Experiencing the Glory Testimony 14

Lost Contact Lens Gloriously Reappeared in My Wife's Eye

Pastor John Hamel


The following is an excerpt from the JHM article "The Working of Miracles."


One night my wife, Barbara, and I were driving along in our automobile in Vermont. It was the middle of winter.  Everything was covered with muddy snow and ice, including the floor of our vehicle. 


Barbara was driving because I was still recovering from the effects a growth which had been supernaturally removed from my inner ear.      


Barbara wears contact lenses and is unable to see without them. 


As we drove along one of her lenses slipped and she needed to pull over in order to readjust it.  We pulled to the side of the snowy road and parked the car. Turning on the interior light she attempted to readjust her lens as I watched. 


Suddenly the hard plastic lens literally popped out of her eye, bouncing off the palm of her hand and falling down onto the snow-covered floor. 


The interior light was on and I personally witnessed the contact lens pop out of her eye, bouncing off her hand and falling to the floor.  


Barbara exclaimed, "My lens just fell out."  


I said, "I know. I saw it bounce off your hand and fall to the floor."  


She responded, "And I felt it bounce off my hand."


We tried and tried to locate the lens to no avail.  


She could not see properly with only one lens in order to search for the lost lens.  


I could not get down to search for it myself for the same reason I could not yet drive - I was still recovering from the effects of the mass that had been in my inner ear for two months.  


We were in a quandary.  Barbara did not have a spare lens with her and I could not drive.  


We prayed, "Father, we need You to help us in Jesus' Name.  Please show us where that lens is."


Suddenly Barbara exclaimed, "John, my lens is back in my eye! I can see. My lens is back in my eye."


Almighty God, had not only placed the lens back in Barbara's eye supernaturally and gloriously, but it was obvious that He had also carefully cleaned it before doing so!


Be Blessed ... John and Barbara Hamel



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