next few short years we will see the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the history of humanity?


Jesus told Brother Hagin in 1950 judgment was soon to fall on America and that He was giving America her last warning and call to repentance, referring to that time as "comparable to the last seven days of Noah's time."  


Jesus told Brother Hagin beginning in 1950 this would be the last revival, judgment would fall upon America but that He would call His people away unto Himself before the worst would come.  


Jesus also told Brother Hagin, "For the time of the end of all things is at hand."


The comparable seven days of Noah referred to by Jesus could well be representative of the final 70 years of the Body of Christ being in the Earth, beginning on September 2, 1950.


The Greatest Manifestations of the Working of Miracles Since the Book of Acts


During that same 1950 visitation Jesus also told Brother Hagin that during this last great revival all the Gifts of the Spirit would be in operation in the Church. 


Jesus reference to the "Church" tells me that this great outpouring of the Holy Spirit will occur within local Churches under the leadership of local Pastors, as opposed to some former moves of God which have often occurred outside of the local Churches such as in Evangelistic tent meetings, coliseum crusades, etc.


Jesus went on to reveal to Brother Hagin that the Church would do greater miraculous things than even the Early Church did.  He said the Church would experience unprecedented, greater power, signs and wonders than even the astounding, miraculous events that are recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. 


Of course, this coming operation of the Working of Miracles will also outdo anything even seen by the Azusa Street Revival of the early 1900's.  


Jesus specifically told Brother Hagin, "More and more miracles will be performed in the Last Days which are just ahead, for it is time for the Gift of the Working of Miracles to be more in prominence.  We now have entered into the area of the miraculous."  


However, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Jesus also advised Brother Hagin at the time of his 1950 visitation that many Christians would not accept the coming miraculous move of His Spirit. Rather, they would actually slide back away from it to the point where they would no longer be ready to meet Him when He comes in the clouds.


I, myself, have encountered Christians and Pastors who openly reject my miracle testimony of having been miraculously slain in the Spirit for three days, followed by a personal visitation and personal commissioning to Ministry by the Lord Jesus Christ on the fourth day.


One notable, highly-recognized Word of Faith Pastor from Nashville, Tennessee, a long-time personal friend of Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin of all things, called me to say I was no longer welcome in his Church because he did not believe my miraculous, Last Day's testimony which he had recently discovered on our John Hamel Ministries website. 


This same Nashville Pastor sells books by Maria Woodworth-Etter in his Church bookstore. Maria Woodworth-Etter was also miraculously overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit and frozen in place for a three-day period, even as I was.  Yet, somehow, this dear unbelieving Pastor cannot seem to believe that Jesus Christ Who is the same yesterday, today and forever could have performed the very same miracle for me. (Hebrews 13:8)


Apparently this dear Pastor also does not understand that it is entirely Scriptural indeed to be completely overwhelmed and overcome by the Spirit and presence of God or one of His angels.  The Prophet Ezekiel was. (Ezekiel 1:18; 2:1-2) The Prophet Daniel was. (Daniel 10:8-9) Peter, James and John collectively were. (Matthew 17:1-6) The guards at Jesus' tomb were. (Matthew 28:1-4) Over six hundred soldiers, multiple officers, Chief Priests and Pharisees were. (John 18:1-8) Saul of Tarsus and the soldiers accompanying him were. (Acts 9:1-9; 26:13-14) The Apostle Peter was. (Acts 10:1-16) The Apostle Paul was. (Acts 22:17-21) The Apostle John was. (Revelation 1:10)


Yet, for whatever his reasons, the Nashville Pastor just could not accept my miraculous three days slain in the Spirit experience followed by a personal visitation and commissioning by the Lord Jesus Christ.  


This is precisely what Jesus explicitly warned Brother Hagin would happen at the time of his 1950 visitation. 


Jesus said many believers and Ministers would not accept the coming miraculous move of the Holy Spirit, they would backslide away from it and would not be ready to meet Him when He comes in the clouds.


Reader, be warned. 


Do not allow this to happen to you.


Satanic Lying Signs & Wonders


In his visitation Jesus also told Brother Hagin that many would be deceived by false prophets and miracles of Satanic origin and that the only way to not be deceived by them would be to follow Him very, very closely.  The only way to do that is to follow Him according to the Bible.  We must allow the Bible to be our only standard of measure in all things, particularly when it comes to signs, wonders and miracles. 


We must also determine to listen to the Holy Spirit within whenever the miraculous is in manifestation. 


If someone is performing certain types of miracles that cannot be found in the Bible, such as gold dust appearing, precious gems appearing, oil or blood pouring from someone's hands, feet or head, etc., stay away from them. That is not in the Bible.  


Just because something is supernatural does not mean it is being produced by the Spirit of God. Satan is a supernatural being and he can produce lying signs and wonders.


Jesus, Himself, warned us of coming false signs and wonders that would be so astounding they would even deceive the elect.


"For there shall arise false Christs and false Prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before." (Matthew 24:24-25)


The Apostle Paul also warned of Satan's ability to produce powerful signs and lying wonders which can deceive.


"And then shall that wicked one be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming; Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness and them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." (2 Thessalonians 2:8-10)


When Moses and Aaron stood before Pharaoh, Aaron cast his rod to the ground and it became a serpent. Pharaoh's magicians did the same thing and produced the exact same miracle by the power of Satan.


"And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the Lord had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. For they cast down every man his rod, and they became serpents: but Aaron's rod swallowed up their rods." (Exodus 7:10-12)


Satan can indeed manifest miraculous power similar to God's power but only to a certain degree.  We see here the rod of Aaron which turned into a serpent swallowed up all of the magicians' rods turned serpents.  Of course, Satan could never overpower the God of all power and might, but he certainly can produce lying miracles. 


This is done to deceive Bible-illiterate people into believing that God is in manifestation when it is actually Satan or demon powers.


The only way to keep oneself from being deceived by lying signs and wonders during this Last Days miracle move of God is to stay close to Jesus by staying close to His Word.  If you cannot find in God's Word an example of the supernatural demonstrations being produced, simply do not accept them. Walk away immediately.  


Rejoice! America and the world are about to experience the greatest spiritual awakening and the most astounding miraculous events. More astounding than even those which are recorded in the Book of Acts. 


As a clean living, quick to repent when wrong Believer in Christ, I encourage you to not be moved by the economic, political, spiritual and moral collapse of America and many of the world's nations. God is simply allowing them to be reminded  from where their prosperity, protection and salvation comes. They have forgotten.  


Besides, politics and politicians are not going to save America. The Hand of the Lord and an Awakening unto His Holiness are the only things capable of saving America.  


"We must also remember that no election will ever solve America's most basic problems.  That is because the trouble, at its root, is in the human heart, and the only path to true restoration - for a person or a nation - is through repentance." Dr. Billy Graham 



Chapter Twelve: Will America Fall Under "The Little Pieces Curse"?


It would be wrong for me to close this testimony of my 2004 Divinely granted visitation without saying something briefly about Israel and our nation's present troubles. 


The Bush Administration's compromised, sloppy, unscriptural handling of Democratic Israel only served to greatly compound America's problems. 


President Obama's arrogant, unscriptural position on Israel isn't helping things any, either.  It is simply serving to further compound our great nation's woes! 


The Lord said through the Prophet Jeremiah that anyone who tampers with Israel's real estate inheritance, attempting to pluck them off their own land, would themselves be plucked from their land. (Jeremiah 12:14-17) 


The prophet Zechariah said anyone who messes with little Israel is running the risk of being "cut into little pieces."  (Zechariah 12:3)


Certainly, we are seeing this happen daily as our national resources are being cut up and sold or given to other nations by our very own government.


President Barack Hussein Obama is the most anti-Bible, anti-Christian, anti-Israel President in America's history. He has arrogantly embraced the Muslim Brotherhood, founders of Hezbollah and Hamas.  Both of these violent organizations are committed to Israel's annihilation. Since he has become President, America has experienced the most rapid deterioration of morals and laws in her history.


He is in the process of shredding our beloved, God-given Constitution, referring to himself as the “Living Constitution” and deconstructing our government and its balanced system of laws with Marxist principles.  He is single-handedly replacing our Congress with hand-picked Czars, discreetly but whole-heartedly cooperating with the Islamization of America, including the legalization of violent, murderous Islamic Sharia Law.


The Nation of Islam has decreed Jihad (Holy War) against our once strong, proud Nation even as they have against Israel. We are under constant threat of further terrorist attacks similar to those which occurred in September 2001. 


President Barack Hussein Obama secretly negotiates behind closed doors with Muslim terrorist groups in our White House. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated not only our White House but our State Department as well. Islamic Jihad (Holy War) has come to America with their plans to impose violent Sharia Law on Christian American citizens.


But I have good news here as well.  


Soon after the 2008 Presidential election I was up very early in the morning completing preparations for a Sunday service.  I was deeply concerned about the election results and said so to the Lord.  


Suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, "The majority of your Congress is still pro-Israel.  I can work with that."  


Within days I discovered the truth of what I heard in my spirit.  It's true.  The majority of our Congress is still pro-Israel and the Lord said to me, "I can work with that." 


Now that alone is occasion to rejoice if you believe the Bible! (Genesis 12:1-3; Psalm 122:6-9, etc.)


Since the shocking 2012 re-election of Barack Hussein Obama to the US Presidency by rebellious Christians, it looks as though Christian America and the world are coming down to nothing.  But that is only because God our Creator is up to something - judgment, yes, but great spiritual awakening and restoration of all of the Gifts of the Spirit, particularly the Working of Miracles!  


Get your eyes off of politicians and off of the news media or you are going to end up misinformed, deceived, hopeless, depressed and overtaken by sin just like most of them.  


Get your eyes on repentance.  Get your eyes on the coming Great Awakening and rejoice!  The path of the just grows brighter and brighter, not darker and darker, unto that perfect day!  (Proverbs 4:18)  


Jesus, the Master, stood right beside me in the vision He granted me of great spiritual awakening and specifically said to me concerning the multiple millions I was seeing huddled below us, “I want them all.” 


He wants them for His Father. (Luke 14:16-23)  


His desire is soon to be fulfilled through the greatest spiritual awakening since Jonathan Edwards' "General Awakening" of 1734-35, George Whitefield's "Great Awakening" of 1736-1770 and "The Great Awakening" of 1857-1859, led by businessman Jeremiah Lamphier!


All three of these awakenings combined do not come close to the spiritual awakening that Jesus described to Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin and the one that I saw when Jesus caught me up into the Heavenlies on February 28, 2004. 


It is no coincidence that the last two of these former Great Awakenings also occurred during financial and banking catastrophes, as I discovered while researching the 1857 Awakening. (Or at least what was then "perceived" as financial catastrophes during those times.)  With God, there are no coincidences!


In closing, I remind the reader how on September 2, 1950, nearly seventy years ago, Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin experienced a visitation of the Lord Jesus Christ.  At that time Jesus described to him a coming miracle outpouring greater than even that which is recorded in the Book of Acts. 


In 1986, nearly thirty years ago, I sat listening to Sister Jeanne Wilkerson as she prophesied this coming awakening by the Spirit of God from Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin's pulpit in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 


In 1987 Dr. Lester Sumrall published his book "I Predict 2000" listing the six primary apostasies that would occur in America prior to the great spiritual awakening.  All six of those primary apostasies are unfolding in this very hour.  


Then, on February 28, 2004, while in northern Vermont, the Lord Jesus Christ personally took me up in the Spirit. At that time He literally showed me multiple millions whose hearts were filled with sorrow for their sins as a result of some sort of catastrophic judgment. This resulted in widespread repentance and great spiritual awakening.


This was the very same judgment and coming awakening He then showed Dr. Oral Roberts four months later in June of 2004.


What Jesus showed the five of us represents the greatest spiritual awakening to ever come to Earth!  


You and I were birthed into this Earth for such a time as this.  


Repent if you have played a part in any of Christian America's gross national sins.  


Repent if you have played a part in any of the over 60 million abortions which have occurred in Christian America since the Supreme Court's 1973 decision.


Repent if you have been living in immorality or condoning those who do.


Repent if you have directly or indirectly played a part in Christian America's tampering with Israel's security.


When His people do a little thing and repent for their sins, God does a big thing and brings restoration, revival and Spiritual Awakening. (2 Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 18:8)


Start thanking Him now for the greatest spiritual awakening to ever come to Planet Earth.  


Stay out of fear.  


What looks as if America is "going to the dogs" is a Divine set-up through the Laws of Sowing and Reaping. 



God Will Repent When America Repents 


Yes, Christian America is presently being judged for her gross national sins of over 60 million abortions since the 1973 "Roe v Wade" Supreme Court decision. At that time the Supreme Court "played God" by determining that a woman has the right to murder a child living in her womb under the privacy clause of the 14th Amendment.


Yes, Christian America is being judged for idolatry and allowing false religions and false doctrines into the Church of Jesus Christ.  


Yes, Christian America is being judged for what I call "The Dirty Church" being out of control with unprecedented numbers of Christians living together outside the confines of Biblical marriage.  


Yes, Christian America is being judged for an epidemic of fornication and adultery within her very Churches. 


Yes, Christian America is being judged for her biggest mainline denominations sanctioning homosexual marriage and ordaining "Christian" homosexuals to Ministry.


Yes, Christian America is being judged for the 2015 Supreme Court of the United States ruling that homosexual marriage is a Constitutional privilege irregardless of what the Bible states. 


Yes, Christian America is being sorely judged for taunting Israel and tampering with her national security.    


But God is not simply angry with Christian America and punishing her for His pleasure.  Through the Laws of Sowing and Reaping God is allowing America to be judged for her gross national sins in order to bring her to repentance. 


Throughout human history God has used judgment to teach people righteousness. (Isaiah 26:9)


In the Bible God promises that He would withdraw all good and every benefit from any nation who disobeyed Him in order to bring them back on track.  Here is how He said it to Jeremiah. 


"And at what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it; If it do evil in My sight, that it obey not My voice, then I will repent of the good wherewith I said I would benefit them." (Jeremiah 18:9-10)


But at the same time God promised to remove good from defiant, rebellious nations, He also promised Jeremiah He would restore His blessing to any nation who would repent for defying Him.


"If that nation against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do (allow) unto them." (Jeremiah 18:8)


This is why the Gospel is called "Good News."


God is not only our loving Father and Benefactor but God is also our Law-Giver and Judge. (James 4:12) 


Our Father is the Head Justice of the Supreme Court of the Universe and He's being both an excellent Justice and an excellent Father by allowing some tough stuff to happen to us for our own good.  


He's ready to receive us once again and to bless us once again when we are ready to say, "God, forgive us. In our pride, self-indulgence and shamelessness we forgot You and the things You provided for us. We are sorry. Just tell us what to do and we will do it."


Great Spiritual Awakening. It's unfolding in America and the nations of the world even as you read this. 


Repent if you have been living in compromise, cooperating with any or all of America's gross national sins, and you will find yourself right smack in the middle of the greatest Spiritual Awakening since Jesus came to Earth as Heaven's Solitary Missionary


Pastors, be encouraged. If your attendance and finances have been waning things are soon to change, particularly if you personally have been living right and expecting God to move. Your attendance and your finances are soon to come up higher but there is one additional thing you are going to have to do.  You are going to have to preach "The Power of Repentance" to your congregations. 


When Pastors begin to preach repentance for Christian America's sins as they are listed above, people will begin to repent for those sins. When people begin to repent for those sins, God will pour out miraculous signs, wonders and miracles.


This Great Spiritual Awakening is going to greatly impact local Churches all across America, but only local Churches where the Pastors are brave enough and bold enough to preach Christ's one message to fallen America - "Repent!"  


The local Pastors who are faithful to do this and the local Churches they oversee will be central to this great miracle outpouring of God's Spirit.  JHM



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