Where Jesus Got His Blood

The Importance of His Virgin Birth

by Pastor John Hamel


“Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” (Isaiah 7:14)


Many deny the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin, particularly at Christmas time.  It’s impossible to not notice the way all of the world’s false religions and make-believe disciplines gang up on the message of Christ at Christmas.  They don’t do it to any other non-Christian holiday, only to Jesus’ Holiday.  That’s because He’s the only One they’re threatened by.  They know He’s the only One Who’s not a counterfeit, so He’s the only One they desecrate. 


Many of them argue that the Hebrew word for “virgin” in the above Scripture really means “young woman.”  This is an attempt to place Jesus in a strictly human class, removing Him entirely from the Divine. 


However, I looked that word up myself in a Hebrew dictionary.  I found that although the word “almah” does mean “young woman,” it is never intended to deny the young woman’s virginity.  What it actually means is “a young woman who is pregnant yet still a virgin”!  


There is simply no way to deny that the Mother of Jesus Christ remained a virgin until after Jesus was born, whether you like it or not. 


Why was it so important that Jesus be born of a virgin?  


I will answer that question scientifically, Biblically and briefly.     


God created man sinless, giving him authority over all creation in the Earth. (Genesis 1:26)  Man, being created in God’s image, had free will, or the will to choose.  He could obey or disobey.  God told him that by disobeying Him and eating from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, he would no longer be sinless and would lose his authority. (Genesis 3)


I’ll cut to the chase.  Man disobeyed and now God was in a crisis.  


Being a “Just” God, He knew man had to be punished to keep him from a lifestyle of disobedience.  


Being a “Merciful” God, He knew man needed to be forgiven so he would trust God and continue to love Him.  


Being a “Loving” God, He came up with a plan that would satisfy both His Justice and His Mercy.  


That plan involved a substitute taking the punishment of death for God’s created man.  The substitute had to be sinless in order for the sacrifice to be acceptable.  No other human being could be that sacrifice.  


Why not?  One reason only.  All human beings get their blood from Adam. (Romans 5:17)  Therefore, all human blood is tainted by sin.  


The solution?  Simple -- for the All-Wise God at least.


All babies get their blood from their father, not their mother.  This is a proven scientific and medical fact.  God’s substitute would have an earthly mother, making him fully human.  God’s substitute would have God as His Father, making Him fully God – WITH GOD’S BLOOD, not Adam’s blood through an earthly father!  


Creator God Himself would “create” a human seed directly inside of a virgin’s uterus, without human sexual relationship.  That way her offspring would have holy blood, untainted by an earthly father.  The child would grow up human in every way (Luke 2:52) yet at the same time be perfect, sinless and Divine.  As an adult, He would become God’s perfect, acceptable Sacrifice for the sin of humanity. (John 3:16,17) 


This is why Jesus had to be born of a virgin woman, with God as His Father -- to become the Perfect, Sinless, Willing, Human, Divine Substitute with God’s Holy Blood surging through His veins. 


That’s why the Bible says, “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (2 Corinthians 5:21)


Now let’s talk about you for a moment.  


Do you accept God’s Sinless Sacrifice on your behalf?  


Do you believe Jesus was born of a virgin to become your Sinless Savior, Deliverer and Liberator?  


If so, say, “Jesus, You’re my sinless choice.” (Romans 10:13) 


You’ll become God’s child, qualifying for His provision and protection. (John 1:12; Psalm 103:1-5) 


That’s when things will stop happening TO you and start happening FOR you.


Be Blessed … John and Barbara Hamel



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