Satan Recognizes Your Authority

Question Is … “Do You?”

by Pastor John & Barbara Hamel


“As Jesus got out of the boat, a madman from the cemetery came up to him.  He lived there among the tombs and graves.  No one could restrain him – he couldn’t be chained, couldn’t be tied down.  He had been tied up many times with chains and ropes, but he broke the chains, snapped the ropes.  No one was strong enough to tame him.  Night and day he roamed through the graves and the hills, screaming out and slashing himself with sharp stones.  


"When he [the madman] saw Jesus a long way off, he ran and bowed in worship before him – then [the tormenting spirit inside the man] bellowed in protest, ‘What business do you have, Jesus, Son of the High God, messing with me?  I swear to God, don’t give me a hard time!’ (Jesus had just commanded the tormenting spirit, ‘Out! Get out of the man!’)” (Mark 5:2-7 Message)


Everywhere Jesus went He encountered people who were being tormented by evil spirits.  As a matter of fact, over one-quarter of Jesus’ Ministry was spent getting evil spirits out of people. 


Often, before Jesus even addressed those spirits, they would begin to bellow in protest, screaming and crying out.  They would use the vocal chords of their human abode to do so.  Evil spirits always recognized the power of God on Jesus’ life.  It freaked them right out.  They knew if Jesus stayed around long enough, chances were they were going to be cast out of their human abode.  Therefore, they would bellow, scream and cry out for mercy, oftentimes before Jesus even got the ball rolling.   


Demon spirits have not changed since Jesus’ Earth Ministry.  As a matter of fact, the very same demons that roamed the Earth in Jesus’ day are still roaming the Earth today.  The Bible reveals they have a right to be here until God’s powerful angel comes to place them forcibly and eternally into the Lake of Fire. (Revelation 20:1-10) 


These same demon spirits still recognize the power of God when it is on the life of a true Jesus person.  Satan and demon spirits still bellow, scream and cry out when they are in the presence of the power of God abiding on the life of one of His consecrated children.


Satan Still Recognizes & Fears the Power of God


One day my wife and I walked into an establishment where we often ate breakfast.  Upon entering, a man whom we did not know was sitting at a table by the door.  He looked me in the eyes and said loudly, “Here they are, everyone’s social example, the perfect couple.”  We just ignored the man, sitting down to eat our breakfast about four tables away.  As I sat there, I looked directly at the man and he became very, very agitated.  He could not seem to sit still.  He began to criticize us openly and loudly to the people who sat around him.  


We recognized immediately that this man was possessed of evil spirits who were frightened by the power of God upon our lives.  


We continued eating breakfast, pretending to ignore him, when suddenly he jumped to his feet.  He paced frantically from one side of the room to the other.  Lifting his voice he actually began to shout repeatedly, “All this fuss over one woman.  All this fuss over one woman.”  


We were in a self-serve dining room and I had just placed my wife’s breakfast before her.  Satan was very obviously offended by the kindness I was showing to my wife.  Satan hates God’s human creation and detests seeing them treated with love and dignity, possibly women more than men. 


As this stranger continued pacing and shouting, we continued to ignore him as most other eyes in the dining room were now fixed upon him.  


I very quietly began to tell Satan, “I bind you, in Jesus’ Name.  I command you to shut your mouth.  I take authority over you, in Jesus’ Name.”  


The man then began to shout loudly enough for everyone in the dining room to now hear, “The big Prophet of God.  He thinks he’s the big Prophet of God.  He thinks he’s such a big Prophet of God.  He’s invading my space.  The big Prophet of God is invading my space.  This is my social territory.” 


Now, please keep in mind that we did not know this man.  We had seen him in the past but we knew nothing about him and he knew nothing about us.  We never had occasion to speak with him.  We had never shared our faith in Christ with him and certainly neither my wife nor I had ever discussed the Ministry Office of the Prophet with him.  However, the demon spirits this man had opened himself up to were very obviously intimidated by the power of God upon our lives.  They were hoping to intimidate us, forcing us to leave their presence. 


We calmly and confidently stood our ground.  We bound the rulers of the darkness of this present evil world and every demonic principality and power operating through this man. (Ephesians 6:12) We continued to calmly eat our breakfast, unmoved by Satan's spiritual circus. 


Having calmly taken authority, the spirits in this man began to settle down.  


Suddenly, as if he realized what he had just done, the man shamefully gathered up his possessions and bolted out the door.  


Probably it was a very good thing that he did so.  Sitting behind us was an acquaintance, a retired professional boxer who had once been in the ring with Mohammad Ali.  He had just told me, “Either he sits down and shuts up right now or I sit him down and I shut him up.”  


I had to calm him down, assuring him that the matter had been handled, referring to my having taken authority over the demons within the man. 


The Bible says any Believer in Christ can resist Satan and he will flee. (James 4:7)  If you are a Born Again Believer in Jesus and Satan is harassing you in any realm of your existence, you can bind him, too. (Matthew 18:18)  


Satan does indeed recognize your Christian authority.  But the question is, “Do you?”


More Demon Spirits Encountered, More Demonic Fear Expressed


Another time my wife and I walked into a local grocery store.  Stepping inside we passed through an area where a very oppressed looking woman was grinding coffee beans.  This woman was a stranger to us even as the man in the dining room was.  As we passed by her, she pointed at us, lifting her voice and loudly commanding, “You two stay away from me.  Do you understand me?  I don’t want you anywhere near me.  You two just stay away from me.  Stay away from me.” 


She was speaking so loudly that I turned back and quietly, but firmly, told the demon spirits in her, “You shut up.  Do you understand me?  You shut your mouth in the Name of Jesus.”  


I did not want this to turn into a public disturbance in the grocery store, which is why I did not just walk away. Not to mention the fact that the Spirit of the Lord came upon me to take authority over the evil spirits in her even as it came upon the Apostle Paul in Acts 16:16-18.  


Customers were already turning to see what was happening.  When I told the spirits to “shut up” they did exactly that, obeying the Greater One within me. (1 John 4:4)  


The woman suddenly left the store, leaving her items behind and no doubt asking herself, “What in the world did I just do?”


The Bible says all Believers have authority over Satan and demon powers. (Mark 16:15-20; Luke 10:19,20)  The problem is, Satan realizes this more than many Believers do.  He runs roughshod over the lives of many Believers who simply do not know they do not have to tolerate his harassment and destruction.  If you are one who has lived without knowledge of your authority over Satan, it is our prayer that this Bible study will open the spiritual eyes and ears of your understanding. 


Satan recognizes the ones who are aware of their authority over him and his cohorts.  He recognizes the ones who are not afraid to drive him back, prevailing over him through the use of Jesus’ strong Name.  Once you decide to make it clear to Satan that you are not afraid of him and you will withstand him using Jesus’ Name, do not be surprised when he begins to bellow, scream and cry out at your presence occasionally. 


Just stay calm.  Stand your ground.  Tell him quietly, but firmly, “You’re the one who’s leaving, not me.  Now go, in Jesus’ Name.”  He will leave.  He might try you on for size for a minute just to see if he can back you down.  Do not give up any territory to him. Remind him, “I told you that you’re leaving, now go, in Jesus’ Name.”


Needy Human Persons Also Recognize the Power of God


Demon powers are not the only personalities who recognize the power of God when it is truly on His children.  Needy human persons also recognize the power of God on the life of a consecrated Believer.  They may not recognize it as the power of God, but they do, indeed, realize when they are in the presence of someone who can help them. 


One day while I was praying, I was caught up in the Spirit and the Lord gave me a vision.  In the vision I saw a man I would meet eight months later.  You can read the account of this experience here on our website at “Great Spiritual Awakening Comes to America.”  Eight months after seeing this man in the vision, he actually walked up to me, intoxicated, and said, “I don’t know you but I believe you can help me.  You have what I need.  I don’t know what it is, but you have it.” 


This man turned out to be the grandson of Israel Regarde, the world renowned Satanist and magician.  Israel Regarde is the author of the book on magic called “Tree of Life.”  Published in 1932, this work of Satan has provided aspiring Satanists and magicians with a comprehensive study on magical theory and practice ever since its unfortunate publication.  Israel Regarde is also known worldwide for the 14 years he spent as personal secretary to Anton LaVey, the founder of the church of Satan.


We explained to this man that we did indeed have what he needed.  We shared with him salvation in Jesus Christ, as well as the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.  The Lord instantly delivered him from alcoholism with “no spiders” as he later explained.  “No spiders” is an expression of coming off of alcohol addiction with no hallucinations or symptoms of withdrawal.  


This man had been drinking every day for the past three years since pulling up to his home and discovering that it had burned to the ground with his precious wife and two sons perishing in the inferno. Now he was standing before us knowing nothing about us but expressing his belief that we could help him somehow. 


Do not be surprised when needy individuals approach you, wanting what you have as a result of you spending time in prayer and in God’s Word.  The Spirit of God is drawing them to you.  Hold steady.  Listen immediately on the inside, praying this silent prayer, “Holy Spirit, give me wisdom, please.  Tell me what they need and I’ll tell them, in Jesus’ Name.”  Then do whatever He says, nothing more, nothing less.  He will never embarrass you, and He will always bring glory to God through you. (John 16:14) 


Do not be surprised when Satan and demon spirits begin to throw fits in your presence also as a result of you spending time in prayer and in God’s Word.  He can throw some pretty spectacular fits, too.  They are all intended to back you down, scare you away and give him more space to operate.  


Whenever Satan dares to address you directly, take a hard run right back at him.  Open your mouth and say, “Shut your mouth, in Jesus’ Name.  I command your mouth to be shut, in Jesus’ Name.  Cease and desist in Jesus’ strong Name.”  He will obey you whenever you stand your ground and stay the course.  He is all “smoke and mirrors.”  


Yes, Satan is mighty.  However, Jesus is Almighty and Jesus lives within you.


Prayer & Study Increases God's Power on Your Life


Whenever a Believer in Jesus spends time in prayer and in God’s Word, the power of God is automatically increased on their life.  It is a Spiritual Law.  Whenever Jesus returned from His mountaintop prayer retreats, the Anointing (power) of God was increased upon His life, great multitudes flocked to Him and the kingdom of darkness was turned on its head. (Matthew 8:1-3)  


This is normal for all people who have power with God.  Satan trembles to think that this power will be turned against him again.  The presence of God’s power causes evil spirits to literally bellow, scream and cry out in absolute fear. 


However, the Holy Spirit will always take complete advantage when a Believer has taken the time to increase the power of God upon their life.  It is not unusual at all for Him to lead needy individuals to that empowered one.  Those who will listen within and obey Him during those encounters will indeed see quite an impressive operation of the Gifts of the Spirit in their lives on behalf of others.


Spend some time in prayer daily even if all you have is a few minutes.  Do it consistently.  Spend some time in God’s Word daily even if it is just one chapter.  Do it consistently.  If you miss a day or two, do not condemn yourself. (Romans 8:1)  Get back up, brush yourself off, hit it again and watch the power of God increase upon your life. (Acts 10:38)  


Watch as demon spirits become agitated in your presence. (Acts 16:16-31 )  


Watch as the Holy Spirit leads suffering individuals to you, using you to set them free by the power that now rests upon you.  


Jesus said, “Everything I did, you can do, too.  As a matter of fact, as a corporate Body, you can do even more than I could do.” (John 14:12)


Satan recognizes your authority.  Question is ... “Do you?”  After this little study, we are confident that you do. 


Now be a hard charger and do not take any guff from Satan and demon spirits when they challenge you.  They are doing it because they are afraid of the power of God on your life. 


If you have not yet made the Prophet Jesus Lord of your life, just say, “Satan, I change allegiance as of this day.  Jesus, You’re my choice.” (Romans 10:13)  You will become a member of God’s Family, qualifying for all the Family Benefits. 


One of those family benefits is POWER. (Acts 1:8; 2Timothy 1:7)


Power to get yourself free and stay free.  


Power to set other captives free as well. (Luke 4:18)


Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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