God Will Resurrect Your Dream
It’s Never, Never Too Late

by Barbara Hamel

Some of you are so discouraged by unfulfilled dreams that you actually wish you were dead.  I want to share with you a message the Holy Spirit gave to me early one morning when I thought my dream had died, too. 


Some have dreams that are barely still alive but appear to be at the point of death.  Some have dreams that have recently died.  Some others believe that their dreams are not only dead but they are prepared for burial and on the way to the cemetery.  Then there are those who say, "My dream is so dead that it's already been buried and is decayed and stinking." 


No matter what stage of dying or death your dream may be in, Jesus wants to touch that dream with His resurrection power.  Raising the dead is a light thing for the Creator of all things.  


I would like to show you today from the Bible that Jesus is experienced in resurrecting dreams in every stage of dying or death. 


The Apostle Peter


The Apostle Peter messed up so badly by betraying Jesus, his best friend; he thought his dream was over, too.  The Bible says, "... he went out and wept bitterly." (Matthew 26:75) 


In the Greek language those words "wept bitterly" mean "lamentation, hard crying, wailing aloud, to violently bewail, sharp and piercing".  Peter's heart was so broken by what he had done, he believed with all of his existence that his dream had ended.  He thought for sure Jesus was through with him. 


After he cried his eyes dry, he decided to go back to catching smelly fish and cussing like a longshoreman.  That is until Jesus rose from the dead and sent Peter a message via Angelic delivery service that said, "But go and tell his disciples - AND PETER - that He is going before you into Galilee ..." (Mark 16:7)  


Jesus told that Angel, in essence, "Mention Peter by name.  I want him to know that I forgive him and that his dream is not dead.  Make sure he's at the meeting.  In the front row.  It's resurrection time." 


Jesus would tell you today if you're wishing that you were dead, too, "Hold your horses.  Don't throw in the towel.  It's not over 'til it's over.  Keep believing.  Power is on the way."


A Nobleman 


In the Bible there is a Nobleman whose son was not actually dead but he was close to death indeed.  This man went to Jesus with great anxiety, imploring Him to "... come down and heal my son for he is at THE POINT OF DEATH." (John 4:47)  


Jesus honored the man's release of faith by simply telling him, "Go your way.  Your son lives." 


Possibly your dream hasn't quite died but it's all you can do to hang on to it today.  Your dream is at THE POINT OF DEATH.  Cry out to Jesus the way the Nobleman did, expecting His intervention. 


Jesus will say to you, in essence, "That's all I was looking for.  I was wanting you to ask for My help by faith.  Go your way.  Your dream lives."  


Call out to Him now.  He will resurrect that dream, as my husband likes to say, “In a New York minute.”


Jairus, the Synagogue Ruler 


Elsewhere in the Bible there is a man whose name was Jairus.  His daughter had recently died while he was in the process of running to find Jesus.  His little girl was not at the point of death.  


The Bible says his little girl was actually "dead".  As soon as Jesus heard that the little girl was dead, He immediately told the man, "Do not be afraid; only believe." (Mark 5:36


Difficult as it was, Jairus refused to get into fear knowing he could trust the words of Jesus.  Within moments, Jesus was leaning over the child, speaking the words, "Little girl, I say to you arise."  Immediately the girl arose from the dead and walked. (Mark 5:42


So you say your dream has recently died?  Jesus would say to you, "Do not be afraid.  Only believe.  Speak to your dream in My Name.  Tell that dream to come forth and to be perfected in the Earth and it will obey you." 


Your dream will rise from the dead even as Jairus' daughter was raised from the dead.  All you must do is believe like Jairus believed.  


This narrative is in the Bible to give you hope.  So get your hopes up.  As a matter of fact, get them up as high as they will go.  Change is on the horizon.  This is your Time of Resurrection.


The Widow of Nain 


A widow woman in the Bible was in even worse shape than Jairus.  Her only son was well beyond "recently dead."  This young man's body was prepared for burial when Jesus showed up, interrupting the funeral procession. 


When Jesus saw how broken-hearted the widow woman was that the dream of her only son caring for her through her old age was dead and almost buried, He had great compassion on her.  


To the amazement of the entire procession, He reached out, touching the coffin, saying, "Young man, I say to you, Arise." (Luke 7:14) 


The young man who was dead suddenly sat up and Jesus presented him to his mother.  The whole crowd burst into praise even as you will when you ask the Father to resurrect your dead and practically buried dream, in Jesus' Name.  


He's just waiting for you to ask.  I double dog dare you to do so!


Lazarus, the Close Friend of Jesus 


Finally, another family in the Bible had a situation where their loved one was not only dead and buried, but the Bible says he was already stinking.  This man's name was Lazarus and he was a personal friend of Jesus.  His family had completely given up hope.  Their dreams for Lazarus were dead, buried and stinking.  That is until Jesus came along and said, "Roll away the stone." 


Everybody panicked at that instruction.  Martha, Lazarus' sister, said, in essence, "Lord, You've got to be kidding.  He's been dead for four long days and stinks to high Heaven."  


Unmoved, Jesus responded, "Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?" 


Suddenly Jesus shouted at the top of His lungs, "LAZARUS, COME FORTH."  


To the amazement of everyone, old dead stinking Lazarus did just that.  He returned supernaturally to the land of the living.  Lots of folks got saved that day in that cemetery revival service. (John 11:39-44)  


You and Your Dream


Your dream may be so dried up that all you can do is wish you were dead like Peter.  


Maybe your dream is at the point of death like the Nobleman's son.  


Possibly your dream has just recently died like Jairus' daughter.  


Or your dream could be dead, prepared for burial and on the way to the cemetery like the Widow of Nain's.  


Perhaps you're as bad off as Lazarus and your dream is dead, buried and nothing more than a stinking memory. 


You need to understand this.  Jesus told Lazarus' sister, Martha, "I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE."  


There is no pit so deep that Jesus isn't deeper still.  


The resurrection of your dream is a simple thing for Him, if only you'll believe.  Stay out of fear.  Don't believe the devil's lies that it's over. 


If you have not yet asked Jesus, the Prophet, to be the Lord of your life, you can do that right now.  Say, “Jesus, I choose You as the Lord of my life.  Be my Lord, be my Savior, be my Master, be my Dream Resurrector.” 


By praying that prayer, you became a member of God’s Eternal Family.  


You are now entitled to call God your “Father.” (Matthew 6:1,4,6)


Now, pray this prayer aloud. 


"Father, I thought it was all over until I read this Word-based message.  I see now that it's never too late.  I believe You can raise my dream from the dead.  I'm dealing with the Most High God, the Creator and Giver of life.  Now, by the authority vested in me through the Gospel of Jesus, I say, like Jesus said, 'Dream, come forth and live, in Jesus' Name.'  Thank You, Father, for restoring my hope and resurrecting my dream, in Jesus' Name."


Be blessed as you watch God breathe His life into your dream once again.


Barbara and John Hamel



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