Immediate Obedience

The Way to Receive Blessing & Avoid Judgment

by Pastor John Hamel


"For people who hate discipline and only get more stubborn, there'll come a day when life tumbles in and they break, but by then it'll be too late to help them." (Proverbs 29:1 Message Bible)


Some people wrongly believe that when the Holy Spirit instructs them to start doing something or to stop doing something, they have all the time in the world to obey Him.  If the Holy Spirit is instructing you to quit a certain sin, to talk to someone about something, to fix a certain situation, to give something to someone, etc., consider this a loving warning.  


Dragging your feet when He is instructing you in any matter can be quite dangerous indeed.  The more you resist the Holy Spirit, the harder your heart becomes to His voice.  Although He will continue to speak to you, to guide you and to correct you, you'll be unable to hear His voice clearly.  You are desensitizing your spirit to the voice of His Spirit by ignoring Him.  


This is what happened to Israel in the wilderness.  God gave them clear guidance and direction continually and they continually resisted Him in it.  Almighty God was trying to guide them to the place of great blessing, the Promised Land.  He told them, in essence, "Go in and possess it.  It's all yours.  All you have to do is take it."  


However, they balked.  They dug their heels in.  They chose rather to focus on the negative, the reports of giants in the land and froze in fear.  Imagine someone believing that the end result of immediate obedience to God would be loss or destruction.  


Immediate obedience never costs, it always pays.


God understood Israel's fear but He still required their immediate obedience.  Israel ignored God's guidance and warning for so long that He finally went ahead and honored their free wills, allowing them to just die out there in the wilderness.  They were so fearful, stubborn and stiff-necked, that finally their lives "tumbled in" and it was too late to help them.  


God simply wanted to lead Israel into the tremendous blessing He had prepared for them but they were too afraid, rebellious, prideful and stubborn to obey Him immediately.  


Israel wandered around in stubbornness and fear until they dwindled down from over six million plus individuals to two individuals named Joshua and Caleb.  The Lord actually had to wait until He could raise up an entirely new generation of willing, compliant, immediately obedient people before He could take them into the Promised Land.  


Israel was stubborn.  Israel was afraid to obey.  Israel gave up everything for one thing ... rebellion! (Nehemiah 9:6-37) 


We can all learn a great lesson from Israel.  When the Holy Spirit says, "Stop that now" concerning a particular sin or behavior, obey Him immediately.  When He says, "Drop everything and fix that situation", you'd do well to obey Him immediately.  When He says, "I want you to do something for Me", it is always wise to obey Him, pronto.  


It is always unwise, even foolish, to tell Him, "I'll do it later" or "I'm just not going to do that.  I can't." 


Imagine telling God that you "can't" do something that He said you "could" and "must" do.  He does not mind you asking for help when His direction seems impossible. (James 1:5-8)  However, He will not long tolerate deliberate disobedience or rebellion.  (Genesis 6:3)    


When the Holy Spirit corrects us, it is always to bless us.  When the Holy Spirit directs us, it is always to bless us.  When the Holy Spirit instructs us, it is always because He desires to do two things for us.  He desires to protect us and He desires to provide for us. 


After nearly 70 years in public Ministry, Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin made the following comment in his book, "He Gave Gifts Unto Men."  "There is nothing more lacking in the Charismatic Movement than commitment, consecration and respect for the things of God."  After over 30 years of Christianity and over 25 years as an Evangelist, Teacher and Pastor, I have become more than acquainted with Dr. Hagin's observation. 


No Christian who expects to receive from God proficiently can afford the supposed luxury of a lack of commitment, a lack of consecration and disrespect for the things of God.  This is the type of behavior that brings judgment from God when we refuse to judge it for ourselves. (Isaiah 26:9; 1Corinthians 11:31,32)  


Immediate obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit is a sign of spiritual maturity.  


Disobedience to His leading is a sign of immaturity and rebellion.  Disobedience is yielding to the spirit of lawlessness, the spirit of anti-Christ.      


Brother Hagin, in one of his final prophecies before traveling on to Heaven, decreed by inspiration of the Holy Spirit that the year 2005 was to be a year of "... judgment upon individuals, families and nations."  Individuals, families and nations who continued to refuse to be changed by God's warning of pending judgment were changed by the actual judgment itself.  That judgment actually only began in 2005, even as the Prophet decreed. 


You donít hear much about it in the secular media but India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Sumatra, Maldives, all of Southeast Asia and the entire Indian Ocean rim opened themselves up to the Tsunami that occurred during that time.  That entire area is an absolute demonic stronghold of "Gay Friendly" ocean resorts literally fighting with one another in competition for the homosexual dollar.  Muslims forbid homosexuality for themselves but actually operate, for profit, many of the homosexual resorts that were wiped out by the Tsunami. 


They literally brought this judgment upon themselves and their innocent neighbors by refusing to change.  It's only the beginning of a tough row to hoe for those who are not immediately obedient to the Spirit of the living God and His Holy Word.The laws of sowing and reaping are set into motion against sinners by their own sins.God set it up to work that way so that we would keep ourselves in tow. 


"Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see that it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God, and that my fear is not in thee, saith the Lord God of hosts." (Jeremiah 2:19)


Personally, we have been corrected by God's warning of coming judgment and we have been corrected by judgment itself.  We have discovered experientially that being corrected by the warning of coming judgment is better.FAR BETTER.  The Bible says that when we foresee judgment coming and continue in disobedience, we are simpletons. (Proverbs 27:12)


If your heart has been hardened through sin, disobedience or delay, we believe this Bible study has caused your hardened heart to be loosened up to obedience, IMMEDIATE OBEDIENCE, in order to avoid pending judgment. 


Israel suffered horribly and unnecessarily, as individuals, as families and as a Nation, for refusing to obey the Holy Spirit immediately.  You need not suffer horribly and unnecessarily by being judged for your disobedience.  You can choose rather to be blessed and to be blessed big time through obedience.  Whatever the Holy Spirit might be telling you to do or even not to do, obey Him immediately, now. 


Train yourself to always obey Him immediately.  This will keep your heart tender so that you'll always be able to hear Him.  He simply wants to protect you and to provide for you because He loves you. 


IMMEDIATE OBEDIENCE.  It's the key to supernatural protection and provision for us, our families and our Nation. 


Whenever the Lord tells Barbara and/or me to do something, we like to say, "Yes, Sir.  Is there anything else we can do for You?"  Barbara will tell you, sometimes I even salute Him when He gives me a command. 


After all, He made us, He saved us, He owns us and He has the right to command us.  We want Him to know He can always count on us to obey Him IMMEDIATELY.


We're confident you want the same for yourself, your family and your Nation. 


God is wanting to fulfill your highest hopes and dreams beginning this very year.He wants you to overflow with His blessing.


Receive His overflow blessing through immediate obedience. 


Be Blessed Ö John and Barbara Hamel



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