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Pastor Brian W. Fox, Newton, NC

“John Hamel is a man of God. One of the few Ministers I’ve had the privilege of developing a brotherly friendship with, John has contributed to my spiritual well-being in a way that exemplifies the conduct and character of a true man of God.  In a recent semi-extended visit with us among family, friends and parishioners alike, he and his wife, Barbara, treated us with kindness, compassion and consideration.  I am a better person today because of my encounter with the Hamels.


“Impeccable in every aspect of personal and public ministry, John ministered from the Spirit among us with great fervor.  My ministry and our Church has never been the same since his visit with us.  He conducted himself in submission to the Pastor’s Office and yielded himself to the Holy Ghost to much avail.  Things were brought forth in such a way that I believe any reprobate present would have folded under the anointing.  What we experienced as a Church was more than revival under his ministry; it was an awakening to the presence, power and purpose of God.  'Times of refreshing' came forth from the presence of God. 


“I can offer no higher regard for a man of God I’ve had the privilege of knowing on a personal level as John Hamel.  May the Lord richly bless those who receive him as the man of God he is.” 



Rev. Dr. Jack Sisson, Clarkesville, GA  

“I’ve known Pastor John and Barbara for over 20 years.  They’ve been consistent.  They’ve been consistently honest, transparent and committed to the cause of Christ.  I’ve watched them consistently grow in their knowledge of Christ Jesus and in His grace.  I’ve watched them grow in His mercy and love.  I’ve watched God bless their efforts with ministry success.  I’ve watched their response when life took turns they hadn’t planned.  I’ve watched them respond in faith and patience to listen to the Lord Jesus and obey what He’s told them.  As I’m able to do so, I’ve been pleased to financially support their ministry.  I do this because I love them, but also because I know God is blessing them and I want His blessings to extend to the gifts I give in obedience to Him.  


"I’ve known John to be fearless, uncompromising and formidable when standing up for God’s truth.  I suspect it has had its costs.  I also suspect the Lord Jesus has compensated them for their faithfulness.  It’s not that they’re never wrong.  What I have observed is that when God reveals an error, they are humbled before Him and willingly obey what He’s shown them.  … I’m not an objective source of information and wouldn’t claim to be.  Neither would I misrepresent what I know.  This is Pastor John and Barbara Hamel as I know them.  Please let me know if I can be of further help.” 



Rev. D. Joseph Young, Yukon, OK 

"I would be happy to share with you my personal knowledge of Pastor John Hamel.  I met John in 1990 while we both were Pastors in Norman, OK.  We ministered at one other’s church and developed a very close friendship.  John and his lovely wife, Barbara, both helped me load my truck as I pursued the call of God on my life and moved to Fayetteville, AR.   I was involved with his ministry when he first moved to Burlington, VT, helping out with his “Heralds of Faith” TV broadcast.  I will sum up what I personally know about Pastor John.  


"I have never met a man who is completely devoted to the Word of God and to prayer.  He is the most disciplined man I have ever met.  When he pastored in Norman he had a set schedule of study, which was basically 9-5, Monday thru Friday.  He and Barbara would spend time each evening praying in the Spirit, seeking God’s will for the future, as well as the present will of God for their lives.  God has blessed them with not only a teaching ministry, but a prophetic ministry as well.  He has personally ministered to me in both “streams” of his ministry on several occasions.  You need only spend a short time with him and you will know of his commitment to the Word of God and experience the hand of God upon his life.       


"John and Barbara are both people of integrity.  Even as friends, they both continually speak the Word and aren’t one way on the platform, then another in private.  Again, I have been blessed to have personally known both of them for many years and can tell you, from personal experience, that they LIVE what they preach.  I am sure John has told you he is a graduate of RHEMA (Bible Training Center) in Tulsa and has been for years connected to the ministry of Dr. Kenneth Hagin.  He preaches faith, not fear, doubt and unbelief.  But he not only preaches faith, he lives it! I hope this brief post will convey my heart, and give without reservation, full recommendation of both the man and ministry of Pastor John Hamel, and his wife Barbara.  ...  I know your relationship with him is new, but as time passes, John’s heart and the anointing of God will become very evident to you.  If I can be of further assistance to you, please feel free to contact me.”  



Rev. Darrell Alexander, Lima, Peru

“It has been my honor to be able to call Pastor John my friend for 26 years.  We met when I first attended RHEMA (Bible Training Center) in Oklahoma and have stayed in contact with one another since then.  We have ministered with one another on a number of occasions.  Pastor John and Barbara are the kind of people you can depend on.  To be honest with you, if John called and told me the sun is going to rise in the west and set in the east, I would go out to watch the sky.


“I speak with John and Barbara almost on a weekly basis.  He and Barbara are both people of integrity and dependability.  They are true friends.  When I have a personal need or need advice for my Ministry, Pastor John is the one person I first call.


“Please let me encourage you to get everything you can from this rich gift God has so graciously brought across your path.  Please feel free to call me and I would be happy to share the many times and ways God has used [the Hamels] to help me and my family.  One example is during the time I was caring for my late wife.  Pastor John called almost every day and when she passed away he or Barbara would call and text me every single day for three months.  Let me tell you, I know of no finer friends or Pastor than Pastor John and Barbara Hamel.  I hope I have helped you with these heartfelt comments."



Rev. Paul Fidalgo, New Bedford, MA  

“It’s been over five years  that Pastor John Hamel got in touch with me, for the first time thru my website.  At this time he was still in Vermont.  Since then, we’ve built an excellent relationship  on a weekly basis.  In these years, we have known each other very well concerning our ministries, biblical beliefs, family, etc.  I can say that we know each other in all aspects of life more than certain people that we personally deal with on (I would say) a daily basis... 


"Bottom line is that in these years we did a 'background check' on each other plus a spiritual 'X-ray.'  Concerning spiritual and Biblical beliefs, we are on the same track without any oscillation.   I’ve watched his television programs and I’ve read so many of his teachings through his website plus the years that we’ve been talking always on a Christian platform, concerning Christian issues.


“Bottom line is that, I have never found in Pastor John Hamel any sign of biblical misconceptions, heresies, or anything that would somehow compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 


Mrs. MM, Morehead, KY  

“I am glad that you have given me the opportunity to brag on Pastor John and Sister Barbara!  I have had the pleasure of knowing Pastor John and Barbara for nearly 20 years.  They came to my church and we immediately connected in the spirit – spirit to spirit.  In those years we have been in contact back and forth.  I hold them in high esteem!  They are of utmost high integrity and character, anointed of God, [with] compassion for the lost souls and seeing God’s people healed, delivered and set free!  I love them dearly.  They have been such an encouragement to me and my family!  They are my prayer partners in the Lord.  They preach and teach faith and nothing but the Word.  ...  You are so blessed to sit under their teaching.  God bless you …”  



Mrs. HR, Cape Cod, MA

"(We) have been connected with John Hamel Ministries for over three years.  ... Pastor Hamel and his wife love the Lord and have so much knowledge of the Word.  They know the Word, speak the Word, live the Word and preach the Word.  Pastor Hamel has had so many wonderful supernatural experiences in the Lord which brings a personal knowledge of the living Word.  They live an extremely disciplined life which is truly reflected in their ministry."



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