Supernatural Angelic Assistance

Promised to Every Believer

by Pastor John Hamel


"Bless the Lord, ye his angels that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word." (Psalm 103:20)


Certainly we live in the most dangerous time in all of human history.  Although our loving Father does not promise to keep us from troubles, He does indeed promise to deliver us from all the troubles Satan, the Troublemaker, can throw at us.  One way He delivers us is through the Ministry of angels.  Your angels are in the Earth right now, having been sent to minister to your needs as an heir of salvation. (Hebrews 1:14)


I am not unacquainted with the Ministry of angels.  In 1981, as a drug-addict, I told the Lord I would give Him the rest of my life if He would deliver me from drugs and alcohol.  At that time I felt a giant hand, the size of two, possibly three human hands, being placed upon my head.  Something that felt like hot liquid love poured out of that hand into the top of my head traveling right down to the tips of my fingers and toes.  As I lay there unconscious for NEARLY 3 FULL DAYS, I did not dream, change positions, eat or drink.  All bodily functions ceased.  I am fully persuaded that I did not even breathe during that time. 


When I returned to this world I had been delivered from the slavery of drugs and alcohol, having suffered no symptoms of withdrawal.  Suddenly I knew that life was all about God's love and His delivering and keeping power.  I have been telling everyone, everywhere, ever since. 


Having had numerous angelic visitations since that day, I am convinced that the giant hand that was laid on my head was the hand of an angel.  One angel that appeared to me in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1989, was no less than ten to twelve feet tall.  His hands were the size of the hand that came upon me in 1981. 


Another time the Lord Jesus appeared to me, delivering a personal message.  Accompanying Him were two different angels that actually had what appeared to be wheels where their feet should have been. (Ezekiel 1:15-18)  Normally angels deliver messages for Jesus.  This time, however, Jesus delivered the message Himself.  These two angels simply accompanied Him for some reason.   


In the Old Testament angels frequently delivered the people of God.  King Nebuchadnezzar threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into his fiery furnace because of their faith.  Because these three young Hebrew men trusted God and refused to fear, He sent His fireproof angel to deliver them. (Daniel 3:1-30) 


Daniel was thrown into the Lions Den for praying to Jehovah in spite of the King's decree to not do so.  Jehovah sent His angel to lock the lions' lips tight, keeping Daniel from becoming a crunchy, midnight snack. (Daniel 6:1-23)


The Prophet Elisha was surrounded by the Syrian Army who had come to do him in.  His servant panicked when he saw those enemy soldiers, horses and chariots.  Not Elisha.  He asked the Lord to open the eyes of his young servant to the spirit world.  When the Lord responded to Elisha's prayer, that young man had the opportunity to see more spirit horses, chariots of fire and angels than Syrian soldiers.  They had always been there.  It just took the Spiritual Gift, "Discerning of Spirits", to go into operation for the young man to see into the spirit realm. (1Corinthians 12:10)  This Gift is what is manifesting when anyone is experiencing an angelic visitation.


The New Testament is a blueprint for Believers to be following still today.  It, too, reveals the Ministry of angels operating in the lives of believing ones.  Peter was in prison awaiting the removal of his head for doing such a fine job of public preaching.  Suddenly God's angel appeared on the grim scene, loosing Peter from his chains, opening every prison door without touching them and leading Peter out into the street.  Peter was so confident that God would send deliverance as promised that he was actually sleeping in his cell, chained to four guards, when the angel appeared on "Heads-Off-Eve". (Acts 12:1-11) 


There are many other Biblical examples of supernatural angelic deliverance as well.  Far too many to mention here.  It is very important to realize that angels are not hindered by natural, physical circumstances such as we are.  They know NO natural limitations.  We saw this with the three young Hebrew men, Daniel, Elisha and Peter.  Our laws of nature are apparently subject to angels.  They are unmoved and unhindered by them.  Our text Scripture says, "They EXCEL in strength, hearkening to the voice of His (God's) word." 


In closing, I want to focus on the "hearkening to the voice of His word" clause of that verse.  As Believers, we are the ones who give voice to God's Word in the Earth.  Only by speaking forth the Word of God and the word of deliverance can the angels of God go to work for us. 


When in danger do not cry out, "Oh my God, we're going to die."  Rather command, "Angels of God, I commission you to accompany, preserve and defend us now in all of our ways.  Protect us from accident, incident and injury in Jesus' Name." 


When asking the Father for financial help, do not turn around and cry out, "Hurry, Father.  We're going broke.  I tell You, we're going broke."  Rather, decree boldly, "Angels, you are loosed to go now and cause that amount to come in quickly in Jesus' Name." 


Put God's promises of deliverance in your heart.  When the pressure is on they will come out of your mouth.  When you release those words, do it in such a way that you are giving the angels authority to help you, protect you and bless you. 


If you are in need of more spiritual action, talk to your angels confidently according to the written Word of God.  They will respond.  You will be blessed big time.  Until you talk to them, they have nothing to respond to, no authority to help you.  It's all up to you.


A word of caution.  It is not Scriptural to pray and ask for angels to appear to you.  Never in any of the times that angels have come to help me or to deliver a message to me was I asking for a visitation.  I was simply being faithful, doing all the things the Bible instructs Believers to do.  God, in His mercy, saw fit for His angels, even His Son, to appear to me. 


It is not necessary to see angels to know that they are present, either.  The Bible tells us they are ever present.  The Bible also tells us to instruct them but never to pray to or worship them. (Revelation 22:8,9) 


When we commission our angels, they will indeed hearken to our voices, ministering on our behalf. 


Angels understand the Word of God.  


Angels understand the Name of Jesus.  


Angels recognize and honor the Believer's authority.  


Angels await the Believer's instruction.  


Angels know how to get a job done.


However, keep in mind that angels also recognize when a Believer is not walking in obedience and service to the Lord. This severely limits their ability to help in time of need.


"For He will command His angels in regard to you, to protect and defend and guard you in all your ways [of obedience and service]." (Psalm 91:11 Amplified)


Notice two key words in this revealing verse of Scripture. "Obedience" and "service."


The Believer's obedience to the Word of God and service to the Lord are both crucial to angelic protection, defense and guardianship.


Believers must check themselves and not wreck themselves in these two vital areas. 


Obedient Believers who fully serve the Lord may speak to their angels with authority and dignity in Jesus' Name and receive "Supernatural Angelic Assistance."


Be blessed ...  John and Barbara



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