God's Inner Guidance System
You Can Trust Your Life to It

by Pastor John Hamel


"The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly." (Proverbs 20:27)


"Success is always the result of following the leading of the Holy Spirit." Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin


In this study we will be talking about the subject of guidance.  For a much more detailed study, go to our JHM Online Bible Training Centre and click on Supernatural Guidance. 


It's not possible to share everything the Bible says about this subject in such a short study.  However, we will be able to share enough, including a powerful testimony, to get you on the right track and keep you there.


The Bible says that your spirit, the real you, is the "candle" of the Lord.  Today we would say man's spirit is the "flood light" of the Lord.  The point being made is that God wants to give light, or answers to our many questions, through our spirits, deep down inside. 


God doesn't talk to humans through the human mind because God doesn't live in the realm of the human mind.  


God doesn't talk to humans through the human body because God doesn't live in the physical realm either.  


God talks to His human creation through their human spirits.  After all, God is a Spirit and He lives in the spirit realm. (John 4:24) 


It only makes sense for God to talk to Born Again human beings through their human spirits because their human spirits are in union with Him. (1Corinthians 6:17)  Now that we've established the fact that our Born Again human spirits are in union with the Spirit of God, let's look at the Amplified Bible.


"And let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds] ..." (Colossians 3:15 Amplified Bible)


The Bible says that we are to let peace guide us, or act as umpire concerning all decisions we have to make in life.  This simply means that if we have a creamy "peace" about doing something, as long as it's legal, moral and Scriptural, God is saying to do it. 


On the other hand, if we have a knot of "unrest" down on the inside about doing something, it is because God is saying to not do that.  Simply remember, a "knot" means to "not". 


This is why Paul referred to the Holy Spirit within as God's "umpire."  Umpires decide whether an athlete is safe or out.  The Inner Umpire of the Holy Spirit is constantly telling the Born Again child of God whether they are "safe" or "out." "right" or "wrong" when it comes to decision making. 


This is why we always put God in position to where He only has to answer us "Yes" or "No."  We do all we can to make what we believe to be proper decisions in every area of our lives and then we go to the Father and ask if we have made a right decision or not.  We then give Him a few days to give us that "peace" or "unrest," His "Yes" or His "No." 


It's so simple even a child can do it.  Problem is many of God's disobedient children don't want to be "bothered" or "inconvenienced" by His primary form of guidance.


Did you ever know not to do something deep down inside, a "gut knowing," a "gut instinct" saying, "Don't do that" and you did it anyway, only to regret it later?  You later said, "What in the world was I thinking when I did that? Something on the inside was telling me not to do that." 


Well, that "something" was actually "Someone".  That “Someone” was the Holy Spirit leading you.  Had you followed Him, you would have not gotten into trouble.  This is the primary way, or the number one way the Holy Spirit guides the Believer today when there is no Scripture to tell them what to do.


We always say it this way.  When asking God whether you should do something or not, simply remember, “peace” is His “Yes,” “unrest” is His “No.”


  Trust the Holy Spirit's Red Light or Green Light - No Matter What


Another way to remember it is a “red light” deep down inside your belly (spirit) is a “Stop” signal.  A “green light” deep down inside your belly is a “Go” signal.  You’ll get better at recognizing this the more determined you are to follow Him.

On September 11, 2001, Shenksville, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and New York City came under a devastating attack of Muslim terrorists. The terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners filled with passengers.  They flew them into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City and into the ground in Pennsylvania. Over three thousand human beings lost their lives that day, including eleven unborn children, either on one of four hijacked planes, on the ground or in those buildings.  

On the morning of those Muslim terrorist attacks a Spirit-filled Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ was engineering one of the underground subway trains that made regular stops directly beneath the World Trade Center.  The World Trade Center had already come under attack as he was driving his train there as his next stop.  He had no knowledge whatsoever of what was happening above ground.

The train engineer reports that for some reason he had a big knowing in his gut to stop the train immediately. He had a big "red light" in his spirit about proceeding any further towards his Twin Tower's destination.  

His first thought was if he stopped the train without being signaled to do so from his above ground dispatcher, he would lose his job.  It is an extremely dangerous thing to stop an underground train without being signaled to do so because other trains could come along and slam into it in the dark.  

However, this Spirit-filled engineer was so overwhelmed with the inner knowing to stop the train and to stop the train immediately, he obeyed that inner prompting.  

The train engineer applied the brakes, stopping the train which was headed for the Twin Towers underground station and just sat there.  

He later realized had he overridden the inner prompting of the Holy Spirit, the strong "red light" of the Holy Spirit and continued on, he would have driven himself and his trainload of passengers directly under one of the Twin Towers at precisely the same time it was collapsing into itself.  

The Spirit-filled engineer's prompt obedience to the Inner Witness of the Holy Spirit - the lack of a "green light" and the strong presence of a "red light" within - not only saved his life but hundreds of other lives that fateful morning in 2001. 

For whatever reason the Holy Spirit might be guiding you through the inner witness, we want to encourage you to obey Him at all times - no matter what.  

Maybe He is trying to protect your life.  Maybe He is trying to keep you from marrying the wrong person.  Maybe He is trying to lead you into prosperity.  Possibly He is guiding you into a major change of direction in your life.  

Do not allow outward circumstances to keep you from obeying Him.  

Possibly He has been impressing you for months or even years that something specific is coming into your life.  Just rest and let Him work out the details.

If He is giving you His "green light" to proceed with something, by all means proceed.   

If He is giving you His inner "red light" about proceeding, apply the brakes immediately.

Of course, this is not the only way God guides His children according to the Bible.  He does have a voice, of course.  He can use the Still Small Voice (1Kings 19:12), the Authoritative Voice of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:13), Dreams (Matthew 1:20), Visions (Acts 10:10), Prophecy (Acts 11:28) and Angels (Acts 10:3).  These are indeed all Scriptural forms of guidance.  I have experienced them all


However, I never insist on these forms of guidance alone.  I always insist on having the inner "Umpire" the inner "Witness," the inner "Peace" or "Unrest," the "Red light" or "Green light" of the Holy Spirit to guide me.  This is the primary way the Apostle Paul taught that God guides when we have no Scripture to tell us what to do.


To insist that Almighty God guide you in any other way than the inner "Umpire" is to open yourself up to wrong spirits and deceptive guidance.  When we insist on voices, dreams, visions, prophecy or Angelic forms of guidance, contrary to what Paul taught, Satan himself will gladly accommodate us with counterfeits. 


Stick with the inner "Umpire".  He makes perfect decisions every time.  If God wants to use any of the other higher forms of guidance, He can and will.  First show Him He can trust you to follow the inner "Umpire" of "peace" or "unrest."


Are you in union with the Spirit of God through acceptance of the Person of Jesus Christ?  If not, say, “Jesus, You’re my choice for Light and Life.” (Romans 10:13)  You will immediately connect with the God of Creation in the Spirit realm.   


Remember, your spirit, not your mind or your body, is "the candle of the Lord."


Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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