A Fountain Filled with Blood

To Benefit the Inhabitants of the World

by Pastor John Hamel


"In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness." (Zechariah 13:1)


In this study we'll be looking at "that day" spoken of by the Prophet Zechariah in the above verse. 


"That day" began on the day Jesus shed His Blood like a fountain on Golgotha's torture stake. 


"That day" will continue right up until the last day of the Battle of Armageddon.  


Zechariah is referring to the window of time opened to all of humanity for the purpose of receiving every benefit of Jesus' spilled Blood.  


If you have believed the lie that God doesn’t give a rip about you, you need to read on.  


If you were to read Zechariah 13:1-6, you would discover that Zechariah also prophesies of the day that even all of Israel will finally receive Jesus as their Messiah.  As much as I would like to, we are not going to study coming events in the Nation of Israel today.  


We are going to quickly look into the five primary reasons Jesus' body was opened as a Blood Fountain for the inhabitants of the world.


FIRST, Jesus' back was opened as a fountain. 


"... Pilate ... delivered Jesus WHEN HE HAD SCOURGED HIM, to be crucified." (Mark 15:15)  


Pilate ordered Jesus to be whipped with a flagellum with multiple tentacles.  Each tentacle had a bronze metal or glass shard tied to the end of it.  These shards would rip the flesh at the shoulders during scourging, tearing it all the way down to the buttocks. (Psalm 129:3)  


Isaiah prophesied that the Blood that poured from Jesus' back was for the healing of our physical sicknesses. (Isaiah 53:5)


If you're sick in body today, you can simply pray, "Father, I receive the healing power made available through Jesus' Blood into my body right now, in Jesus' Name."  


Expect results and get results.  


SECOND, Jesus' head was opened like a fountain. 


"They ... platted a CROWN OF THORNS and put it about His head ... and THEY SMOTE HIM ON THE HEAD with a reed." (Mark 15:17-19)  


Every blow drove those two inch long thorns deeper into Jesus' skull.  The Fountain flowed again.  This time it flowed to pay for every wicked thought you or I ever had.  


That Blood now places a protective barrier around our minds.  That barrier enables the Believer to cast down every fear-filled, immoral, suicidal thought that tries to enter in.  


When a thought like that comes to me, I immediately open my mouth and boldly command, "Suicide, you bow your knee to the Name of Jesus."  It leaves.  (2Corinthians 10:4,5)  


I also keep on the "Helmet of Salvation" by avoiding trashy music, literature, DVDs, radio, etc. (Ephesians 6:17) I like to guard my faith.


THIRD, Jesus' hands were opened like a Fountain. 


"And when they had CRUCIFIED Him ..." (Mark 15:24


Some believe that Jesus was crucified on a pole with His hands over His head.  Some believe His arms were spread out on a cross-like structure.  Either way, those spikes were driven directly through His extremities.  With His heart fiercely pounding, His Blood spewed out with tremendous force.  Those loving hands were opened like a Fountain to pay for the former evil works of our own hands.  They were also opened to sanctify the new works our hands now perform for Him.


FOURTH, Jesus' feet were opened like a Fountain.  


Like His hands, His feet were also spiked onto that torture stake.  What little Blood was left in His body, flowed out through His feet, just as He Himself prophesied centuries earlier would happen. (Psalm 22:16-18)  


That Blood sanctified our previously defiled walk through this life.  The Bible says that we all once walked as "children of disobedience." (Ephesians 2:2)  


Jesus' bloodied feet now sanctify our new walk with the Most High God.  


Once completely nailed to the torture stake, the soldiers heaved it upright, slamming it forcefully into a hole in the ground.  Jesus spent His remaining hours in midair continuing to bleed as the last Sacrificial Lamb of the Abrahamic Covenant. (John 12:32,33)  


FINALLY, Jesus' side was opened like a Fountain, even though He was already physically dead. 


"One of the soldiers with a spear PIERCED HIS SIDE and forthwith there came out blood and water." (John 19:33,34)  


Normally, the crucified had their legs broken so they couldn't push up and catch a breath, causing them to die quickly.  


Amazingly, Jesus was passed over by the guards in this routine because centuries earlier His Father prophesied that the legs of His Final Passover Lamb were not to be broken. (Exodus 12:46; Psalm 34:20)  


Jesus was pierced instead.  Blood flowed followed by water. 


I believe this was for two reasons.  


What little Blood remained in His body flowed before the water symbolizing our salvation by His Blood.  


This was followed by the water to symbolize the Holy Spirit baptism, which can only come AFTER an individual has been saved by the Blood. (Acts 1:8; 10:44-46, etc.) 


In the Bible the Holy Spirit is frequently symbolized by water.  The moving of the Holy Spirit is symbolized by moving water.  


I also believe beyond all doubt that Jesus "side" was opened as a Fountain to symbolize our new position in Him at the Father's right hand. (Ephesians 2:5,6)  


Jesus is the Fountain that Zechariah prophesied would be opened for all sin and uncleanness.  


This is why Satan puts tremendous pressure on liberal-minded theologians to take the "Bloody Gospel" out of the pulpits of the world. 


However, the simple fact of the matter is, Jesus is our Bloody Savior, our very Bloody Savior.  


His shed Blood is not repulsive, as when other human blood is shed.  


Jesus' Blood is precious, beautiful Blood.  


Blood without which we would be lost.


"There is a Fountain filled with Blood

Drawn from Immanuel's veins.

And sinners plunged beneath that Blood

Lose all their guilty stain."


His back, His head, His hands, His feet and His side were pierced that we might live life more abundantly


Pray, "Father, I receive every Blood-bought benefit.  I plead the sufficiency of Jesus' Blood over myself and my family, in Jesus' Name." 


In every crisis, release these words from your mouth.  


All of Heaven will respond.


Be blessed in Jesus' Strong Name ... John and Barbara Hamel



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