Breaking Addictions & Disorders Supernaturally
It Worked for Me.  It’ll Work for You.

by Pastor John Hamel

Testimonial:  "Hi there, it's T.C. from Aylesbury, England. I just wanted to give you a very positive update. It's been over 90 days since my last smoke of weed, so I believe it is totally out of my system now. 


"Great things have been happening. I have been attending a very powerful Church on Friday nights and most Sundays when I don't have work. The Pastor announced a new project for feeding the children of Aylesbury that do not have a proper nutritious meal and God really laid it upon my heart to be involved. ... I have been fundraising and I have donated the kitchen equipment. My former job was working in a kitchen. I used to cook for around 120 each day so I have the experience. 


"It's like a great fire has been lit inside of me. The children are in great need. I have been put in charge of the project so I just wanted to glorify God's greatness for once again turning what was meant for evil into something amazingly good. I have gone from a trapped, unmotivated drug addict to a humble, raring to go Project Manager in the space of three months. Also, I have been blessed with lots of work. My diary is usually empty at this time of year but things are going really well with lots of bookings. Praise God.


"I won't ever forget the wonderful words you wrote about supernatural deliverance which led me to be set free. God is good. Very best regards." T.C., Aylesbury, England


Update: "Hi, Pastor John. I just wanted to share with you that it has been over one year since I had my last smoke of weed. It's also eight months since my last cigarette. I am still in Church and cooking for the less fortunate in our area. I am so grateful that I am free and have a sound mind. Thank you for your encouragement and thank God that I came across your website. It helped me so much. I hope you and Barbara are well. God bless you." T.C.


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You Can Be Free from Any Addiction or Disorder

Your Addiction or Your Disorder Is Your Mountain

You Must Be Born Again for Faith to Work Proficiently

It's Not about Quitting. It's about Operating Your Faith

"Today's the Day. You'll Never Smoke Again."

It's Not Psychological. It's Supernatural

To Mock This Principle Is to Mock the Trinity

God Will Never Violate Your Free Will


You Can Be Free from Any Addiction or Disorder


"For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” (Mark 11:23)


Jesus is talking about moving mountains in this passage of Scripture.  He is speaking metaphorically, meaning symbolically.  The mountain of which He is speaking symbolizes human problems.  Sometimes problems in our lives appear to be gigantic mountains that could never be removed.  However, Jesus said in the Bible that all things are possible with God. (Luke 1:37)  No matter what you may be addicted to today, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, immorality or any type of compulsive human behavior, disorder or demonic behavior, you can and will be free, if only you believe.


Two to three packs per day on average.  That is how many cigarettes I was smoking by the time I was 28 years old.  I started secretly smoking cigarettes to “look cool” when I was thirteen years old.  By the time I was 28, they had such a hook in me that I thought I would be smoking for the rest of my life.  I lived in secret fear of dying of cancer, yet I simply could not stop smoking.  I was addicted to nicotine. 


You can read my testimony of drug and alcohol deliverance on this website by clicking here on “The Albuquerque Fire Pit.”  There you will see how the Lord Jesus Christ intervened on my behalf, supernaturally setting me free from drug and alcohol addiction.  Yet four years after that supernatural experience I was still smoking cigarettes.  I will tell you why at the end of this article. 


I tried and tried to quit smoking cigarettes to no avail.  Possibly you have done the same with the same results.  Maybe you have been told by a physician or a therapist that you just need to accept your addiction and learn to live with it.  If that is the case, you need to understand that doctors and therapists do not know everything.  Just because they are gifted in one area does not mean that they are gifted in all areas. 


I am gifted to teach the Bible.  I am gifted in the area of faith.  I am telling you today by the authority of God’s Word and through personal experience that you can be delivered from any addiction.  It does not matter what your addiction may be, you can be free if only you will believe that you can be.


Your Addiction or Your Disorder Is Your Mountain


Let’s go back to our opening verse of Scripture momentarily.  We saw that Jesus said that every mountain or human obstacle can be and will be removed from your life through the operation of faith.  Then He went on to explain in the same verse how faith operates.  Let’s look at it again, in part.


“…whosoever shall SAY unto this mountain [including addictions or disorders], Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea [out of your life]; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall BELIEVE that those things which he SAITH shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he SAITH.” (Mark 11:23)


We know Jesus is referring to human obstacles and resistant demonic powers because often in the Bible human obstacles and resistant demonic powers are referred to as "mountains."


Zerubbabel, the head of the Tribe of Judah at the time of Israel's return from Babylonian captivity, was determined to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.  However, after a sixteen year delay he became very discouraged. An angel of the Lord came and spoke to him, addressing Zerubbabel's obstacle and the resistant demonic powers assigned against him as follows from the Amplified Bible.


"For who are you, O great mountain [of human obstacles]? Before Zerubbabel [who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon and was undertaking the rebuilding of the Temple, before him] you shall become a plain [a mere molehill]!" (Zechariah 4:7)


The angel's prophetic words spoken over his "mountain" fell like sparks on dry tinder, igniting a fresh fire of hope and determination in Zerubbabel. Those words of faith spoken prophetically over his mountain enabled Zerubbabel to determine within himself that the Temple would be rebuilt and indeed it was - in a period of six short years.


So, it is clear in Mark's Gospel that Jesus is talking about human obstacles when He makes reference to a mountain. He is saying the best way to remove any mountain, including an addiction or disorder, is to talk to it.  


That’s right, talk to your mountain of addiction or disorder.  


As a matter of fact, Jesus said three times in Mark 11:23 to talk to it.  He used the words “say,” “saith” and “saith” again.  He only used the word “believe” one time.  This means the way to remove an addiction or disorder is to do three times more addressing it verbally than  simply believing for it to go away. 


I’ll explain.  I got a hold of Mark 11:23 one day and what Jesus was saying struck my spirit.  I suddenly realized that I could talk to my nicotine addiction and tell it to go away.  


Of course, I had also discovered in the Bible that in order for my words to really have power, God’s power, behind them, I had to be a member of God’s family. (John 1:12)  Well, I was a member of God’s family.  I had been for over four years at this time.  I became a member of God’s family on the day I was Born Again.


You Must Be Born Again for Faith to Work Proficiently 


Are you Born Again?  You need to be Born Again if you expect the operation of faith to work for you mightily.  You may be thinking, “Then how can I be Born Again?”  It is simple.  Go over to the article “How To Be Born Again” on this website.  Do as it says.  Once you have done that, come back and finish this article.  


If you are already Born Again, continue to read.


When I realized Jesus was telling me that I could have what I say and not just what I pray, I became determined to use this faith principle to break the power of nicotine off of my life.  


I knew in my heart that God was not condemning me for being addicted to nicotine.  I knew from the Bible that He loved me and that He eagerly yearned to help me.


It's Not about Quitting. It's about Operating Your Faith 


The idea came strongly into my heart to never again try to “quit” smoking.  Rather I should talk to my nicotine addiction every time I smoked a cigarette.  It came into my heart to make the following statement of praise each and every time I lit a cigarette.  “Father, I thank You that I am no longer addicted to cigarettes.  I no longer smoke cigarettes, in Jesus’ Name.” 


Now to some it seems foolish to say that you are not doing something while you are doing it.  However, I knew that Jesus had made Himself clear in Mark 11:23 that I could have whatever I “say” or “saith.”  Certainly I was not going to start saying, “Thank You, Father, that I am addicted to cigarettes.”  That would only perpetuate the problem.  He said I could have what I say, so I became determined to say, “…I no longer smoke cigarettes, in Jesus’ Name.” 


At this point in my life I was now spending more time around Believers than I was around unbelievers.  Of course, they all knew I was a smoker.  I smelled like an ashtray.  There was no fooling anyone.  Some of them would hear me make my confession of faith and think it was the most foolish thing they had ever heard.  Some thought God was mad at me for smoking and wasn’t about to help me.  They simply were unaware of God’s love-nature.  


Others thought it was foolish of me to say that I was not doing something that they were standing there watching me do.  Some mocked me.  That only strengthened my resolve.  I was determined that this faith principle was going to work for me because it came right out of the mind of Jesus. It came out of the Bible. 


I made this confession of faith every single time I lit a cigarette for three months.  At two to three packs of cigarettes per day on average, twenty cigarettes per pack, over more than 90 days, I estimate that I made my faith confession no less than 5,000 times. 


Time after time after time after time I would light a cigarette and say, “Father, I thank You that I am no longer addicted to cigarettes.  I no longer smoke cigarettes, in Jesus’ Name.”  Sure there was an occasion or two when I would forget.  When I would remember that I had forgotten, I would open my mouth and say it twice. 


Keep in mind that never, ever during this three-month period did I try to “quit” smoking.  I made no effort whatsoever to quit smoking.  I was determined that I was going to be “delivered” from smoking by using the operation of faith that Jesus taught in the Bible.  I just kept on smoking and saying.  Day after day, time after time, smoking and saying, smoking and saying.


'Today's the Day. You'll Never Smoke Again'


Three months into my faith stand, I woke up one morning and immediately heard these words in my spirit.  “Today’s the day.  Have Pastor David and Brother Andrew lay hands on you after school today and you’ll never smoke again.” 


I was attending Word of Life Bible School in Las Vegas, NevadaPastor David Shearin was my Pastor.  Brother Andrew Young was a Teacher in the Bible School.  I attended my classes that morning.  I then explained to Pastor David and Brother Andrew what I had been doing for the past three months as well as what the Lord had spoken to me that morning.  They laid hands on me and prayed, releasing their faith in agreement with what I had been doing for the past three months. 


I returned home from my Bible classes that afternoon.  Stepping out on the porch I reached into my pocket and pulled out my package of cigarettes.  I removed a cigarette, placing it in my mouth and lighting it.  Before I could inhale, I was so repulsed I felt I would vomit.  It was as if someone had emptied an ashtray directly into my mouth.  It was so foreign to me; it was as if I had never before smoked a single cigarette.  


I actually stood there finding it difficult to believe that I had ever smoked a single cigarette, let alone approximately a quarter of a million in the previous fifteen years.  


I had been supernaturally delivered from the power of nicotine addiction through the faith principle I had discovered in God’s Holy Word.


It's Not Psychological. It's Supernatural


Somebody said, “Oh, you just talked yourself into it. It's psychological.”  Well, if I just talked myself into it, why is it that I have never smoked another cigarette in over thirty years?  If I had simply talked myself into it, then I would have become re-addicted soon after no longer making my faith confession.  I have never made that faith confession again since the day that I went to Bible School and received prayer.  I didn’t need to.  I was free, supernaturally free. 


If it was simply a matter of my having convinced myself, apart from the power of God, then I would have to continue to verbally convince myself in order to stay free.  I have not had to do this.  My deliverance from nicotine came as a result of releasing faith through the words of my mouth.  My spirit man, the real me, was not addicted to nicotine.  My body was addicted to nicotine.  


As I continued to speak the Word of Faith out of my spirit, it was just a matter of three short months until my addicted body finally caught up with my free spirit and the supernatural occurred.  The Laws of Nature were overridden as I continued to hammer away at them with the Unfailing Law of Personal Faith and I went free, supernaturally.


You can do this.  It doesn’t matter what you’re addicted to.  You may be addicted to nicotine, alcohol, street drugs, prescription drugs, pornography, immorality, homosexuality, gossiping, backbiting, lying, stealing or any other kind of compulsive human behavior.  


Just simply tell the devil, “Release me, in Jesus’ Name.  I’ll serve you no more.  Jesus, You’re my choice.”  Then begin to say, as I said, “Father, I thank You that I am no longer addicted to (addiction) in Jesus’ strong Name.” (John 14:13-14) 


Remember, I did absolutely nothing to try to stop my addiction.  I just kept thanking the Father that I was free from it in Jesus’ Name, each and every time I did it.  I am not telling you to not try to stop anything.  I am telling you to keep on saying, “I’m free in Jesus’ Name” no matter what you continue to do.  


Did you get that?  I am telling you to keep on saying that you are free from your addiction in Jesus’ Name, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ADDICTION MAY BE.  


I’m going to say it again.  NO MATTER WHAT YOUR ADDICTION MAY BE, keep saying, “I’m free.”  


I promise you, according to the precious Holy Written Word of God, one morning you’ll wake up and your mountain of addiction will have been supernaturally removed.


You may or you may not hear the voice of God telling you that you are free as He spoke to me.  However, one way or another, you will go free and you will know it when you do.


To Mock This Principle Is to Mock the Trinity


Some Bible-illiterate Christian always mocks this principle that Jesus died for and says, “Oh, are you a name it and a claim it?”  I always say, “Jesus was a name it and a claim it.  He’s to be our example in all things.  Therefore, I am a name it and a claim it.  I would rather be a name it and a claim it like Jesus than a doubt it and do without it like you and the devil.”  


I don’t intend any disrespect but Believers need to wake up and realize that without faith it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please God. (Hebrews 11:6)  Did you get that?  You can give $10 billion to your favorite Missions group, but if you don’t do it by faith, expecting a return on it so you can continue to give, God is not pleased with your giving.  Money doesn’t move God.  Religion doesn’t move God.  Sacrifice doesn’t move God.  Faith moves God and faith is released through the mouth.  


So if you are opposed to speaking faith-filled words, you are opposed to the God of Faith. 


The Bible says in the Book of Genesis, chapter one, “And God SAID let there be …” and here we all are today.  Everything God does He does through the words of His mouth.  


The Bible also says that we are to be imitators of God as His dear children. (1 Corinthians 11:1; Ephesians 5:1)  How does a child imitate a father in the natural?  By walking and talking like him.  The same principle is true with our Heavenly Father.  You are only going to walk free as God walks free when you begin to talk freedom the way God talks freedom.


This is all done with the supernatural help of the indwelling Holy Spirit.


"But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, Whom the Father will send in My Name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." (John 14:26) 


Jesus said you can cause any mountain or obstacle to be flung into the sea by the power of your words.  Solomon said, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue...” (Proverbs 18:21)  I don’t know about you, but I would prefer that my problems be flung by the power of my tongue than I be hung by the power of my tongue.  Jesus said I can have what I say and I say that never again will I ever be bound by any form of compulsive human or demonic behavior.


Someone is going to get a hold of what I am sharing in this faith study and get free.  It might as well be you.  God’s will does not change from person to person. (Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11)  What God did for me, He is just waiting to do for you.  He is just waiting for you to get your mouth in line with His supernatural delivering power.


God Will Never Violate Your Free Will


At the beginning of this study I told you that I continued to smoke cigarettes for four years after God had supernaturally set me free from drug and alcohol addiction.  I strongly encourage you again to read my testimony called “The Albuquerque Fire Pit” on this website.  There you will discover my supernatural deliverance from drugs and alcohol. 


Sometime after having finally been delivered from nicotine addiction, I asked the Lord, “Why didn’t You set me free from cigarettes at the same time You set me free from drugs and alcohol?”  Would you like to know what He told me?  


This is what He told me.  “I did not set you free from cigarettes at that time because you did not ask Me to.  You asked Me to set you free from drugs and alcohol.  To set you free from cigarettes at that time would have been a violation of your free-will.  You did not want to stop smoking cigarettes at that time.”


I was stunned.  Stunned because the Lord had just told me something that was completely true, yet I had never thought of it before now.  Never.  He was right.  I did not ask Him to set me free from cigarettes at that time, because I was unwilling to give them up.  He could have set me free from cigarettes and I probably never would have realized that He had violated my free-will to do so.  However, that would have been a lack of integrity on His part.  He would have been forcing something on me against my will, even though it was to help me.  


God does not do such things.  He is an Holy God, a God of Honor, a God of Integrity.  He will not force anything on anyone even if it is to benefit them.  That is how stalwartly He respects the free-will of His human creation.  What a revelation this was to me that day. 


Whatever your addiction, disorder, behavior, etc., you may not have to speak against it for three months like I did.  It could happen for you more quickly.  It might take days or weeks.  Possibly, you just may have to speak longer than I did.  Either way, only a foolish person would be unwilling to do whatever it takes to experience the breaking of their addiction, disorder or behavior in such a simple, simple way.  


You have absolutely nothing to lose by applying this principle.  You have everything to gain.  It could even happen immediately, such as my drug and alcohol deliverance did.  


One way or another, if you will make up your mind to make up your mind that you are going to do this, it will work for you. The Unfailing Law of Personal Faith will work for anybody exactly as it worked for me.  


I double dog dare you to make application of it in your own life.


If you haven't made Jesus the Miracle Worker the Lord of your life, you'll want to do that first and foremost.  You do that by saying, "Jesus, You're my choice." (Romans 10:13)  That puts you in the Family and qualifies you to use the power of the spoken word, much, much more effectively.


Say it now, "Father, I thank You that I am free from (addiction, disorder, behavior, demon power) in Jesus' Strong Name."


Say it every time you are tempted and even when you fall.  


Say it over and over.  The supernatural will occur.


This is one of God's ordained ways for setting captives free.


"I call Heaven and Earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore, choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." (Deuteronomy 30:19)


"Life and death are in the power of the tongue..." (Proverbs 18:21)


Be blessed and be free in Jesus’ Strong Name … John and Barbara Hamel



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