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A Faith Message for Fathers

 1 You Are a New Creation

Almighty God, Christianity & Israel

 2 Understanding Righteousness

Angels & Demons, The Basics

 3 Seated in a Place of Authority

Be Encouraged!  Jesus Is Coming!

 4 The Right to Use Jesus' Name

Developing Demanding Power

 5 The Power of Words

Eight Ways God Guides

 6 Actions that Produce Results

Faith & Patience for Finances

 7 Three Keys to Powerful Faith, Pt.1

God's Opinion of You

 8 Three Keys to Powerful Faith, Pt.2

God's Powerful New Testament Church

 9 Two Kinds of Faith

Healing Is God's Will

10 Faith, You Already Have It

Healing Through the Point of Contact

11 You Can Increase Your Faith

How to Connect with God's Power

12 How to Believe with Your Heart

I Am Not Ashamed of Jesus

13 Believing Alone Isn't Enough

Jesus, Anointed of the Holy Spirit    

Jesus, A Unique Ministry Start & Finish


Jesus Bore Our Sickness

 1 Divine Love: An Introduction

Jesus, Confession in His Name

 2 Divine Love: Fruit of the New Birth

Jesus, Healing in His Name

 3 Divine Love & the New Covenant

Jesus, Reigning in His Name

 4 Divine Love & Forgiveness, Pt.1

Jesus, The Great I AM

 5 Divine Love & Forgiveness, Pt.2

A Challenge from God

 6 Divine Love & Long Life

Laws Governing God's Power

 7 Divine Love & Self-Judgment

Overcoming Guilt

 8 Divine Love & Human Enemies

Powerful Facts to Keep You on Track

 9 Divine Love & Human Health

Qualifying for Angelic Assistance



Tell Them What I Told You


The Free Gift of Righteousness

 1 The Working of Miracles

The Laying On of Hands

 2 The Gifts of Healings

The Power of Praise

 3 The Gift of Faith

The Resurrection

 4 The Word of Wisdom

Why Jesus Created You

 5 The Word of Knowledge

Why Paul Gloried in the Cross

 6 Discerning of Spirits

Why We Take Communion

 7 The Gift of Prophecy

Words Have Power

 8 The Gift of Tongues

Your Sudden Deliverance

 9 The Interpretation of Tongues


 How to Be Born Again (Article)

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 How to Receive The Holy Spirit (Article)

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