Supernatural Biblical Prayer 4

How & When to Pray the Prayer of Agreement

by Pastor John Hamel


We have studied how and when to pray the Prayer of Faith, the Prayer of Commitment and the Prayer of Submission.  


In this lesson we will study how and when to pray the Prayer of Agreement.


“Again I [Jesus] say unto you, That if two of you shall AGREE on earth as touching any THING that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in Heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:19,20)


We will begin by looking at Jesus’ statement regarding the power of agreement in prayer.


Believers Can Legally Place a Demand on Their Covenant


The word that Jesus used for “agree” in the above verse literally means “to stipulate (demand) by contract, to arrange definitively by covenant.”


Therefore, when Jesus said “If two of you shall agree,” He was actually saying, “If two of you will stipulate (place a demand upon) our arranged contract or covenant… ”  


We will come back to this in a moment.


The word that Jesus used for “thing” in the above verse actually means “a deed.”  A deed is a legal contract that transfers possessions from one party to another party.  Here the deed that Jesus refers to is the Bible, our Covenant or Contract with Almighty God.


Now, reading the verse in context according to our two word definitions, we see more clearly that Jesus was actually saying, “If two or three of you shall place a demand on anything that is written in the Covenant Contract Deed, My Father will personally see to it that it is transferred from His possession to yours.”


There is something else we must look at in our text Scripture.  


Jesus said whatever two or three Believers placed a demand on from the Bible, “It SHALL be done … by My Father …”


When it comes to giving your word about something, nothing could possibly be clearer or more unshakable than “I shall” or “I will.”  These are the strongest expressions of commitment in any language.  These are Covenant words.  


When Jesus or His Father say “I shall” or “I will” about something, you can stake your very life on it.  Whatever they are promising is about to come to pass.  Almighty God will personally cause His Word to come to pass whenever someone has placed a demand on it, if He has to slap Heaven and Earth together to get the job done.


Someone said, “I don’t believe anyone has the right to demand anything of God.”  To which I responded, “Neither do I.  I don’t like lightning bolts and I’m not looking for God to start throwing them at me.”  


Of course, God is love and He would never do such a thing.  I am simply trying to illustrate a point.  My point is that nowhere in the Bible are we ever instructed to demand anything from God.  That would be a fool’s errand.  


However, we are instructed to place a demand on our Covenant with God.  There is a major difference.  Let’s look at something else Jesus said.


“If ye shall ASK any thing in my name, I will do it.” (John 14:14)


The word that Jesus used for “ask” in this verse actually means, “to desire, to crave, to call for, to demand.”


Here again, Jesus’ clear instruction is that we can indeed place a demand on anything we desire as long as it is provided in the Covenant.


I do not drink soda.  But if I did, I could walk up to a soda machine, place my money in the slot, hit the button of my choice and place a demand on that machine.  I am completely within my jurisdiction in doing so.  I gave the machine my money.  Now it is time for the machine to keep its end of the agreement and produce.


I have a Covenant with Almighty God.  When I find something in the Bible that He has agreed to do for me, I place a demand on that provision, not on God.  I am completely within my jurisdiction in doing so.  I have given my life to our Covenant.  He promises that the Covenant will recompense me and produce.  


Again, I do not place a demand on Holy God.  I place a demand on our Covenant and it produces.


Multiplied Power through Agreement


No matter how much I understand my Covenant with my Father, no matter how powerful I might be in prayer based on that understanding, my prayer power can be multiplied no less than ten-fold by getting into agreement with another faithful Believer.  This is true for anyone.  


We find this principle revealed in a victory prayer prayed by Moses. 

“How should one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight, except their rock had sold them, and the Lord had shut them up?  For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges.” (Deuteronomy 32:30,31)

These verses are not quite as clear in the King James Bible as they are when translated more literally.  The following is a much more literal translation.

“Two of us can put ten thousand enemies to flight because when we agree together their god deserts them and runs.”

Now, let’s put the pencil to that.  If one is able to chase one thousand enemies and two are able to chase ten thousand enemies, then that is a ten-fold increase.  This means that two Believers agreeing together over anything provided by the Covenant have TEN TIMES the power of one of them praying alone. 

One Believer can set a thousand demon spirits running by getting a hold of a specific Covenant promise in any area of their life and refusing to let go of it.  

Two Believers can set ten thousand demon spirits running by getting a hold of a specific Covenant promise and standing on it TOGETHER, refusing to break their agreement. 

Find a partner who will not back down from the written Word of God even when all Hell breaks loose.  You will see God move in ways that you never imagined possible. 

We have friends who call us for agreement when it is time for them to place a demand on the Covenant and they know they need more power.  We call those very same friends when it is time for us to place a demand on the Covenant and we know we need more power.  We have found this to be tremendously effective.  

Every Believer should have someone that they can call on for unwavering agreement in prayer. 

I have had people say, “I’m getting a prayer chain together.  I’m going to get a thousand people to agree over this situation and we’re going to see Heaven move.”  I said, “Why a thousand?  Jesus said, ‘Two will do.’” 

Jesus said if two or three Believers come together in prayer over any promise of Scripture, “It shall be done …” no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  

Just keep the sin out of your life and be sure you choose a partner who is aware of the powerlessness of sin as well.  Repent when you blow it.  Get back up.  Get back into agreement and this prayer will work for you every time.  It comes with a personal guarantee from the Son of Almighty God.

If you do not know how to pray the Prayer of Agreement, it goes like this.  “Father, we come together over this particular promise of Your Word.  We’re placing a demand upon it, respectfully.  We’re asking for a manifestation of this promise through the Prayer of Agreement found in Matthew 18:19 and 20, in Jesus’ Name.” 

Then you do a little thing and stay in agreement.  

Keep your words in agreement with what you prayed.  

Praise Him and thank Him with every thought of your agreement.  

God will then do a big thing and demonstrate Himself strong on your behalf.

God wants to answer your prayer.  He wants you to be encouraged.  

God wants you to have confidence in the powerful Prayer of Agreement.  He wants you to tell others all about how powerful it really is. 

Be Blessed ...  John and Barbara Hamel



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