The Miracle Testimony of Rev. Roscoe Ronald Coyne
The Man Who could See Through an Empty Eye Socket
by Pastor John Hamel 

This is not a narrative of someone I once read or heard about. This is a firsthand account from the life of a man I came to know personally. A “Miracle Man” named Rev. Roscoe Ronald Coyne. 

In 1951, in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, seven-year-old Roscoe Ronald Coyne had his right eyeball surgically removed after an accident. Ten months later during a Miracle Tent Crusade being conducted by Evangelist Daisy Gillock, sister of World Evangelist Dr. T.L. Osborn, Ronald suddenly began to see through his empty eye socket as a result of Sister Gillock’s prayer.  My wife, Barbara, worked for Dr. Osborn for nearly twenty years.  As a result she came to personally know Sister Gillock as well.

As a result of this spectacular miracle, Rev. Coyne traveled the world for the next 43 years of his life demonstrating what the Lord had done for him.  You may have seen him during one of his multiple TV appearances on Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donohue, That's Incredible, Sally Jesse Raphael, etc.  

Brother Coyne once told me that he always told these talk-show hosts, “I’ll come on your show and I’ll demonstrate this miracle.  However, you must allow me to tell the multitudes that Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone did this for me.  If you will not allow me to give glory to Jesus I simply cannot come on your program.”  Rev. Coyne also told me they never contested his demands.  Rev. Coyne is potentially responsible for leading multiple millions of souls into the Kingdom of God, by his TV appearances alone, through his faithful and shameless demonstration of this miracle.  

This page has been created to help you obtain information about Rev. Coyne’s miracle which will stir your faith for your own miracle.  The resource below will direct you to where you can purchase a DVD of the late Rev. Coyne demonstrating his supernatural ability to see through an empty eye socket.

JHM knows absolutely nothing about the resource you will be directed to later in this article.  JHM endorses nothing about that resource or other sources connected to it. The information is provided as a convenience only, not as an endorsement.

However, we do personally endorse the miracle of Rev. Coyne as a genuine miracle of Almighty God, which occurred as a result of believing prayer offered in Jesus’ Powerful Name.  Rev. Coyne’s miracle was a result of the Bible Gift “Working of Miracles” operating together with the “Gifts of Healings.”  Jesus still performs all four types of Bible miracles today.

I came to know Brother Coyne personally during the last years of his life.  I believe the Lord brought us together at that time because He wanted me to play a part in keeping Rev. Coyne’s miracle alive after his premature passing.  Rev. Coyne came to the church where I was Pastor in Norman, Oklahoma and actually demonstrated this miracle. This was not the “Eyeless Vision Act” performed by “magicians” for centuries, as one fool on the internet insists! An unbelieving fool, by the way, who did not personally know Rev. Coyne. This was a true miracle of God which I came to witness firsthand.

I personally covered his existing left eye with my own handkerchief, not some transparent prop provided from Rev. Coyne’s bag of unholy “tricks”. A handkerchief which I folded six or eight times over.  I then held it in place with approximately one half roll of adhesive tape, similar to what you will see below, only better.  I taped it so tightly to Rev. Coyne’s nose and cheekbone that he later told me, “You hurt me when you did that. If I didn’t like you so much, Pastor John, I would have been angry with you for that.”  He was correct in his analysis of my eye covering tape job. I was determined that he would not be able to see out of his existing eye.

Brother Coyne removed his plastic eyeball and placed it on my pulpit.  He then read everything brought to him by our congregation, from the Bible to drivers’ licenses, birth certificates, newspaper articles, etc., WITHOUT ONE SINGLE MISTAKE.  Forty-one people handed him something to read in that service.  One woman shrieked when she realized her maiden name was still on her nursing license.  She did not realize it until Rev. Coyne read it aloud. Brother Coyne flawlessly demonstrated this miracle of God not only in our morning service but during our evening service as well! Many tears were shed as people realized they were in the presence of a miracle working God!

One day in 1991 Rev. Coyne called me at my home in Oklahoma. He was in far northern Canada demonstrating his miracle on a Government Reservation. This was one of his favorite things to do because seeing his miracle in action caused many suffering people to be delivered from drug and alcohol addiction. When they realized what was happening, Rev. Coyne said, “They come running to Jesus and get saved and delivered.”

As we were visiting on the phone that day I asked Rev. Coyne the following question. “Ronald, can you see out of that empty eye socket all the time or just when the Holy Spirit allows you to?”  He answered, “Pastor John, I can see out of my empty eye socket 24 & 7, with or without my plastic eye in place. As I’m driving down the road I can see out of it as well as I can with my other eye. I can see out of it all the time. As a matter of fact, I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and I guarantee you that I have better vision than you do.”

Rev. Coyne continued, “There is only one exception to this, Pastor.  If I get in the presence of someone who absolutely refuses to believe, the Holy Spirit can become so grieved that I begin to lose my vision through the empty socket.  However, I have discovered that if I stay built up in God’s Word that will pretty much overcome the spirit of unbelief when it comes through another human being, preventing that from happening.  But if I don’t deliberately spend time in God’s Word, that eye socket can still go blind when I get in the presence of someone who doesn’t believe. 

“This used to happen all the time when this miracle occurred for me as a little boy.  I didn’t understand it then.  One day a Minister took me aside and explained to me why that would happen.  He showed me how I can keep my faith level up by reading the Bible and that would keep my eye from going blind in the presence of an unbeliever. He was right.”

The ability to see clearly through an empty eye socket was a true miracle intended to Glorify Creator God, lift up Jesus’ Name, encourage the faith of believers and bring the lost to repentance on a worldwide scale. I speak experientially when I say it got the job done each and every time Rev. Coyne would shamelessly demonstrate it. 

Ronald Coyne, the plastic eye miracle

The resource below is not endorsed by or affiliated with JHM.  There you may purchase a DVD of my friend Rev. Coyne demonstrating his miracle for $15.00 USD. 

You may also purchase an audio CD of Rev. Coyne giving the story of his miracle, recorded at Pastor Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, Texas, while Joel’s dad, John, was the Pastor. The CD is $13.00 USD.

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You may also find information about Rev. Coyne through the use of the Internet.   Simply search Ronald Coyne, Plastic Eye Miracle, etc.

A word of caution. The Apostle Paul called Satan the “god of this world  Many under his influence have taken the liberty to attempt to destroy Rev. Coyne’s testimony on the Internet in an attempt to keep you from believing for your miracle

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  JHM



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