Power to Prevail
Bulldozing Satan & Demon Powers

by Pastor John Hamel

 “And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out, Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God. Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of him. And when the unclean spirit had torn him, and cried with a loud voice, he came out of him.” (Mark 1:23-26)


Demons.  They still recognize when the Power of God is present, even as they did in Bible days.  As a matter of fact, the same demons that Jesus dealt with in His day are still in the Earth today.  They have an absolute right to be here until the angel comes to lock them in the Pit. (Matthew 5:41; Revelation 20:10)  


Although they have a right to be here until then, they have no right to harass or torment you if you don’t want them to.  Jesus said you can command evil spirits to cease and desist all maneuvers against you, but only if you are a Believer in His Lordship.


“And these signs shall follow THEM THAT BELIEVE; In my name shall they cast out devils [demons] …” (Mark 16:17)


In the same way that those demon spirits feared the presence of Jesus in the Synagogue that day, they fear His followers today.  In the same way Jesus shut that demon spirit up and drove it out and off, you, too, can dominate evil spirits, if you believe. 


All Believers in Jesus are called to exercise mastery over evil spirits.


“…Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”  (James 4:7)


Some religions teach that only their special leaders can “exorcise” demon spirits.  This is contrary to Bible teaching, which reveals that all Christians can “bind the strong man” and “plunder” his house. (Matthew 12:29)  


As a Believer in Jesus Christ, you have special delegated authority to do so.


“And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease.”  (Matthew 10:1)


Someone said, “That ability was only for Jesus twelve Apostles.”  That could not possibly be true.  Later, in Luke’s Gospel, chapter ten, verse one it is revealed that Jesus gave the same authority to 70 more Believers.  Someone else said, “Well those were the last 70 to be given that kind of Power.”  I’m glad to say that one is wrong as well.  We’ve already seen Jesus give this Power to all of “...THOSE WHO BELIEVE” in Mark 16:17.  Do you believe?


The Scripture is clear.  All Believers have authority over evil spirits, to cast them out and bulldoze them off.  If someone is being forced by unseen powers to do things they don’t want to do, YOU CAN SET THEM FREE BY JESUS’ DELEGATED AUTHORITY, IF THEY SO DESIRE.


“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions (Satan, demons & evil spirits), and over all the power of the enemy.”  (Luke 10:19)


There is one condition.  You must belong to Jesus.  This cannot be done in your own power.  Some men in the Bible tried to cast out evil spirits in their own power and the end result was disastrous! (Acts 19:14-15) 


Just simply say, “Jesus, You’re my choice” and you will become a member of God’s family. (Romans 10:13; John 1:12) 


One benefit of being a family member is that God, your Father, will back you up every time you tell Satan, “Go, in Jesus’ Name.” (Matthew 8:18) 


Address him concerning your finances, your family, your body and anywhere else he is harassing you.  As long as you yourself are living a life of obedience to God, Satan knows he has no choice but to obey you. 


Bulldoze him under using the PREVAILING POWER of Jesus’ Name.  He will flee.  


Just watch!  Satan is no match for the prevailing power of Jesus all-powerful Name.  (James 4:7)


Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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