The Thing That Pleases God the Most
And It Really, Really Pleases Him!
by Pastor John Hamel

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Hebrews 11:6)


Faith.  You just can’t please God without it!  


God is not pleased when we don’t have it.  He’s not mad.  He’s just not pleased.  The reason being is that we cannot receive His provision or His protection when we have no faith.  This is what displeases Him.  He yearns to provide for and to protect us.  


When we have no faith or confidence that He will, we tie His hands.  This breaks His heart as a Father.  He’s a faith God and we must release our faith in order to receive from Him.


I was once unjustly put in position to where I was not able to help a child of mine.  It was one of the most difficult periods of my life.  I was displeased.  I came to understand experientially what God meant when He said that our limiting Him displeases, or grieves, Him.


The original Greek word for “Faith” in the above verse actually means, “Confidence.”  When we have confidence that God loves us and will help us, something happens in the heart of God that releases His power towards us.  (Romans 8:31,32; 1John 4:18; 5:14,15)


In the New Testament, Jesus was limited in what He could do for people when they had no confidence in Him. (Mark 6:1-6)  However, wherever people demonstrated confidence in both His ability and willingness to use His ability on their behalf, miracles happened.


One man came to Jesus seeking healing for his sick servant.  Jesus offered to walk to the man’s home and heal him.  The man told Jesus that he believed Jesus could heal his servant from a distance through simple prayer.  The Bible says Jesus “MARVELLED” when He heard this man’s confidence!  The servant was healed immediately.  (Matthew 8:5-10) You can release confidence like this, too!


A woman suffering from a non-stop menstrual flow for twelve years tapped into Jesus’ healing power by simple confidence and expectation.  She, too, was healed.  Jesus told her that it was her faith that got the job done. (Matthew 9:20-22)  Your faith can do this, too!


The young daughter of a Synagogue Ruler died while he was waiting for Jesus to pray for her.  Jesus told him, Don’t be afraid.  Keep believing.”  He went into the man’s home and raised the girl from the dead.  All because the man did as Jesus said and refused to withdraw his confidence. (Mark 5:35-42)  You can believe like this!


A blind man sat by the side of the road as Jesus passed by.  He cried out to Jesus for mercy.  Jesus asked what He could do for the man.  The man asked to receive his sight.  Jesus healed him on the spot, explaining that it was the man’s confidence in His ability and in His willingness to use that ability to bless him that caused the Power to flow! (Luke 18:35-42)


The Bible reveals that God does not help one person only to refuse to help another indiscriminately. (Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11)  God desires to help all people but He is limited when people show no confidence in Him.


Say, “Jesus, I choose You as both Savior and Healer.”  This puts you “in the family.” (John 1:12; Romans 10:13)  You can then call God “Father.” (Matthew 6:6,9) 


Pray, “Father, I’m confident now that You can and will help me.  Forgive my unbelief.  I unleash expectation in Your goodness.  In Jesus’ Name.”


Keep thanking Him for helping you now.  It takes faith to say “Thank You” before you see the answer.  God likes that.  He’s a Faith God.


Faith is the only thing that pleases God.  And it really, really pleases Him.  You’ll see.  The supernatural is about to occur!


Be blessed as you please Him ... John and Barbara Hamel



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