Experiencing the Glory Testimony 10 
The Glory of God Instantly Dissolves Multiple Growths
by Pastor John Hamel

The following is an excerpt from the JHM article "The Gifts of Healings."

I was once conducting a series of services for a Pastor in Virginia. Hundreds of people were being prayed for and set free from sexual addictions, demonic manifestations, suicide spirits, emotional afflictions and physical sickness and disease. There were many operations and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit in manifestation.

One night as I moved down the prayer line praying for people, there was a woman with her hands lifted. I laid my hand on her head to pray for her when suddenly she began to fall under the power of God.  

As the woman began to fall I noticed there was no usher behind her. I grabbed her wrist to keep her from hitting the floor too hard.  Having done so, I realized I had apparently grabbed her bracelet as I felt it break into pieces under my grip. She fell to the floor and I took a moment to look for the pieces of the heavy broken bracelet.  Because there were other people lying on the floor around her I was unable to locate the broken bracelet.  I moved on to the next person who was awaiting prayer.  

Later, once the service had ended, the woman came walking up to me in the lobby as we were saying good night to the congregation.  I recognized her and immediately apologized for breaking her bracelet.  I explained how I tried to take a moment to see if I could locate it but it was just impossible to find.  

She then said to me as she held up her wrist, "I didn't have a bracelet on.  But I did have a walnut-sized tumor that had been growing on my wrist for quite sometime now. When I regained consciousness I noticed it was gone. Praise the Lord!"

What I thought was her bracelet breaking under my grip, was the tumor being supernaturally shattered and dissolved. When that occurred it felt to me as if I had shattered a heavy bracelet. 

Through an operation of the Gifts of Healings the Holy Spirit had shattered and instantly dissolved the walnut-sized tumor on her wrist.

In that same series of services another woman came into the healing line. She was a heavyset woman who later told me she had been in our prayer line many times before but was unable to receive. She was afraid the power of God might knock her down and she would be unable to stand up again. 

Each time I would pray for her she would resist the power of God coming upon her for fear of falling and shaming herself. 

She also explained to me that she had finally made the decision to stop resisting the power of God and hindering her healing. 

Once she had made that decision, the next time she came into the healing line I prayed for her and the power of God hit her, rendering her unconscious. She later told me that when she was falling it was like a feather floating to the floor. She lay on the floor having been rendered unconscious by the Holy Spirit for a few moments.  I then laid hands on her husband and he fell on the floor beside her. 

The woman explained to me that when she regained consciousness, she put her hand on her throat without thinking.  At that moment she discovered that four goiters hanging on the front of her neck for over forty years had instantly disappeared. She grabbed her husband's hand as he lay beside her on the floor, placing it on her neck, exclaiming to him, "They're gone.  All four goiters are gone."  

He responded, "I know. I can feel it. They're gone."

The woman with the walnut-sized growth on her wrist and the woman with the four goiters on her neck had both been instantly healed by a glorious manifestation of the Gifts of Healings.

Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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